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February 14, 2007

Iran to house another enemy of the United States

Interesting news stuffs today. As I was poking around the internet looking for something about the celebration today that commemorates the hanging of St. Valentine, I found some other "Who gives a shit" stories. An English Springer Spaniel won the Westminster Dog Show and will be retiring to become a "therapy and obedience dog". Congratulations, sir. You have the gayest looking dog in the world- for the 51st time.

Anna Nichole Smith’s semen soaked body will be held for DNA testing since so many people have come forward taking claim to her baby. I have already said my peace about her in an office harangue but I guess I can extend you the courtesy of putting it in print.

It was no surprise to me that she died at the ripe old celebrity age of 39. Her son died just last year of a drug overdose and looking at Smith’s behavior over the last few years I wonder if she wasn’t actually supplying her own son with the drugs. Coincidentally, those same drugs were found in her home last week. I guess she was just keeping them around as a sad memento of her son- kind of like when dog owners keep their dead dog’s collar?

As crass as it may sound I am glad she is dead and if she were buried in a shallow grave outside of town with a light dusting of lime I would not shed a tear. I am sad for her daughter, however, who will never know her mother but at the same time I am ecstatic that she will never know her mother. This might be the one shot this little girl has to a normal life. Come to think of it, if Lindsay Lohan, Brittany Spears, and Paris Hilton can join her in that grave. But they don’t get any more lime.

Page 2.

What I really wanted to talk about was Iran, specifically, how every murderous, Islamic thug runs to that country when they feel the Eagle closing in on them and their cowardly tactics. Reuters headline: US says radical cleric Sadr has left Iraq for Iran Ya think? Gotta run to where the support is. If there is still anyone out there who thinks Iran doesn’t have it out for the U.S. please go punch yourself in the face with a set of brass knuckles. Although it hasn’t been confirmed via press, I truly believe Iran has the missing WMD’s, Osama bin Laden, and heaps of weaponry for our enemies. Time will vindicate me.

Speaking of those heaps, on the same page of Reuters: US backs away from linking Iran govt to Iraq chaos A U.S. official calls Iran out last Wednesday and now we are tip-toeing on eggshells because we don’t want to implicate "Iran's government in arming Iraqi militants and said it was not trying to 'hype' evidence of Iranian weapons being used in Iraq."

Where has this country’s ball sack gone? Come on George, WWRD? If you call it like you see it, don’t cave in to political correctness and retract it. What do we have to lose at this point by sticking our finger in Ahmadinejad’s smug face? That was a signature Clinton move if I ever saw one. We have the proof so don’t back down.

I wonder if Franklin was thinking ahead in his country’s history when he suggested the turkey as the national symbol instead of the eagle.


  1. harsh but funny...and yes the behavior towards Iran is maddening, don't know why we can't get some consistent confrontation.

  2. According to Ed at "Captain's Quarters" and the left-wing UK rag The Guardian, Mooki-Sadar's not only run-off to Iran but he took his Generals and the upper command structure of the Mahdi Army with him to avoid the current Baghdad Surge and their capture. Now that they're out and the border's shut (if one can hope), it might be harder for them to get back in and cause the grief they're responsible for.
    But still as another person said, "Two words: hot pursuit" - I wish we had nailed them in convoy or in pieces...

  3. Hey, I have an English Springer Spaniel - and he's alot smarter and cuter than Anna Nicole. But hey, let's show the dead some respect can't we?

    And right on about Iran. And about W sticking to his guns. Amen bradda.

  4. "semen soaked body" - that's a winner!!!