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November 8, 2007

Kramer, Imus, Gibson, and now Dog

I have blogged about Duane "Dog" Chapman for some time now. Dog works and lives in Hawaii, when he is not running down to Mexico to round up drug dealing rapists, but it seems the island paradise can't quell an occasional eruption of stupidity.

Dog has apologized for using the "N" word in a private conversation with his jackass son, Tucker Chapman (who you never see on his show), who was also taping the conversation with his father. I think Tucker was in jail or out on parole? A real upstanding kid.

So after getting busted using the word nigger, Dog did what any prominent movie/television star does- found either Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton and began kissing his ass. But I guess it worked because now Dog has become mega-superhero culturally sensitive now and just really didn't know "what that word meant to black people". Huh? Well, I'm glad Brother Sharpton was able to set Dog straight on the use of the word nigger, especially since Sharpton has a long history with the word, his cultural history notwithstanding. Here is nice little rap Sharpton performed with his running mate Barak Obama. There are a few key words in the rap (honkey, nigger) that not one person made a stink about and called for Sharpton to kiss, let's say, David Duke's ass. Oh yeah, for some reason it is ok for African Americans to use the word nigger because somehow it isn't culturally offensive to them or perpetuate racism or stereotypes. My bad.

So, pucker up Dog, and join the ranks of those who were caught in the act of being stupid.

I have had a few comments on earlier posts about Dog that basically say, "He is a racist. How can you support that man?". Okay, he slipped and used the "N" word- does that mean we need to open the cell doors of all the drug dealers, pimps, murderers, rapists, and bail jumping thugs Dog has ever caught?

"But he uses the 'N' word and then on his show professes to be all about Jesus"

Yeah, there does seem to be a conflict of interest there, doesn't it? Kind of like "Stripping for Jesus!" But I'm not here to question Dog's faith; humans make mistakes from time to time and it is damn hard to talk the talk then walk the walk 365/24/7. His moral code may be out of alignment in a few areas but I still like what he does for a living. I hope A&E brings his show back.

Once again, the South Park do it right and show a clip of Stan's father "apologizing" to Jesse Jackson after he said the word "niggers" on the Wheel of Fortune. The puzzle was labeled, People who annoy you, and it looked like this next to Vanna:

N _ G G E R S

Of course the word was NAGGERS. Metaphorically speaking, this clip is exactly what I picture Richards, Imus, and now Dog doing. This clip has been modified to show Don Imus' head, but you'll get the picture. I couldn't find a decent clip showing the Wheel of Fortune part. Freakin hilarious.