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June 30, 2006

The Distinguished Gentleman from North Carolina

I received an email from my grandfather today that didn't have some kind of religious Chicken-Soup-for-the Soul reference in the subject line so I didn't delete it right away. Instead, the email was a transcript from Rush Limbaugh's radio show. I am still not quite sure how to take the email that was labeled as a Conservative Alert; it has a segment from Republican Congressman hopeful Vernon Robinson.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: You've gotta hear this campaign commercial. There's a man running for office as a Republican, running for Congress in North Carolina. His name is Vernon Robinson. ... I don't even want to characterize it. Just listen to this commercial.

ANNOUNCER: (Twilight Zone theme song) If you're a conservative Republican, watching the news these days can make you feel as though you are in...The Twilight Zone. Americans are under attack from Islamic extremists in every corner of the world. Homosexuals are mocking holy matrimony, and the lesbians and feminists are attacking everything sacred. Liberal judges have completely rewritten the Constitution. You can burn the American flag and kill a million babies a year, but you can't post the Ten Commandments or say "God" in public.

CHILDREN: One nation, under -- Shhh!

ANNOUNCER: Seven out of every ten black children are born out of wedlock, and Jackson and Sharpton claim the answer is racial quotas -- and the aliens are here, but they didn't come in a spaceship. They came across our unguarded Mexican border by the millions.

VERNON ROBINSON: I'm Vernon Robinson. If you send me to Congress, I'll send that back to the Twilight Zone. I approve of this message, and of traditional American values. (Leave It to Beaver theme song).

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Goes out with Leave It To Beaver music. I should point out Vernon Robinson is black, and when he mentions Sharpton and Jackson -- have you seen the spot? When he gets to Jackson, he found a mugshot of Jesse Jackson and that's what he runs and he found a picture of Sharpton with an Afro from years and years ago. (Laughing.) This is a national campaign. I mean, he's talking about national issues. They all have impact locally, but I thought it was the Democrats that were going to nationalize the election this year! I thought Democrats were going to do that. That is Vernon Robinson who is running for Congress ... He's getting grief like you can't believe. This is one of the best political ads in a long, long time, and can I ask you: When you heard that, folks, when you heard that, weren't you going, "Yeah! Okay, yeah, yeah," and, "Why don't more Republicans talk like this? Why don't more of them say the ...

RUSH LIMBAUGH: That is just a great, great ad. ... Vernon Robinson is a target now, they are targeting this guy...This is, I mean pardon the French here, this is off the plantation. He has escaped and wandered off the liberal Democrat plantation. This is not allowed. This is not permitted. If they could, they'd grab this guy and send him to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and let Hillary as Nurse Ratchet try to get his mind right. Either that or send him to the warden in Cool Hand Luke and put him in the box. I can't tell you folks. This wouldn't have happened 20 years ago. You wouldn't have had a black congressional candidate in North Carolina running a spot like this. ... But it's a new day out there. Vernon Robinson, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

My thoughts on the whole thing.

There were plenty of links to Mr. Robinson's contribution site sprinkled throughout a personal message from him that followed this commentary by Limbaugh. I won't reprint the whole letter but here are some points worthy of mention:
The radical, ultra-liberal organization called "People for the American Way" (PFAW) announced that it put my name at the top of its "2006 hit list" after I won last month's Republican primary election in North Carolina's 13th Congressional District with more than 63% of the votes cast in a three-way race.

Not bad for an opener.
Neas' allies in the liberal media have already begun their vicious attacks. While the Fox News Channel called me "the new face of the Republican Party" and "a rising star," MSNBC host Keith Olbermann told his audience that my ads are so "bigoted" that I am the runner-up in his "the worst person in the world contest."

And Neas' fellow left-wing Democrat politicians have already begun their name-calling and ad hominem insults. While The Wall Street Journal called me "the next black Republican Congressman," the Democrat Party's nominee for Associate Supreme Court Justice called me "a good slave" and "an Uncle Tom."

Mmmkay. A little name calling from both sides is to be expected.
Brad Miller has voted FOR open borders, FOR amnesty for illegal aliens, FOR homosexual marriage, FOR flag burning, FOR higher taxes, FOR extreme gun control, FOR partial birth abortion, and FOR taking"under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance, and FOR allowing foreign alien child molesters to migrate to the United States.

A little bit of Congressional voting information on Robinson's opponent. Not bad for a campaign commercial.
Needless to say, I didn't amass any personal wealth when I was a military officer or when I was a college business professor at a public university for ten years or when President George H.W. Bush appointed me to a position in his administration or when I served on the Winston-Salem City Council for eight years. As for my wife, she works as a librarian at the public library. We now have three children, two of whom we adopted.

A little statement conveying a modest means of making a living and conveying public trust. Not bad, sticking to the Republican campaign script so far.

But I still don't know how to take this guy. My Spidey senses are going off and it is bothering me that I don't know why.

June 29, 2006

Gadgetzan nation

Aside from the crude World of Warcraft reference there is a lot of truth in that title. I have noticed, and recently become a victim of, the many gadgets in our lives that are paraded around like badges of honor, serving as crude indicators of our successes or social status. I see many people using gadgets in a way that suggests everyone should look at them and notice how successful they are. Unfortunately, these people need to figure out for themselves that most of the people in the industrialized world are not impressed by their iPods, Razors, Blue Tooth earpieces or PDAs that rival most desktop systems.

You know the type. They use their little gadgets and look around to see if anyone is watching them. Put them away and do something that most kids do to give themselves a high sense of self esteem- weld a bigger more obnoxious sounding tailpipe to your Honda Civic.

Look, to all you people who think the shit you use is cool I have news for you- it's not. Perhaps 10-15 years ago it was cool to walk around with that Gumby sized cell phone but that indicator of social status faded away like the digital wristwatch with the calculator on it or the miscreants who walked around with a 50lb boom box on their shoulder.
"Wow, that guy must be important."
- Easily impressed bystander

That bit of technological ego boost is no longer relevant; I see grade school kids with cell phones now. The only people impressed by them are the other kids who live sheltered or deprived lives and are forced to use pagers. Oh, the humanity!

Take the Blue Tooth out of your ear. It makes you look pathetic and starved for attention. Unless you are the Secretary of Defense, or bringing down disabled aircraft in between PS2 games or a pimp keeping track of his bitches take the damn thing out. I am not impressed when I see a guy with this mechanical earwig permanently attached to his head.

My wife got me an iRiver, the distant cousin of the iPod, because it is compatible with the Rhapsody music service. I think the reasons for this Father's Day gift are twofold- 1) the morning radio shows suck in Hawaii and I now have something to listen to as I drive to work, and, 2) my wife wants me to quit downloading illegal mp3s. I wear this little blue piece of technology around my neck like some pseudo honky bling. This keeps the mp3 player in close proximity to me, out of my backpack where it could scratched and damaged by the random paraphernalia that gets shoved in that front pouch, and, in a small way, makes me feel cool. If Flavor Flav can wear a huge timepiece around his neck then I should be able to wear a discrete music player around mine.

I usually take it off when I disembark my vehicle to avoid the snide comments people like me make when we see other people clinging to their gadgets like some sort of a portable medical implant.

"If I take this Blue Tooth earpiece off then my eyes will start bleeding."
- Self absorbed technodork

I think cell phone usage has gotten out of control. No matter where you are there is somebody on a cell phone. I walked out of my apartment building last week and I followed a guy to the parking garage who was on the phone- at 6:30 in the morning. His car was on the third floor of the garage like mine and he had the phone up to his ear the entire time but never said a word. I thought, "Who the hell gets on the phone this early in the morning and stays on that long without saying anything?" He wasn't even giving that obligatory, "Uh, huh" that guys do when they are talking to their wife or girlfriend.

We have become so dependent on our gadgets. I can’t walk out the door without checking the three essentials: wallet, keys, cell phone. I will make an exception for my cell phone tether because I have no land line, however I do not feel the need to be connected at the ear at all times to my phone. That’s what voice mail is for. But we do feel naked without our technology accessories, don’t we?

I have also noticed that our gadgets afford us the opportunity to ignore people more often, to sidestep human contact. Who would dare to bother someone engrossed in a PDA or talking on the phone? The inconsiderate jackasses that will tell you their life story while you are trying to thumb through a Maxim magazine will have the social etiquette to bother someone else if you are playing Tetris on the cell phone. There are some benefits though, as my NYC friend and fellow blogger, Andy, pointed out. It is much safer to whip something out to divert your attention away from the creepy people on the train or bus than to have to inadvertently make eye contact.

As I am writing this at work a Senior Chief comes in to talk to me about the pending office move to the other side of the building. We will only have one phone line over there and, since we have 22 instructors, he wants to have a cordless phone station with 22 walkie talkie style phones so that everyone can have one on their desk, ready to answer the phone at a nanosecond’s notice. I explain to this guy that we only have one phone line in this office and the 3 phones we have coming off a splitter seems to be working out just fine. I recommended that we not spend money on useless gadgets and perhaps divert that money towards the asbestos removal my next office needs.

“Just don’t mess with the asbestos tiles and you won’t have to worry about it. Besides, it costs too much money to get rid of the asbestos. It’s HazMat.”
- Clueless Senior Chief

That’s awesome. While we’re at it, why don’t we just throw up some lead based paint in your office and hang barbed wire from the overhead. Just don’t mess with that shit either and you’ll be fine. By the way, it isn’t going to get any cheaper the longer we wait to remove the tiles. Maybe if we stop redecorating the Commanding Officer’s office every 2 years we will have money for this stuff. But, I digress.

The interruption from that Senior Chief has caused me to lose focus on my original post. No matter; I was wrapping it up anyway. Now I just need to find my mp3 player before I go home.

June 28, 2006

Fox News Appearance

A few months ago Fox News showed up at my command to do a piece on the difficulty of tracking diesel submarines, a chore the US Navy has made public since China is buying up Russian Kilo class boats to support the failing post world empire. Fox wanted to go on an actual US submarine to show the audience the training involved with diesel submarine tracking but the boat schedules didn't jive with Fox's limited shoot time so they came to the next best thing- a submarine training command.

The segment of my command is a very small part of the segment but I was fortunate enough to be a talking head to propel the Bush War Machine forward in its efforts to keep China's hands out of Taiwan's cookie jar. The segment is linked below but if you aren't a fan of the Fox then just watch it because I'm freakin in it. Other than the Wheel of Fortune episode I was in this is the only other television time I have experienced. Well, that's not totally true- I got back at 2:45 a.m. this morning from a Boeing mini movie shoot for their Future Combat Systems division but I will talk more about that later. I got to dress up in camo gear and hold a MK-203 grenade launcher. I felt like a BAMF.

Here is the link: The Best Interview in the History of Interviews

* Badass mother fucker

June 26, 2006

Hitchhiker's Guide to Lebanon

I read a very telling essay by Michael J. Totten a few days ago on his blog. He is a published writer that frequently travels the Middle East wrtitting about his adventures. This essay about a photojournalist and Michael as they were walking down a road in Lebanon and subsequently picked up by two Leabanese men in a pick-up.

The essay not only shows the mentality of the Lebanese people toward their Arab and Jewish neighbors but also of their hospitality and struggles.

Please read "The Israelis Live Over There, So I Don’t Have to Forgive Them".

June 22, 2006


I guess people who don't blog as heavily as I do or that rely on the big news channels for their daily shot of bullshit probably haven't heard any amplifying information about the two soldiers that were found the other day. I made an entry about it a few posts down titled Out of Whack.

The sources I cite say, via the Prime Minister of Iraq, that the soldiers were tortured. Most of us, myself included, would believe that he was talking about the beheading as the 'torture'.


These boys were tortured in the worst imaginable way. Their genetalia was cut off, their hearts cut out, their eyes poked out, and organs were shoved into their mouths- in addition to having their heads removed from their bodies.

Graphic, horrid and anger-inciting.

Fox News told this story- nobody else did. Hey, CNN, I don't give a shit what Angelina Jolie has to say. Compare this treatment with the things that happened in Abu Graib and Gitmo and there is no parallel.

This cruel and cowardly attack will send a message to our soldiers:
1. If you are in an ambush, you either all go after the attackers or you all stay.

2. Never leave your wing man. That's what Tom Cruise taught us and it holds true on so many levels.

3. Never surrender. You fucking go down fighting like Pacino at the end of Scarface. Take out as many as you can and send them to hell. If you don't, you will not get the humane treatment AQ prisoners receive.

It is time for our legislators to let the Uncle Sam take off his Big Bop gloves and go in there and kick some serious ass. Strategic, unhindered strikes against jihadist and their hideouts has to be done. Civilian casualties will exist.

Our enemy does not fear us; we need to change that.
You wanna know how you do it? Here's how, they pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send on of his to the morgue! That's the Chicago way, and that's how you get Capone! Now do you want to do that? Are you ready to do that? -Sean Connery, The Untouchables

More appropriately, for the weaponry of the 21st century:
They use an IED, you use GPS and bomb the hell out of them. They ambush you, then you carpet bomb their HQ. They cut one of yours head off then you send a tactical nuke into thier cave.

I want to do that. I'm ready to do that. I wish we could.

USS Lagarto (SS 371) found

Lagarto left Subic Bay, Philippines on April 12, 1945 and headed towards Gulf of Thailand, its second patrol to that area. U.S.S. Baya officers were to rendezvous with the Lagarto to discuss plans to attack a Japanese convoy on May 3, 1945.

On May 3, 1945 the USS Lagarto transmitted its final message before it went off to fight. At 1 a.m. May 4, 1945, the Japanese convoy drove off the Baya. The targets of interest were crusing with heavy escorts.

Nothing was ever heard again from the Lagarto. It was supposed to dock in Australia at the end of May, but it never arrived.

The 86 man crew of Largarto has been on eternal patrol for 60 years now and the families of the crew never really knew where to lay their flowers, just that it was somewhere between the Phillipines and Australia.

A diving team, following fisherman's hints of snagged nets in an area in the South China Sea dove into the 200 feet of water and began their search. Lagarto was suspected to be the only U.S. Balao class submarine sunk in this area.

Thier search was successful.
With all the fish and the coral covering the Lagarto, it's almost like someone put flowers on a grave," said Elizabeth Kenney-Augustine , whose grandfather, Bill Mabin of La Grange, Ill., was on the sub.

There are still some official records that have to be reviewed before the submarine can be officially reported as the Lagarto but all evidence supports the find. The propellar was photographed with the word 'Manitowac' inscribed, which indicates that it was built in Manitowac, WI- Lagarto was one of 26 submarines built there and tested int he waters of Lake Michigan. The divers recorded various serial numbers and identified twin 5-inch gun mounts both forward and aft, something unique to Lagarto. The submarine is sitting upright as if it sank straight down. There are no numbers or names on the side, and the only place divers could find the name of the ship is inside the captain's quarters. Japanese war records later revealed that the minelayer Hatsutaka reported sinking a U.S. submarine at roughly the same time and location.
The operations were conducted from the rescue and salvage ship USS Salvor (ARS 52) with embarked divers from Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit (MDSU) 1, based in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The Japan-based mine countermeasures ship USS Patriot (MCM 7) assisted by first pinpointing the location of the wreckage with its SQQ-32 sonar and remotely-operated Mine Neutralization Vehicle.

Props to our local boys here in HI for helping with the search. Once again our Japanese friends come to our aid.

According to the U.S. Navy, all sunken U.S. ships are considered gravesites and are off-limits. Before the divers left the site they attached an American flag to the conning tower.

Submarine Pacific Fleet Force Commander, Rear Adm. Jeffrey Cassias, had this to say:
"We owe a great debt to these men, and to all of the World War II submariners. In the world's darkest hour, they faced the greatest risks, and demonstrated the most noble courage to preserve the freedom of our nation."

It also worthy to mention that the divers who descended on Lagarto noticed that one of her torpedo tube outer door was open- and the tube was empty. The old girl went down fighting to the very end.

A Sailor's Poem

Run silent, run deep
For freedom we fought to keep
How we spent so many days
Beneath the shimmering waves

A terrible foe we fought
And gave our lives; and freedom bought
Now our souls forever lie
Restlessly beneath the waves
So silent now, so deep

For it is not enough for you to weep
For we shall not have died in vain
Lest you forget for what we gave
We gave our lives, freedom to save

For if you forget our deeds
Then we shall never sleep
Though we lie so silent, so deep.

by Al Alessandra, July 3rd, 2005

June 21, 2006

WMD's Found

I'm watching it on Fox and I can't find a story about it anywhere as of yet. But I'm sure the liberal media, Democrats, and moonbats will put a spin on it- something to the effect that G.W. planted the 500 checmical weapons during his last visit.

So, to all the naysayers, you will now have to pick something else to justify not going to war in Iraq. To some of you this will be very difficult considering how much you want the U.S. to fail over there. It's ok, you will get over it eventually. Please, for the love of God and all that is holy, don't say something pathetic like, "Well, we were right before we were wrong." Take that Kerry speak and put aside with the empty Botox needles.

Not that there isn't plenty of other ammo to pelt Bush with, but this one less bullet in your Bush hating bandoliers.

No gloating from you either Republicans. Don't demand apologies from Dems, don't shake your fingers and say, "HA! Told you so, jackass!" Just take this small victory and savor it.

I'm sure more will come out between now and tomorrow morning.
Truth is generally the best vindication against slander.
-Abraham Lincoln

In repsonse to the "Who cares?" emails I have received from the people suffering from sour grapes, I post this from Opinion Nation. All I can really say to these people is "Suck it."
"Now these weapons aren’t really the smoking gun evidence of Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction or his research and development programs. And some of the reported munitions found have been deemed degraded to the point of non-effectiveness. However, they are weapons designed to kill thousands of people and were in fact used by Hussein to kill thousands of people. WMD is WMD is WMD; and nothing anyone says can change that fact. And these weapons, despite being degraded, constitute another direct violation of several Security Council resolutions. No amount of downplaying of this news from the pro Saddam, anti-war crowd changes the fact that Democrats and Republicans wanted this war or that they voted for this war. No level of denial is able to change why so many liberals and conservatives pushed for this war. Now if the administration would untie the hands of the military we could secure the country and get the hell out of there."

June 20, 2006

Out of Whack

I have been feeling like crap since last week with a horrible bout of my semi annual Bronchitis infliction so forgive me if I haven't blogged much. I do, however, want to call attention to some news that probably won't gain much attention since it has to do with dead American Soldiers and not dead insurgents. The Department of Defense shortcut on my desktop had the story. Opinion Nation also had a good write up.

Four days ago a soldier was killed and two were snatched from a checkpoint near the Euphrates River. Regrettably, they were found today sans head. Of course, it's not enough for our adversaries to kill our soldiers in the name of their peaceful religion but they do everything in their power to ensure more soldiers are killed as they go to recover their fallen comrades:
"They waited until daylight to bring in the explosive ordnance detachment to pick up what we believe are our two soldiers," he said. "There were IEDs in that location and we did have to dismantle some stuff to get to (the bodies)."


Because the military refuses to abandon its own, a concept many civilians could take note of, a massive search for the two soldiers was launched.
More than 8,000 coalition and Iraqi soldiers and police participated in the search for the missing Americans.
U.S. Navy and Air Force fighter-attack jets; E-8 Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System, or JSTARS, aircraft; and Predator unmanned aerial vehicles helped in the search. In addition, dive teams and "national assets of varying types" supported the effort, Caldwell said.

There is no distinction between services when a military member is missing. The Navy and Air Force helped out because those fallen soldiers were Americans. Hell, the Navy doesn't make distinctions even when it comes to fallen submariners of another country. When K-141, also known as the Kursk, sank in August of 2000 message boards and newspapers were flooded with sympathy from U.S. submariners. I remember shedding a tear when I learned of the accident.

My many years as a submariner forced me to accept the reality that our escape procedures were a false comfort, like the false comfort people had when they voted for Kerry, and it would be no different for the 118 sailors on the Kursk. Bubbleheads work in an unforgiving environment surrounded by an ocean that is constantly trying to penetrate our submarine hull but we know there is nothing romantic about being on eternal patrol. To me, those Ruskies were stillbrothers in arms even after the 50+ years of the unseen cat and mouse games our submarines played.

This is also the reason Iraqi nationals helped look for our soldiers.

So while Murtha and his followers are criticizing Gitmo and the white collar criminal treatment the inmates receive not one mention of the treatment our boys and girls get when captured by jihadist militants makes it to the news.

I say shut Gitmo down. Let our foreign friends take the captured insurgents then maybe they will get what is coming to them. I would love to ship the Gitmo terrorist detainees to a Turkish prison.

June 15, 2006


Whoops-a-daisy! It seems Iranian Foreign Minister let the cat out of the bag during an interview covered my MEMRI televsion.

We emphasize the peaceful nature of our nuclear weapons… I mean… of our nuclear power plant…

Gee, I wonder why this didn't hit the mainstream media.

June 14, 2006

The Emporer learns of the fate of his beloved Death Star

Robot Chicken has cornered the market on Star Wars parodies. This one showcases Emporer Palpatine hard at work in his office on Coruscant and what happens as he receives a call from Darth Vader concerning the Death Star.

Emporer at Work

June 10, 2006

Coulter, Jersey Girls and Politcial Agendas- what a mess.

When I first heard Ann Coulter's comments on the widows of September 11 I was disappointed. This is what I heard on CNN in my office and what was played on the radio on my way to work last week:

"I've never seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much."

What a cruel and heartless statement about women who have had to suffer the worst tragedy of a (happy) marriage. I have read Ann Coulter's books and after hearing this statement I wished there some wayeway to return the books and get my money back. This is the kind of hate talk my money supports? Now I know how the Blacks felt when they found out the air-freshening crowns they put on their dashboards were invented by a member of the KKK.

A recent interview on NBC by Brian Williams really nailed Coulter's statement to the liberal agenda cross. Ann Coulter was throwing the proverbial cow patty at all the victims of September 11. Or so it seemed.

I could tell NBC was leaving some crucial material out of their report so I decided to dig up some stuff on the Internet. Isn't it great that the common man doesn't have to rely on the information coming at him from the groomed talking head on the boob tube?

My suspicions were right. Her comments were not directed at all the victims, as NBC subtly tried to misreport, but at a targeted group, specifically, four women referred to as the Jersey Girls. Here is what Coulter said in context:

"These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles about them, reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by grief-arazzis. I've never seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much."

Still, to most, this comment seems callous, even when you realize who she was talking about. There are hundreds of articles about the Jersey Girls, 4 women who lost their husbands in the attacks, and they have rallied against the president and, more recently, Condoleeza Rice. The search engines are running hot with the requests over this whole ordeal.

The rub Coulter has with these 4 women is that the Democrats are using them as a way to drum up the sympathy vote, as if they didn't get enough of those in 2004. Democrats know that no person with a soul would dare to oppose these grieving women. Brilliant strategy by the Dems if it is true.

"Two years ago Rabinowitz made the point that Coulter is being chastised for making now - that the Jersey Girls status as 9/11 widows allegedly gives them immunity from being criticized." -

So, I can now understand Coulter's angst and that comment she made is a stinger in the ass of the Democrats. But, as with most public figures with a forum, she couldn't leave that comment to stand. She propped it up with this one:

"And by the way, how do we know their husbands weren't planning to divorce these harpies? Now that their shelf life is dwindling, they'd better hurry up and appear in Playboy."

Yikes, now that's pretty low (but clever), even for Coulter. But again, I can understand why she would say something like that. She is pissed at the Democrats for choosing a strategy that could actually work for a change. But what does it say of NBC trying to paint her as a devil?

Don't get me wrong, there are comments from both sides that make us all stop and say, "WTF, over?" But sometimes it takes a little more than the small morsel the media puts out to abate our intellectual appetites.

The Left loves to hate Coulter, or any of the Right's eye candy. Michelle Malkin is another political commentator/blogger that isn't hard to look at either. Combine beauty with a brain and it scares people. In contrast, would it hurt the liberal females to put on a freakin bra?

June 9, 2006

Ding! Dong! Zarqawi's dead!

Good riddance, jackhole.

This insurgent cleansing brought to you by "The Bunker Buster", promptly and courtesouly delivered by the U.S. Air Force. Mad props to the folks at Lockheed-Martin for thier superior design and construction. Accept no substitutes.

I wish I could see the look on Zarqawi's face as he faces his tormentor for the rest of eternity. Just one guy, not 72 virgins, shoving pineapples up his ass until he is thrown in the abyss.

The latest news is that Zarqawi was actually found alive after half a ton of explosives knock on his door. I hope that the soldiers that found him had a little time to slap him around a bit.
"He obviously had some kind of visual recognition of who they were because he attempted to roll off the stretcher, as I am told, and get away, realizing it was U.S. military."

Outstanding. That means that in the final moments of his life he came face to face with the military and had a few moments to let that nose-thumbing sink in.

I have made the observation before that these Islamofacists look like they suffer from anhedonia. I can understand that, however, since they spend every waking moment trying to kill people. What a miserable life; no wonder they made up the 72 virgin reward- it gives them something to look forward to.

No worries, jihadists, the U.S. military will oblige you in a speedy reunion with your delusion.

June 7, 2006

The drama ashore

When sailors aren't at sea they become restless. This restlessness is abated by creating some sort of grief at someone else's expense and shared with everyone within earshot or email. Here is the latest email war between a guy in my office responding to a retired Chief Petty Officer who still thinks he is on active duty who sent an email out over the Navy's intranet mail server. The conversation has been presented in an altered format to promote flow ie. turned upside down, so to speak, so that the reader would not have to scroll up the follow the thread of conversation.

The names have been changed to protect the innocent and to prevent the chastising of the retarded.

From: Civilian dude, who can't seem to let go of the Navy
Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2006 14:17
To: Everyone, most of whom could give 2 shits about this email

Aloha All,

Anyone interested in purchasing a 4cu. Ft. Micro Chef Refrigerator and Freezer can contact me at 867-5309. This unit is less than a year old. Asking $200.00



From: STS2
Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2006 7:23
To: Civilian dude

NMCI was not created to try and sell your junk. There is a lot of stuff I want to sell as well but I am not trying to advertise it by sending it through email. Use Craigs list or the news paper not my email.



From: CIV
Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2006 8:57
To: STS2

Petty Officer,

Please read this email in its entirety before "Deleting" it.

After reading your email and conducting some research, I have been informed that you are right about trying to sell personal items on NMCI email. Because of this, I have tried to recall the email I sent yesterday. However, Let me start with a Lesson/Advice in Protocol, Military Bearing, and some "Good Old Fashion Common Sense." Rule 1. Before you reply to an individual, regardless of what infraction or issue they may have caused, take some time to think of who you are addressing and what you are going to say; 2. Regardless of an individual who is a part of the Department of the Navy, there is a Rank and File status that all personnel have in the Navy; 3. If a person, regardless of their uniform or civilian status, there is a Rank/Seniority status attached to all DON personnel and if you are "JUNIOR" to them, then, "WATCH YOUR TONE!" Yes, that is correct, by using all caps, Yes, I am raising my voice towards you. Again, as right as you may have been in notifying me about selling personal items via email, you were completely "OUT OF LINE" with your speech and approach to this issue you had IRT personnel advertising personal items for sell. If there are any questions IRT this issue, or additional issue you may have in the future, I would rather have you call me or come see me in person in order to resolve the issue at hand. This advice would also reflect an issue you have with someone else.

Pissed off Civilian Dude


From: Smart-ass sonarman
Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2006 11:48
To: Pissed off civilian dude trying to save face


Rule 1: I was not raising my voice or tone with you like you did with me 2) I was not "OUT OF LINE" by sending you a response to your "NSTCP ALL" Email trying to sell your stuff. I even gave you other options of how you can sell your items. 3.) I never disrespected your retired status, or the time you served in the military. 4.) I do not appreciate you raising your tone about a mistake that you made. You spent plenty of time in the military and have been using NMCI probably for quite some time now and should know that it is not a place to sell personal items. 5.) You were wrong and knew that from the start. You should be man enough and not hide behind your retired status and learn from your mistakes.



After this email the retiree was so livid that he ran to our Command Master Chief (CMDCM) with the email conversation. Our CMDCM talked to our Assistant Leading Petty Officer who then sent this out to my division.


From: Confused guy that got caught in the middle of this shit
Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2006 12:02
To: Smart ass sonarmen

We are all adults, and e-mail wars are not the answer. If you two have a mis-understanding or disagreement call each other and talk it through, or just drop it all together.



This is a belated D-Day post, of which the Blogs were full of, but something I also wanted to touch on as both a U.S. sailor and a U.S. citizen. Frankly, I haven’t blogged much lately (blogged- newly formed verb to be added to Webster’s next year and to spell checks as required) because I have spent most of my time reading and responding to other blogs. I am officially addicted to the blog culture.

Has it been 62 years already since we saved Europe’s ass in WWII while simultaneously beating Japan’s? It is disturbing, in retrospect, that Japan is now one of our strongest allies and most of Europe now hates us.

'I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French division behind me.' - General George Patton

Nationalism at its best.

The world hailed us as humanitarian’s when American resolve was at work feeding hungry nations, unknowingly loading the pockets of foreign governments, and encouraging free world trade over the last few decades or so. But when that resolve is used to protect our country from maniacal jihadists then we have overstepped our bounds in good taste. The United States played mother hen to Germany and France for 50 years while the Russian fox was stalking the coop. Now they want us in a pot full of broth and dumplings. Now I know how parents of ungrateful children feel.

Unfortunately, the hate speech not only drifts to our shores from overseas but from within our own country from our own countrymen. There are people who want the U.S. to fail in Iraq and want our military to retreat and leave the Middle East alone. They fail to have a moral excuse against the liberation of Iraq so they use a legal one. They cling to this rhetoric because to oppose the ousting of Saddam on any other level would strike at their very souls.

The cradle of civilization is being rocked by young camouflaged ambassadors who are fighting an enemy that glorifies death and even uses their own brainwashed children to prove it.

‘We love death. America loves life. That's the difference between Islam and America.’- Osama Bin Laden

Liberals, leftists, and America haters love to talk about how great Islam is and how the Golden Age of Islam contributed so much to a world stuck in the Dark Ages. They do this, like using the legal argument against the Iraq liberation, to justify their America-hating complex. It comforts them as they look at the shit hole conditions the area perpetuates in hopes that people will realize there is more to Islam than what is being unfairly stereotyped - insurgent movements, beheadings, kidnappings, children suicide bombers etc.

Are these the fruits of the Islamic Golden Age (800-1300 A.D.)?

“Look at what a great empire they had. Look at all the medicine and knowledge of math they contributed.” -liberal, America-hating douche bag

Let us briefly examine that piece of history.

Al-Kwarzmi developed numbering system (825 A.D.) that made the abacus obsolete and put pencil to paper. His numbering system made multiplying and dividing a breeze and the system was used extensively by 14th Century Venice merchants and bankers.

The founder of this new system even shared the misinterpreted name mathematicians now call ‘Algorithm’. Sadly, with all this “new math” the Muslims did nothing more than impress their Caliphs by making the numerical value 35007 spell out ‘loose’ when turned upside down. The Muslims had algebraic knowledge for centuries but did nothing to improve their quality of life with it.

When this mathematical knowledge was transferred to the West the science community exploded. They discovered the mysteries of the universe, quantum physics and special relativity. Muslims were involved with chemistry, expanded the use of hospitals, opened the cosmos and engineered hydraulic power.

But all these progressive leaps in technology and thinking occurred despite the presence of Islam. When the great thinkers started to stray off the dogma of the Koran they were beaten, exiled or beheaded as heretics.

Since Islam could not squash the cultures of the societies they over ran, by sheer luck, Islam inherited these accomplishments. But they never encouraged it per se. The paper making from China, the decimal system from India and the “Arabic” numeral system, the credit was given to the Islamic transfers of the information and not the originators. To give Islam credit for these revelations is like giving Hitler credit for discovering the Theory of Relativity.

The art of glass blowing was in the hands of the Muslims for 1000 years before the West got a hold of it in the 15th century. Until then, the Muslims did nothing more with the art than decorate mosques and shrines for the caliphs and Allah. A Venetian made the first clear glass; Colburn made the first sheet glass in 1902 and in 1904 bottles and jars could now be mass produced.

Al-Haythem explained human vision and is considered the Father of Optics. It wasn’t until the West made lenses that human vision was improved on a massive scale. The same lenses were also used on a macro level and on a micro level to explore the world around us.

Now it seems history will be perpetuated in the Middle East unless something drastic happens. While most of the modernized world flourishes with the benefits of the Industrial Revolution, equality of the sexes and personal freedoms, the Middle East continues to live in the Dark Ages. People are shot in the head for wearing shorts in Baghdad, women are mutilated so they cannot enjoy sex (on top of being treated like shit) and children are used as portable bombs. Golden Age indeed.

The Middle East has no democratic processes (except the fledgling government of Iraq), no social graces, no cultural practices or flourishing societies the rest of the world seeks to pursue. American freedom, Italian fashion, German engineering, Japanese order and Swiss Chocolate are all part of cultures the rest of the world embraces.

The Middle East has oil. Oil is the only reason we give those shit birds the time of day. And by ‘shit birds’ I do not mean the common people who live under the despotic rule of the sheiks, mullahs and ayatollahs. If it wasn’t for the West that oil would be a trip hazard as it bubbled up from the ground after a camel herder shot at some dinner.

Jihadists hate the United States but torture infidels while wearing Nike Air Jordan’s and then return to their homes after a hard day of tolerant beheading to watch Die Hard. Make up your minds, dickheads.

Beheading has always been a tool of jihadists to spread their tolerance. While Salem Witch hunters, led by Murtha and his disciples, point their fingers at the soldiers and hold them accountable for Rules Of Engagement violations, whether found guilty or not in a pre-trial media covered condemnation, the insurgents continue to behead, kidnap and terrorize in the name of their god, who supposedly commands them to do so.

Something drastic is happening in the Middle East and it has to succeed. We can’t always depend on the beneficiaries of our benevolence for help but we will continue our fight nonetheless. We will continue to fight against hostile forces both inside and outside our borders and we will win despite the efforts of the America haters.