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November 24, 2013

Americans love a good scandal, until the next one comes along.

Scandal, schmadal

At this point in his presidency, I hope that Obama is a pathological liar and not as inept and clueless as he appears to be. Of course he could be a puppet for a super-secret, string pulling Freemason-esque agency, but if we want to go that far, I prefer the chain smoking, creepy old guy from The X-Files.

When I examine the scandals surrounding the Obama administration I fully expect a Wachowski styleuprising to drive these people out of office. Wishful thinking, I know. People are comfortable where they are, the voters made their decision and will stand by it, either out of ignorance or by sheer head-in-the-sand prideful stubbornness. To prove this point one just needs to look at the President’s approval rating, which is now at a historic low of 41%.

Whoopty freaking doo. So he has low numbers, so Bush’s approval ratings (despite dragging us into a decade + long war and running our deficit up to historical highs) are higher than Obama’s, so what if the list of scandals associated with Obama looks like a rap sheet for a 1930’s mob boss. Obama is looking at the American people and saying, “What are you going to do about it?”

Nothing, that’s what. We will throw our hands up and rant about it, but in the end we will do nothing.

Let’s take a look at the Obama’s Top 10:

These are recent scandals by the way (in order my choosing), since the whole list is just too long for me to include. I think these are enough to make the point that this President should not have been elected – at all.

  1. Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) – ironically, there is something new to report almost every other day about this phony sham of a law intended to help the US.
  2. Census Bureau – Job numbers doctored before 2012 election to make Obama look good.
  3. Benghazi – Lies, lying and cover-ups surrounding this despicable nightmare of accountability and recourse. But people are coming forward and it does not look good for the President or Hillary. Let’s not forget these words of wisdom from the former Secretary of State, “What difference at this point does it make?” when questioned about her role in the slaying of Americans by Al Qaeda.
  4. IRS targeting people who fundamentally disagree with Obama. Lois Lerner “retired”, but nobody was held responsible for her actions- nobody was fired.
  5. Fast and Furious – I hate these names, by the way. This scandal, in case you forgot, involved “Federal agencies” losing track of weapons that eventually ended up in the hands of the Mexican cartel- you know, the ones who like to run cocaine into our country and lop the heads off of American tourists.
  6. Attorney General Eric Holder perjury x2. For fuck sake, what does it take to fire someone in this administration?
  7. EPA shenanigans that start back at Solyndra money laundering and continue through EPA Director Jackson’s secret emails account where she contacted Lobbyists for more deeds of misdoing. Don’t hear about this much anymore.

You know, that is as far as I want to go. There are only 3 three more I was going to put on this list but it just doesn’t matter. As disappointing as this administration has been, it is even more depressing to think about the GOP and the fact that even after all the ammo against this community organizer, they still can’t capitalize on it and win. It reminds me of this poor schlep on Wheel of Fortune: 

Nothing left to do but hunker down, save up and watch what happens next. It does not good to argue with morons about moronic behavior.