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March 20, 2011

I don't get it- Libya good, Iraq bad?

The people of the Middle East are fed up. All it took was a spark in Tunisia late last year to ignite a massive revolution a few months ago in Egypt. Now, the Libyans are fed up and realize that massing together to fight a tyrant is not such a bad idea. What amazes me is the hurried involvement of the United States and its Allies joining together to help the citizens of Libya.

It didn't take the world community to impose sanctions against Ghaddafi and his family after forces loyal to the dictator banded together to fight the opposition. In less than one month of watching the conflict grow, the UN endorsed military action against Ghaddafi. One month. Two days later French jets bombed military targets along with Great Britain and the United States. For crying out loud, France took the initiative and bombed Libyan military targets- FRANCE? These are the same guys that bailed on us in 2007, shortly followed by the rest of our allies in Iraq.

Roll the clock back a decade or so. Saddam brutally murdered thousands during his dictatorship, dodged UN Weapons Inspectors for years and pulled many more shenanigans before the US got fed up and decided to invade to protect our own interests. Those interests are still in doubt and the fact that we poorly handled the Iraqi  War is so apparent that anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves. But it took decades before anyone finally decided to do something about Iraq to end Saddam's 24 year reign of terror.

Kim Jong Il officially took over as the Supreme Leader of North Korea in October 1997 and admitted in 2006 that it had successfully built and tested nuclear weapons, despite a 1994 Agreed Framework it had signed with the US. He even shot missile directly over Japan after he made this announcement (and several times before). His country suffered severe flooding followed by years of drought causing his people to live in squalor- average income being $1000 a year. A South Korean military ship was sunk by a mysterious torpedo, believed to be from a DPRK submarine, in March of 2010 and launched a premeditated attack on an island that killed a few dozen South Koeans.

UN/World response to North Korea: dick. Sanctions appear to have no affect and only hurts the people in N.K. trying to survive on little food, no jobs, and no hope.

Don't get me started on Somalian pirates.

The message that I'm getting from all this: The UN et al. will help you topple your dictator but only when you start a revolution where press coverage involves little old ladies and children being killed by the dictator's forces. But we will only shoot rockets and missiles- no ground support.

Or maybe the US just misses bombing Libya. Reagan would be proud.

Anyone remember Japan?

March 17, 2011

My Fellow (stupid) Americans

Stop buying iodide pills and geiger counters because a nucular (sic) reactor 5000+ miles away (from San Francisco) could have a meltdown. You are being stupid, ignorant and selfish. People in Japan need those pills more than you do.

"But, Knave, you never know what could happen and it is better to be safe than sorry."

Wrong- it is better to be informed than stupid.

This is the reality of people within very close proximity to a reactor that could have a meltdown:

This is moronic hysteria. I hope to God she isn't going to give those pills to her baby otherwise obeseity from an enlarged thyroid will be the least of its problems.

Reckless, hysterical and unfounded- and i am talking aobut our Surgeon General who is promoting this type of behavior- he should be horsewhipped and fired.

Don't get me started on the spike in geiger counter sales nationwide. Yes, nationwide- not the few kooks that ran for the hills when Y2K looked over us on 12/31/99- millions of people buying pills and radiacs.

Question: What are the alarmists going to do when they wake up and take a reading and it is going off, probably because of a large amount of radon in your house, and that bottle of iodide hasn't been mailed from


Want to see how a nation is supposed to react during a time of real crisis? The Japanese are exhibiting the perfect signs of what they have always been known for- resolve. Their behavior contrasts sharply with America's self righteousness and hysteria. No? Look at New Orleans and tell me otherwise.

While most of Japan may be hosed for decades to come, the United States will not suffer any harmful effects from radiation. Sushi shortages are another story.