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March 26, 2010

Sandra Bullock dissed by upstanding husband

"America's Sweetheart", Sandra Bullock, was apparently the last person to find out her husband was cheating on her. Why does news this surprise anyone and why do stories like this continue to dominate the headlines?

And please, for the love of God, stop comparing Bullock to Tiger Woods' wife. At least everyone was shocked when the Tiger scandal surfaced; even as full as we were from the Thanksgiving Day gluttony, we had just a little room left to stuff down a piece of this juicy morsel.

Hearing the news that Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock (since the very beginning of their marriage) is like finding lint in your belly button.

It appears James' show "Jesse James is a Dead Man" takes on a whole new meaning now. At least he is heading in the right direction with fixing his marriage by offering to pose nude in Playgirl for half a million dollars. Screw Dr. Phil.

March 17, 2010

Obama must really suck for Canadians to hate him

When Obama won the Presidency with the help of the LEFTIST Media, Hollywood and Entertainment Liberals, Ethnic Socialists (ACORN), Stupid Non-Business Professionals and Bush Haters, I wrote:

It won’t take 6 months until the people figure this guy out and realize how horrible a mistake they’ve made. And when they come to that realization, the damage to the United States of America will be so great, that it will take a generation or more to repair - IF EVER.

The IDIOTS who not only voted for the Messiah, but also worked their sorry asses-off to promote his Lordship, are now left holding the bag.

Here are two things they will NEVER do:

1 – They will NEVER admit to making a blunder out of all proportion by electing a snake-oil salesman with no positive social history or management experience of any kind.

2 – They will NEVER take responsibility for the curse they’ve imposed upon the immediate and long-term future of their country.

In essence, the people responsible for putting this horror-show in power are in themselves responsible for every cataclysmic decision he makes and the consequences thereof.

In just 6 (SIX) months, the Messiah’s polls are showing the following:

On Healthcare Reform - He’s going under for the third time with polling well under 50%, even within his own Party.
Even though he might be able to muscle a Healthcare Reform Bill by using Chicago BULLY tactics against his fellow Democrats, it will just make things worse.
On Cap And Trade (Cap & Tax) – The Fat-Lady is already singing.
On the Stimulus Package (Tax and Spend) - His popularity is in FREE-FALL.
On the TARP package he took and ran with from President Bush - It’s all but Good-Night Irene.
On the closing of GITMO and “HIS” war on what he no longer wants called the War On Terrorism - He’s standing in quicksand with his head just about to go under.
On a comparison between himself and George W Bush at the same 6 months into their respective first term Presidencies - Bush is ahead of him in the Polls.
On a comparison between He Who Walks On Water and the 12 preceding Presidents between WW II and now - Obama ranks 10th.
On a Poll just conducted, that asks who would you vote for today between Obama and Mitt Romney - It’s a dead heat.
Between Obama and Palin - Obama’s ONLY ahead by 8 points and she hasn’t even begun to campaign.

It seems to me that Obama wants to be everywhere where he shouldn’t be.

He’s personally invested in screwing-over America’s ONLY REAL Middle Eastern ally (Israel) in favor of Palestinian Despots and Murderers.

He’s traveling the world apologizing for the USA while lecturing others on how to do it right, when in fact and truth, he has no experience at doing anything other than getting elected.

He went to the Moslem world in Egypt to declare that America IS NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION while he heaped praises on Islam, where he compared the “plight” of the Palestinians to the Holocaust.

The Russians think he’s a Putz. The French think he’s rude. The Germans want him to stop spending. The Indians want him to mix his nose out of their environmental business. The North Koreans think he’s a joke. The Iranians won’t acknowledge his calls. And the British can’t even come up with a comprehensive opinion of him.

As for the Chinese, he’s too frightened to even glance their way.

Maybe, if America’s first Emperor would stay home more and travel less, and work a little bit instead of being on television just about everyday, or forget about his Wednesday Date Nights with his Amazon Wife, or stop running to “papered” Town Hall Meetings, perhaps he would have a little bit of time to do the work of the nation.

In all fairness, it wasn’t HARD to be RIGHT in my prediction concerning Obama’s Presidency, even in its first 6 months, so I’m going to make yet another prediction:

OBAMA WILL PROBABLY NOT FINISH HIS 4-YEAR TERM, at least not in a conventional way. He is such a political HORROR-SHOW, and so detrimental to the USA and his own Democratic Party, that the Democrats themselves will either FORCE him to resign or figure out a way to have him thrown out.

Who knows, maybe he really isn’t a BORN US Citizen and that’s a way the Democrats will be able to get rid of him.


I don’t believe the Democrats have nearly as much love for their country as they do for their own political fortunes. And with Obama, their fortunes are rapidly becoming toast. The Democrats can keep on blaming Bush for EVERYTHING. But, that game’s already begun to wear real thin.

Their mantra was “WE DON’T WANT 4 MORE YEARS”, which the STUPID people bought, since McCain was nothing at all like George W Bush.

The new mantra will soon become: WE DON’T WANT 6 MORE MONTHS.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

March 14, 2010

Iran claims Holocaust was a lie, throws elephant size testicles onto U.N. podium

It has been almost a month since Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the U.N. and the rest of the World that the Holocaust was a crock of poo-poo, that Israel is a regime that "won't last long" and then continued on to talk about Iran's full-speed-ahead nucular (sic) program.

That takes a gigantic set of balls, even bigger than self proclaimed genius and world proclaimed douchebag Kanye West after his embarrassing stunt on stage with Taylor Swift. Even Tiger Woods can't come close with his last transparent and honey-do forced news conference apologizing for his few hundred isolated incidents of infidelity. Yes, it takes a set of balls so big that a even a bad case of elephantiasis pales in comparison. For crying out loud, even Germany said Ahmadinejad was a "disgrace to his country".

The really sad part of this ridiculousness is that there will be some weak minded, gullible and just plain stupid people out there who will believe this garbage. (Insert teenager, Democrat, hippie, etc. joke here)

A scarry parallel to this story is the denial of the holocaust by some muslims.  As early as 2005, stories popped up about schools is Great Britain that were dropping the Holocaust from their curriculum for fear of sparking anti-semitism in the growing muslim student body.

To be fair, there are plenty of ass hat Americans who believe this nonsense also, that the systematic torture, rape and murder of 6 million + Jews was just an elaborate scheme, like the Moon landing or the attacks on September 11. But I am not worried about this event being left out of textbooks or forgotten as there is plenty of evidence to support what happened. President Eisenhower did a great job of documentating and archiving the photos and video of the death camps.

I read a chian email that mentioned Iran's dimissal of the Holocaust and then, in a dramatic attempt to drum up semitic sympathy and perhaps a swell of national pride, made a statement that the same radical statements might be said about the attacks on September 11- that they never happened.  I don't think this will happend becuase there are too many conspiracy theorists, a.k.a. bat-shit crazies, who believe it was a government planned inside job. As long as they can keep that idea alive the muslims have no hope of erasing it from history. Look at the JFK assassination for proof of the perpetuitity of conspiracy theories.

Getting back to Iran, it is very surprising to me that he is still alive. I don't know if he is another one of the U.S. puppet dictators gone awry or if we are waiting for Israel to finally get fed up and kamikaze a Big Bertha into Ahmadinejad's location. The press gives a fair share of airtime to this lunatic but it seems that nobody is going to do anything about it. Obama will continue to give a stern warning but, like the rest of his administration and present term in office, won't do shit about it. The U.N. is nothing more than a subsitute teacher with little power to do anything but send Ahmadinejad to the office for punishment. Unfortunately, we are usually the principal in world afffairs (see sentence above).

I really think a dramatic and unbelievable turn of events is on the horizon with Iran, Russia, Israel and the other muslim countries who are still pissed that Israel occupies less than 1% of Arab lands. I'm talking James Cameron and Michael Bay dramatic with a bit of 2012 disaster thrown in for the real men who love action/disaster flicks.