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May 27, 2009

North Korea ambitions

Evil dicator says he hates the United States. Said dictator says he will use WMD's agaiinst the United States. Oh, the same dictator just had a successful underground detonation of a nucelar weapon, and then shot a missile into the Sea of Japan to taunt Obama.

Question: How long will it take Obama to go over and start swinging from Kim Jong Il's nutsack? Better question: How long will it take before a city is blown to smithereens because the U.S. dicked around too long with negotiations and sanctions?

Honestly, I am not worried about this missile test. It is another lame attempt by another lame dictator to squeeze the United States and the world for some more money and food because the dictator's country sucks. I have to believe that the missile and the launch site would be vapor within 5 minutes of the launch.

But then again, maybe they won't. Your move Obama. You have already weakened this country in a very short time, so what will you do now with the possibly of a nuclear missile launch by a crazed asshat?

I wonder what Iran is thinking? Will Obama do anything about N.K. or will he run into his room and lock the door. Only the teleprompter will know and Obama will be reading from it shortly- right after he changes the greasy shit he took in his pants.Scared yet?

May 12, 2009

Trump doesn't fire Miss USA, America yawns

California is having a tough time right now. Unemployment is up, jobs are scarce, the State budget is a concern for many, gays are still crying over their loss last November. What CA needs is a scandal, something for everyone to take their minds off their woes for the short term. Unfortunately, there is one scandal that has made the news but nobody really cares.

Two weeks ago, San Diego native Carrie Prejean won the Miss USA pageant and she is already on the burner and awaiting the Donald’s verdict as to whether she will retain her crown. The media will have you believe it is because Prejean breached her contract and had some booby photos taken that have since surfaced during a recent witch hunt. I don’t believe either of these incidents, or any others that will surface, to be the real reason behind the Miss USA uproar.

I did not watch the event in Las Vegas, and haven’t seen a Miss USA show since my younger years when I had no wood control and the swimsuit pageant was the closest thing to proxy sex I could get (there was no Internet in those days). But after reading between the lines of many reports it is painfully obvious that it was her answer to a question posed by one of the judges that has gotten everyone’s panties in a bunch.

Perez Hilton (no, that isn’t a typo) asked Prejean what her stance on gay marriage is and Prejean answered truthfully, bringing her strong Christian values and morals into the validation for her answer. Hilton is a homosexual, which satisfied Trump’s stringent qualification criteria to be a judge on the biggest “I am fulfilling my mother’s dreams” show on television.

I do not normally follow things like this. I couldn’t care less about this pageant, or any other pageant for that matter, as I think they are ridiculous and shallow. The contestants may have degrees and done great things, but the stereotype I have of beauty pageant contestants is that they have IQs a little higher than a piece of toast. What interested me most was the reaction from all sides of the spectrum surrounding the answer concerning gay marriage.

I think Hilton’s question was out of line and beyond the scope of the pageant. Ask them something stupid concerning making the world a better place, or how many orphans they would adopt, or how long it takes to get a Brazilian. This question was a setup and exactly why Trump asked this no talent ass clown Perez to sit as a judge. Paraphrasing Prejean’s answer, she supports what the majority of Californians voted on last November: marriage is between a man and a woman, we don’t care that you are gay but you can’t get married.

Now there is a big uproar. Some gays are pissed and others respect Prejean’s decision. Many people in CA share her position. It shows a measure of tolerance but some would argue that it is completely unfair. Some gays think that you are still being intolerant and homophobic if you accept them as being gay but not allow them to marry. To them, tolerance means giving up your beliefs or at least keeping quiet about them in public and allowing them all the rights heterosexuals enjoy.

In all fairness, the gay community has had it pretty rough over the last several thousand years. But like everything in life the choices we make carry certain consequences, whether it is your lifestyle, your spouse, impulse purchases, or whether or not have hot sauce on your enchilada. Miss USA is now being hammered because of her beliefs, because of her choices, and the people are throwing a fit that she is being treated so unfairly. Ironic that we only cry racism, bigotry, or intolerance when it happens to us or someone we like. She made a choice and she is suffering for it but people who share the same opinion don’t like it and are crying about it.

However, the gays are not blameless either. They proudly display their rainbows and harangue tolerance, acceptance and coexistence- until you piss them off. Then scum bags like Perez Hilton crucify a person over their beliefs on gay marriage even though the person supports or tolerates the gay lifestyle.

Both sides suck and both sides do nothing to fix the problem. I see a lot of finger pointing and “Yeah, but” arguments based on the aforementioned paragraphs. Both sides point out the other’s bad behavior in an attempt to justify their own. I hear it all the time from my kids.

Child #1: “He took my ____________.”
Child #2: “Yeah, but he grabbed my __________”.

Bad behavior does not justify bad behavior. It may satisfy the hypocrisy argument but it is a non sequitur, it does not follow.

May 1, 2009

Obama: 100 days, 100 mistakes

Here is a great article reviewing the last 100 days of Obama's presidency. I knew there was a reason I did not vote for this man. He is a liar, a bully, a pussy and mark my words, although I do not know the extent of the damage that will come of this presidency, it will not be good. He has already weakened this country and did it a lot faster than Clinton did.

But he gets a free pass from the media and from the millions of Americans who voted for him. He kept promising us change but as you read the article you will find that the change was not really what we expected. Here are my top 5:

1. He closed Guantanamo bay prison. Now all the terrorists will be sent to a prison on American soil and given the same rights.

2. He said time and time again on his campaign trail that he would end the lobbyist grip on Washington. His first bill contained 17 instances of the contrary.

3. Appointing Eric Holderer as Attorney General, the highest authority on law enforcement, who is also a radical scumbag. This is the guy that said America is full of cowards.

4. Obama said he would stop the bipartisan bickering and then the first thing he said, in confidence to the Republicans, was "I won". This was only the first instance; the article give more examples.

5. He pulls the same faux pas that Bush got slammed for by the media but Obama gets a free pass because almost all the media outlets are swinging from h is nuts.

- gave 25 DVD's to the PM of Great Britain that won't even work in EU.
- in the first few sentences of his inauguration speech he commented that he was the 44th president to take the oath. (He is the 43rd since Cleveland served twice)
- can't speak for shit without a teleprompter
- told people at a speech that Americans invented the automobile. A German did.
- Compared his bowling score to a special olympic contestant's.

OK, there is one more thing- the stupid ass dog he bought. Didn't he say he was gonig to get one from the pound?