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May 27, 2009

North Korea ambitions

Evil dicator says he hates the United States. Said dictator says he will use WMD's agaiinst the United States. Oh, the same dictator just had a successful underground detonation of a nucelar weapon, and then shot a missile into the Sea of Japan to taunt Obama.

Question: How long will it take Obama to go over and start swinging from Kim Jong Il's nutsack? Better question: How long will it take before a city is blown to smithereens because the U.S. dicked around too long with negotiations and sanctions?

Honestly, I am not worried about this missile test. It is another lame attempt by another lame dictator to squeeze the United States and the world for some more money and food because the dictator's country sucks. I have to believe that the missile and the launch site would be vapor within 5 minutes of the launch.

But then again, maybe they won't. Your move Obama. You have already weakened this country in a very short time, so what will you do now with the possibly of a nuclear missile launch by a crazed asshat?

I wonder what Iran is thinking? Will Obama do anything about N.K. or will he run into his room and lock the door. Only the teleprompter will know and Obama will be reading from it shortly- right after he changes the greasy shit he took in his pants.Scared yet?

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