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April 17, 2005

Kokua Festival '05

The Kokua Concert last night was freakin awesome. For those of you not hip to the Hawaiian language "kokua" means cooperation and is at the end of every public service announcement- "Please Kokua". What, you don't know the Hawaiian word for please?

I have been waiting to see Jack Johnson for a while but his concerts usually sell out pretty fast. G Love was there and that was a bonus since I have been waiting to see him as well for about 3 years now. I got turned onto these two artists by a friend of mine when I started teaching myself to play guitar. Their music is fun to play and it isn't that hard, although G Love does have some riffs and harmonica playing that is out of my league.

Jackson Brown was also there as well as a few local guys that put me to sleep with their slow-ass style of music. I love the slack key guitar playing but dude, play that slow shit during the daylight hours. Besides the fact that there was so much weed floating around we were getting sauced and the mellow music wasn't helping. As soon as Jack got up the crowd went apeshit. He is a local white boy who made it big with the easy going surfer music and people out here love him.

Here are a few shitty pictures of the concert. I was 23 rows behind the grassy area in front of the stage and it was dark so my cheap 2 megapixel camera couldn't hang.

G-Love and Special Sauce tearing it up

Jackson Brown

Jack Johnson. Yeah, shitty pic but I know who it is.

Us with some stoner chicks in the background

April 15, 2005

attempt #3

This is the 3rd time I've tried to make a post and due to technical difficulties I have had to restart my computer and lose my half written posts. I was going to just skip it but then I would terribly disappoint both of my readers.

Nothing like a fire to bring the boat in early; today is a boat holiday so I finally get 2 days off in a row! My only duty-free weekend since February was flushed when we found out we have to support another boat's inspection. This almost makes up for it.

Despite the retarded watch rotation this last underway it was pretty mild. A few drill sets, some training, nothing too bad. Our usual underway watches are 6 hours on and 12 hours off- we basically run on 18-hour days. Last underway we were in what is affectionately referred to as "Vulcan Death Watches", named after the Star Trek Vulcans who had an unusually high tolerance for pain. These watch rotations go like this: 4,4,4,6 and 6. They suck and do nothing but cycle the crew but for some reason the upper level management of the Navy thinks they are a good idea because they maximize the amount of time the crew can drill. What it really means is that the crew gets it in the ass with no time to sleep. I'll really jump for joy when the people in the high places figure out the VDW don’t' do anything but cycle the crew.

Besides the watches and the fire we had that brought us in the underway was uneventful. I had the midwatch again before we pulled in and then had duty after we moored. Ho hum, par for the course. I'll be glad when that rotation is turned over to another duty section.

Here are a few pics~

The new guy's first time wearing a SCBA. We wear this to fight fires.

Throwing a heavie.

Getting ready for an early morning underway.

April 8, 2005


Darn, Anna Nichole Smith has cancelled a trip to Canada with some PETA assholes to protest seal hunting. Read about it here Evidently the sealers are getting more and more violent and PETA could not guarantee the blonde bimbo's safety. Too bad, she could use a good clubbing herself.

Although I don't wear seal fur, or any other fur for that matter, it isn't because of a moral issue I have, it just looks stupid. It is kind of a social status thing for me, kind of like how the locals out here in Hawaii see how high they can lift their trucks. Although equally as retarded of a practice, at least the trucks are used for something practical, or could be used for some kind of off roading. Fur wearing is lame. And so is Anna Nichole Smith.