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February 19, 2008

Castro retires, Hollywood weeps

I say good riddance you limy bastard. For the life of me I will never understand why Hollywood sucks up to the most despicable human (ocean) detritus the world has to offer. I guess money can't fill certain voids and they look to the obscene to make themselves feel better.

I have blatantly stolen an excerpt from another website because I feel it so aptly summarizes my feelings on the subject; there are some things that I will toss in for clarification or for effect, but they will be sparse.

Now, Humberto, who was born in Cuba and lived there until he was six, has written another book, Fidel, Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant, about the horrors of Cuba under the evil Fidel Castro.

There are some choice bits from his book:

Castro tried to get Nikita Khrushchev to nuke several southern cities in the US in the early 1960's, including New Orleans and probably Baton Rouge .

He incarcerates more people as a percentage of population than Hitler or Stalin did.

He murdered 17,000 Cubans and (several dozen U.S. citizens) with firing squads and dumped their bullet-riddled bodies in mass graves.

He has impoverished and brutalized Cuba to the point where 20 percent of its population risked their lives to flee. And prior to his glorious reign, Cuba took in more immigrants per capita than any country in the Western Hemisphere . More Americans lived in Cuba than Cubans in the U.S. , and Cuba even had to turn away European immigrants.

Castro sent his agents to torture to death American POWs in North Vietnam 's Cu Loc POW camp outside Hanoi in 1967.

The list goes on and on, as it always does with tyrants. All of whom, I'll add, always call themselves benefactors.

And leftists love this asshole, as they did Saddam, and as they admire jack holes like Kim Jong Il and Ahmadnejhad (-5 sp, because I don't give a fuck how to spell his name correctly).

Here is an article by Marc Morano, Senior Staff Writer for CNS News. His interview with the head of the Cuban American National Foundation, Dennis Hays, had this to say about the Hollywood jackoffs who love to celebrate Castro's life:
He believes otherwise rational individuals can "lose all context of reality" in Castro's presence.

"People turn into lovesick rock groupies when they get into his presence. This is the impact that cult leaders have on people," Hays added.

Furthermore, he insisted, celebrities should not be praising Castro when they don't understand the situation in Cuba.

"It's very sad, and I wish Steven Spielberg and Danny Glover or any of these other guys would spend a little time with some of the political prisoners in jail before they make broad stroke comments about Cuba and Cuban society,"

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg visited Cuba and met with Castro in November and dined with the dictator until the early morning hours. Spielberg announced that his dinner with Castro "was the eight most important hours of my life."

Actor Jack Nicholson told Daily Variety, following his three-hour 1998 meeting in Cuba that, "He [Castro] is a genius. We spoke about everything."

Model Naomi Campbell declared that Castro was "a source of inspiration to the world."

"I'm so nervous and flustered because I can't believe I have met him. He said that seeing us in person was very spiritual," Campbell recounted of her 1999 visit to Cuba with fellow model Kate Moss, according to the Toronto Star.

The stars have also praised Castro's economic system. Comedian Chevy Chase, at Earth Day 2000 in Washington D.C., said he believes "socialism works" and explained that "Cuba might prove that." Chase added, "I think it's conclusive that there have been areas where socialism has helped to keep people at least stabilized at a certain level."

Asshats. All of them.

I can only hope that one day he will be burning in Hell with Saddam, who has been there for over a year now, and we will be left with one less asshole who enjoys bugging the world.

February 10, 2008

The enemy of my enemy...

It is a slippery slope that leads to the political stump. I read that Obama and Billary are now going to team up against McCain. I think that is the only time the Clinton's will join forces with opposition- "The enemy of my enemy is my friend", comes to mind.

I am starting to pay more attention the political arena now that the zero hour is upon us. Well, not really, but as fast as the time has been going since I retired (6 months ago already!) I am not going to chance it. For amusement purposes only, I went to a site that has you enter your political beliefs and then it spits out your candidate of choice lickety-split. I think they are put out by the Dems because there is no latitude for "Yes, but...".

My wife actually brought this up when all her selections ended up with John Edwards. SHe is bummed because now she has to choose someone else. I kind of like Mit Romney, despite that fact the media put the spotlight on his Mormon beliefs. Too bad the media doesn't know much about Mormons- they are big time supporters of separation of church and state.

Back to the "Yes, but..." point, for example, the question was something like, "Is abortion wrong?" There is no grey area or leniency for the "what if.." scenario. For my wife, the abortion issue is a deal breaker; Obama was an appealing candidate to my wife until she read about his stance on partial birth abortions. I told her that he is just towing the party line on that one but it didn't matter to her. Frankly, I think some fresh meat in the White House would do us good. I have always believed that our elected officials should not be allowed to run after they reach a certain age or have served in politics for "x" many years. They become a slave to their own interests by that point and/or to the special interest groups who fork out the most donations.

Character goes a long way with me these days, which is why I will never vote for a Clinton, even Chelsea should she decide to follow in her parents' footsteps. I do not and never will trust a Clinton. I grew up in Arkansas when Billy boy was Governor and had enough of it then. I think most people in AR voted for him for President just to get him the hell out of there.

I guess there is nothing to do, really, except keep your eyes and ears peeled to what is going on a sift through the b.s. the media decides is acceptable to reveal to the masses.

February 8, 2008

Day off

I can count the number of days off I have had in the last 3 months on one hand so I was very excited to hear yesterday that the workload was going to be light enough for me to skip coming in. It worked out for the best since my youngest son went in th is morning to have his tonsils and adenoids taken out. I have wanted them out for a while but he was too young and Tripler AMH just wouldn't do anything. I was actually pissed about it until the doctor who performed my son's surgery told us the same thing. No doctor wants to operate on a 2-year old unless absolutely necessary.

He pulled through like a champ and only cried once while we were at the hospital when they injected pain medication into his IV too quickly and he felt the burning. As we drove off i heard the tell tale sounds of a Gameboy in the backseat so I guess a full recovery is imminent. The cupboard is full of Jello, pudding, soups, and goodies.

It was a necessary surgery to be performed and we are hoping he will have a happier time being a kid now that they are out. He is a perfect age to have this surgery done, when the recoop time will be shorter and the pain a lot easier to manage than if were in his teens or older.

I was actually not that stressed out about this surgery- a different story had the surgery been performed at Criple-- I mean Tripler, where they are known for taking out the wrong lung or killing infants by accident. Not that things don't go wrong in civilian hospitals, but I think that the military ones have the security blanket of "No malpractice" repercussions and they tend to get a little lackadaisical. My son will spend the next 7-10 days eating popsicles and other goodies all the while watching Spongebob marathons. He is already talking alittle bit so I think it won't be that bad.

Bummer, I was hoping that a tonsillectomy would at least cut down on the ambient noise in this house for a while...

February 6, 2008

The civilian workplace

The primary came and went here and both Billary and McCain took their party's side when the people spoke. I am still waiting on my absentee ballot from HI but I guess I should just register here. If there is a loving and caring God, I just have to believe that he will not allow another term with a Clinton in the White House. Although it might not be so bad if Billary won because then they could return the stuff they stole back in 2000. ON the bright side, Obama does give me a reason to vote Democrat this time around. I like that guy, even though his only black mark (no pun intended) is his short time in politics when compared to his constituents. But that is a plus in my book. I just think if he does win and then pulls a Bill, his credibility will be shot. It appears he is very popular with the younger voters and they might not put up with their candidate selling out.

Alhtough the primary was yesterday, only one person that I work with voted. The others didn't bother or were too tired to get to the voting booths. It is very different working with civilians, especially the females whom I work with. I am in the minority sex at work and also the oldest of the crew I am on. The rest are early twenty somethings with piercings and the lower back tattoos to make them stand out from one another and also show their independence from fuddy-duddy conformists like me. I really hope I wasn't this delusional when I was that age. But I probably was, and worse.

One thing that still catches me off guard is the blatant openness of one's sexuality. On the boat, we grabbed each other's junk out of that morbid submariner humor, not because we are homosexual. At work, gays are very open about letting me know that they spent the weekend with their same-sex partner and that they like the same sex. I keep wondering if there is something about me that screams "homophobe" or maybe they like telling me because the of the Navy's "Dont ask, Dont tell" policy, thinking it will get a rise out of me. It is interesting how the straight people at work give the gays an almost rocks star type status. The gays are always the coolest to hang out with or the most helpful and polite people. I think to myself, "I'm polite too. I say excuse me when I shit myself in the staff cafe while we are eating..."

There is one girl in particular who insists on informing me of her weekend outings with her gay friend as they go the all the "L" bars. To her, she is cool because she hangs out with them I guess, and it is almost like she enjoys being a loud mouthed braggart about it. I could give two shits, really. I have said it before, I don't' care about your sexuality as long as you don't try to hit on me.

Oh, funny story. There is a lesbian at work whom I have become acquainted with because we usually get paired up to do projects at work. I will call her Debbie for sake of story telling confidentiality, and to not make her look like an ass. I do not recall how the conversation got started but several of us were talking about birth control and when condoms came up Debbie chimed in. I knew she was going to dig herself a hole on this topic because what does a 24 year old lesbian virgin know about condoms? Apparently she thought that the only time a man wears a condom is to keep the semen from entering the vagina. A valid thought although upon further prodding it came out that her perception of condoms was a little misplaced. Specifically, if a man wants to ejaculate into the vagina, he only does it while he is wearing a condom. Otherwise, he shoots it on her stomach. I asked her if she ever watched straight porn and she confessed that is where her limited knowledge of condoms came from.

With that door open, I opened it even further with some pointed questions and it later came out that she hadn't really thought about what happens to the semen once it finally gets into the vagina sans condom. I explained that some women sit on the toilet and let it drain out when I was interrupted by another girl, whom I think is a slut, who stated she just gets out of the bed, coumtertop, backseat, stirrups, etc. and just goes on about her day. I asked her if she worries about leaks and she says she just wears a pad. Denise was mortified and glad that she will never have to worry about semen leaking from her vag. I reveled in the fact that she did not have the basic concepts of sex ed and continued to make fun of her the rest of the shift.

And I though conversations like this only happened on the boat.