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February 10, 2008

The enemy of my enemy...

It is a slippery slope that leads to the political stump. I read that Obama and Billary are now going to team up against McCain. I think that is the only time the Clinton's will join forces with opposition- "The enemy of my enemy is my friend", comes to mind.

I am starting to pay more attention the political arena now that the zero hour is upon us. Well, not really, but as fast as the time has been going since I retired (6 months ago already!) I am not going to chance it. For amusement purposes only, I went to a site that has you enter your political beliefs and then it spits out your candidate of choice lickety-split. I think they are put out by the Dems because there is no latitude for "Yes, but...".

My wife actually brought this up when all her selections ended up with John Edwards. SHe is bummed because now she has to choose someone else. I kind of like Mit Romney, despite that fact the media put the spotlight on his Mormon beliefs. Too bad the media doesn't know much about Mormons- they are big time supporters of separation of church and state.

Back to the "Yes, but..." point, for example, the question was something like, "Is abortion wrong?" There is no grey area or leniency for the "what if.." scenario. For my wife, the abortion issue is a deal breaker; Obama was an appealing candidate to my wife until she read about his stance on partial birth abortions. I told her that he is just towing the party line on that one but it didn't matter to her. Frankly, I think some fresh meat in the White House would do us good. I have always believed that our elected officials should not be allowed to run after they reach a certain age or have served in politics for "x" many years. They become a slave to their own interests by that point and/or to the special interest groups who fork out the most donations.

Character goes a long way with me these days, which is why I will never vote for a Clinton, even Chelsea should she decide to follow in her parents' footsteps. I do not and never will trust a Clinton. I grew up in Arkansas when Billy boy was Governor and had enough of it then. I think most people in AR voted for him for President just to get him the hell out of there.

I guess there is nothing to do, really, except keep your eyes and ears peeled to what is going on a sift through the b.s. the media decides is acceptable to reveal to the masses.


  1. Ah my friend, its so good to read your words again, you have been missed.

    I am so distressed at the possiblities for November. I see nothing good, nothing positive, nothing to give me hope that there may be a move in the right direction for this country.

    I may not cast a vote for president this time around, I see no one in the race that I can support, no one who gives me any hope for future. In fact, each and every one of them scares me.

    I'm glad your boy had an easy time with his surgery, and that you're doing well.

  2. Another election year and again another flashback to South Park season 8. The kids are at a pep rally and when the school mascot (a cow) comes out to do his dance, the gymnasium is overrun by protesters from PETA. They are protesting the use of a cow as the school's mascot.

    As an alternative to the cow, the school comes up with 2 mascots for the children to choose from, a douche or a turd sandwich- both in full costume.

    The episode was a parody on the 2004 election but the message is as timeless as time itself.

    No matter who ends up running in the November election, it's going to be either a douche or a turd sandwich.

    I feel like a big pie is going to come up out of hte voting machine and smack me in the face every time I am done with my votes.

  3. As the bumper sticker says on the back of my car, "Anyone BUT Hillary"