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February 6, 2008

The civilian workplace

The primary came and went here and both Billary and McCain took their party's side when the people spoke. I am still waiting on my absentee ballot from HI but I guess I should just register here. If there is a loving and caring God, I just have to believe that he will not allow another term with a Clinton in the White House. Although it might not be so bad if Billary won because then they could return the stuff they stole back in 2000. ON the bright side, Obama does give me a reason to vote Democrat this time around. I like that guy, even though his only black mark (no pun intended) is his short time in politics when compared to his constituents. But that is a plus in my book. I just think if he does win and then pulls a Bill, his credibility will be shot. It appears he is very popular with the younger voters and they might not put up with their candidate selling out.

Alhtough the primary was yesterday, only one person that I work with voted. The others didn't bother or were too tired to get to the voting booths. It is very different working with civilians, especially the females whom I work with. I am in the minority sex at work and also the oldest of the crew I am on. The rest are early twenty somethings with piercings and the lower back tattoos to make them stand out from one another and also show their independence from fuddy-duddy conformists like me. I really hope I wasn't this delusional when I was that age. But I probably was, and worse.

One thing that still catches me off guard is the blatant openness of one's sexuality. On the boat, we grabbed each other's junk out of that morbid submariner humor, not because we are homosexual. At work, gays are very open about letting me know that they spent the weekend with their same-sex partner and that they like the same sex. I keep wondering if there is something about me that screams "homophobe" or maybe they like telling me because the of the Navy's "Dont ask, Dont tell" policy, thinking it will get a rise out of me. It is interesting how the straight people at work give the gays an almost rocks star type status. The gays are always the coolest to hang out with or the most helpful and polite people. I think to myself, "I'm polite too. I say excuse me when I shit myself in the staff cafe while we are eating..."

There is one girl in particular who insists on informing me of her weekend outings with her gay friend as they go the all the "L" bars. To her, she is cool because she hangs out with them I guess, and it is almost like she enjoys being a loud mouthed braggart about it. I could give two shits, really. I have said it before, I don't' care about your sexuality as long as you don't try to hit on me.

Oh, funny story. There is a lesbian at work whom I have become acquainted with because we usually get paired up to do projects at work. I will call her Debbie for sake of story telling confidentiality, and to not make her look like an ass. I do not recall how the conversation got started but several of us were talking about birth control and when condoms came up Debbie chimed in. I knew she was going to dig herself a hole on this topic because what does a 24 year old lesbian virgin know about condoms? Apparently she thought that the only time a man wears a condom is to keep the semen from entering the vagina. A valid thought although upon further prodding it came out that her perception of condoms was a little misplaced. Specifically, if a man wants to ejaculate into the vagina, he only does it while he is wearing a condom. Otherwise, he shoots it on her stomach. I asked her if she ever watched straight porn and she confessed that is where her limited knowledge of condoms came from.

With that door open, I opened it even further with some pointed questions and it later came out that she hadn't really thought about what happens to the semen once it finally gets into the vagina sans condom. I explained that some women sit on the toilet and let it drain out when I was interrupted by another girl, whom I think is a slut, who stated she just gets out of the bed, coumtertop, backseat, stirrups, etc. and just goes on about her day. I asked her if she worries about leaks and she says she just wears a pad. Denise was mortified and glad that she will never have to worry about semen leaking from her vag. I reveled in the fact that she did not have the basic concepts of sex ed and continued to make fun of her the rest of the shift.

And I though conversations like this only happened on the boat.


  1. It appears he is very popular with the younger voters and they might not put up with their candidate selling out.

    Hope springs eternal; I have visions of mobs of young Americans storming the White House and Congress, dragging all of the occupants into the street, guillotining them, and burning the buildings to the ground. In my dreams.

    Glad to see you're still alive out there...Glad you posted something, too...Every time I'd bounce by here to check, I'd be confronted with that picture again and your caption and get choked up all over again. (Turns out I'm human after all.)

  2. Ah yes, Viva la Revolucion! I don't think the younger generation could ever get that fired up about politics- the next American Idol, perhaps.

    Thanks for stopping by DJ. This civilian life is a lot different than my slack ass military job I had as an instructor. I am working the graveyard shift and just don't have time to write anymore much less think about anything with any substance. But I will be turning a new leaf shortly!

  3. It's the business of the Media to distract the younger generation and direct them down the continuing path of Socialism and statist handouts.

  4. I'm with dirtcrashr...

    In the eloquent words of George Orwell, the sheep(le) bleat "Four legs goo-oo-oo-ood, two legs ba-a-a-a-ad.".