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October 26, 2005

For crying out loud- beat his little ass!

Yesterday I was at my computer playing a little SWG when I was disturbed by some screaming outside. From the 8th floor this screaming sounded like it was 2 inches from my head. I sounded like a kid, male, and extremely pissed off about something.

Normally I just wait for the screaming to subside and go about my business but this shrieking by this kid was followed by several expletives, the one that caught my attention and caused me to get up and go to my lanai- "You are a bastard!"

I looked down 8 stories to see a 10? year old kid, his mother and father all standing on the sidewalk in front of the apartment building and their car, still running, with its doors wide open. Looking around the apartment lanai's I was not the only one gathering to watch the upcoming spectacle of neglective parenting.

"I hate you! I hate you!", said the screaming kid with his mouth wide open and tears streaming down his face.

He then proceeds to run into the street with his mother grabbing at his shirt. The kid turns around and smacks his mother like a pimp slapping his girl for holding out on the money. Now would be a good time for someone to do some of that parenting thing, you know, like you read about?

I can't even imagine hitting my mother as a kid mainly for fear of my father wailing on my ass with a belt like a pissed off stripper in Guam. A very narrow analogy, I know, but very apropos.

The father of this kid finally raises his hand and points to the kids after he just watched his wife get smacked and said something half-assed like don't do that. At this point you are probably thinking "Those people must have been white." I say that because there is no way a black or Mexican person would have put up with this shit for as long as it has been going on. They were of Asian decent, I would guess Filipino, not that it matters but my point being smacking the shit out of your kid for acting like an asshole should cross all racial barriers.

A woman came out of our apartment building and started talking to this kid who, evidently, was going to be dropped off with her. The parents jumped in the car and took off. I heard his screaming for about 10 more minutes before I was able to get back to my game in relative peace.

My wife and I talked about this pathetic display of parenting and, really, a disgusting display of just being a human. These parents ignored this kid and actually acted embarrassed by his actions but did nothing about it- kind of like the DNC nowadays. I understand that there is a big movement away from spanking that pschologists and other soft sciences are pushing for. For all you "time-outters" reading this I challenge, no, I dare you, to have tried that shit with this disturbed kid. I don't think that anyone would have minded if this kid got popped for how he was acting.

But even as apeshit as this kid went off, I find the fault with his actions in his parents. Nobody just does this kind of berserked behavior unless there are some serious mental problems or dysfunction at home.

I can't help but to think this kid is going to be the next burden on the health care system with all the treatment he is going to need. But then again, I am an asshole.

October 24, 2005

A week before Halloween? It's time to put up the Christmas tree!

I met my wife and today at the NEX food court, a first we have accomplished since we have known each other. I enjoy going to eat there because there is a mural which covers the entire walls and ceiling of the place that Wyland painted in 2003. It is relaxing and I just can't help but to get taken away by the all the sea life, like I am swimming among them.

This vision was quickly disturbed as we walked into the food court by the 25 foot metal frame of the lighted Christmas tree that will be going up. For fuck sake, people, October isn't even over with. Every year the date for the Christmas decorations gets pushed ahead more and more. There are retards in our neighborhood that haven't taken their lights down from last year- probably from that lazine-- err, Aloha spirit, but for crying out loud enough already.

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas (yes, I still call it Christmas, not 'festivities', or 'holidays' or some other politically correct term. If you don't like it, pick another date to celebrate your shit. We had it first.) but I hate all the commercialism that goes with it. I could interject here with a comment about the local Filipinos but I will forego it.

I'll just do all my shopping online and leave the shopping experience to the people that really dig it.

October 21, 2005

It is time to make an example

Lashaun Harris should be made an extreme example in the case "It Isn't Right to Kill Your Children"

This woman told police that there were voices that told her to strip naked and throw off a bridge her 16 month, 2 year and 6 year old children. Ah, gotta love the old "The voice told me to do it" routine.

Friends and relatives knew this woman was metally ill and knew she would stop taking her medication when not around her doctors. Great job at the intervention people.

It is really time for the courts to dismiss the psychobabble bullshit of postpardom depression as an excuse for women to kill their children.

"It's a mental illness, chemical imbalance... that's their world and that's what they believe," says Psychologist Cristy Lopez. "They end up having delusional thoughts and think they're doing something good or helping their children or helping the situation."

So why are these fucking head cases allowed to keep their children? Shouldn't htey be put under observation or something? I understnad that this condition can be treated with medication, but when a person has a history of not taking the meds something should be done. For the love of God, how many more kids are going to have to die before someone wises up and takes some drastic measures?

Andrea Yates, Susan Smith, and now this pathetic fuckhead all have special places in Hell waiting for them involving, at best, an ass fucking with a pineapple.

Out of focus

Homosexual boy, Matthew R. Limon (19 at the time), is sentenced to 17 years in prison in 2000 for having a homosexual relationship (charged with sodomy) with a 14 year old boy. If it were a 14 year old girl, however, the sentence would have only been 15 months under Kansas law. Of course the ACLU jumped on this and now Kansas has changed its laws so that harsher penalties towards gays will be unlawful. He will now be resentenced after the new law goes into effect and his supporters are rallying around him.

That's great he is getting a lesser sentence but the underlying fact is that this guy had sex with a 14 year-old person. People have lost sight of the original charge of sodomy and that there is something wrong with having sex with a 14 year old kid, gay or straight sex aside. The punishmenht, severe and unfair as it was, has been the focus instead of what happened.

October 19, 2005

Navy sonar vs. whales

A group of tree hugging asshole is suing the Navy for using its active sonar and killing marine life, spefically whales. I remember earlier this year when we went to San Diego to train with the Battlegroup we had to all read this message from the DOD about using active sonar when marine life was present. Basically, we had ot not use sonar if anyting was around, well, if anything cute like whales or dolphins (fuck the rest of the fish), and basically we had to dodge anything that showed up on our passive systems.

It is real easy to blame the Navy for 37 whales grounding themselves on the east coast when an exercise was going on 100 miles away. There was no proof that the active sonar killed these things but the Navy, and the military in general, is always the scapegoat for environmentalists if any exercise occurs within the vicinity when an animal dies.

From the lawyer of the tree huggers:
NRDC attorney Joel Reynolds said the group recognizes the Navy's need to detect enemies, and he noted that the lawsuit seeks limits on sonar during training exercises, not in war.

Hey asshole, how the fuck are we supposed to train for war when you cut our dicks off in peacetime?

Eh, here is the reality- the Navy ships and submarines will use active whenever the fuck they feel like it, especially the subs, because there is no way of civilians knowing, outside of having your head dunked underwater when an exercise is going on, when the military is using active sonar out there.

October 18, 2005

Pissed off Hawaiian... What a surprise

Every so often there is a Letter to the Editor in the Honolulu Advertiser from a Hawaiian that is pissed off about: 1)How the white man stole their ancestral lands, 2)The Akaka Bill not getting passed (again), 3)How "stupid" mainlanders should accept Hawaiians and their way of life instead of complaining.

I have lived here for 12 years and really got into the Hawaiian culture, folk lore, and customs. I treat them, and everyone I meet for that matter, with respect until they do something to piss me off. It is letter like this LEAVE WESTERN ATTITUDE BEHIND WHEN IN ISLANDS that I usually just skim over and dismiss as "just another pissed off Hawaiian crying about something that is never going to change" and go on about my business, but since I haven't bitched about this topic in a while I decided to talk about it on this blog.

I will not get into the debate on Hawaiian sovereignty because there are plenty of opponent and proponents who live their lives for their cause and I will not waste my time with this dead horse. Instead, here is a fair and unbiased overview of the situation from Wikipedia- Sovereingnty.

I will not deconstruct this letter but, instead, point out a few key sentences that drew my attention. In the first paragraph the guns are blazing as preface to the discovery of Hawaii by whites is placed in quotations, a common tool of desperate people who try to use the quotation marks as method of demarginalizing or neutralizing a word. Nice try, but those of us with more than a 7th grade education, and know the futility of semantics, also know that it was Cook who "discovered" the Hawaiian islands as the first non-Hawaiian. It's like how Columbus discovered America even though there were Natives all over the place. These people, and all the other explorers throughout history, weren't the first to arrive in the lands but they were the first technologically advanced explorers to arrive and share the location with the rest of the world. Whatever, this is the least of the problem with this letter.

Without any foreshadowing, but with little surprise, the alleged illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy is always questioned in these types of letters. It doesn't matter how many times the claims are refuted Lengthy but good) the same stale argument always floats to the surface of the printed page like a turd in a swimming pool.

I especially like her smokescreen logic about racism and the use of the Hawaiian word "ha'oule". The word means 'foreigner' but it is used by some locals in a derogatory sense much like the words honkey, cracker, nigger, spick, chink, or whop. Her statement:

Like any term that denotes race, it is not the use of the word that makes it racist; it is how you use it. Don't tell us what words to use.

I just have to shake my head at the stupidity of this argument and would like to encourage any young readers who happen upon this blog to disregard this prattle as ignorant and the type of reasoning that ensures race is the first and only issue by people who believe it. It is this attitude that should be hung up and flushed from our society.

Here is another gem from the letter:

For those who perpetuate such colonialist rantings, take your intergenerational ignorance and get over it.

Who? Who perpetuates this attitude? Most Peale that live here just want to do their thing. People that visit here don't give a shit about colonialism. It sounds like she has read the agenda of OHA and has the handy-dandy pamphlet with her with all the catch phrases and buzzwords like so many organizations in the minority who beg for attention to their soporific causes. Come on, "get over it"? What is this, high school?

The letter closes with some outdated nautical references to boats, I assume as a pun to Cook's landing? Regardless, I think we should give them some kind of compensation- I guess Clinton's apology in 1994 wasn't enough. After the United States kicked the Indian's asses, after a long and blood soaked struggle, we at least made them tax exempt and able to open casinos on their reservations. The native Hawaiians (less than 1000 purebloods perhaps?) deserve that much.

I think the thing that really irritates me is that after all the tragedy that happened on September 11 the illegal occupation of Hawaiian lands over 150 years ago is what is bothering the author of the letter. Nobody is alive that had anything to do with that but because there are white people who live in Hawaii now they are lumped into a perpetuating group of racists and land grabbers.

Screw you lady, seriously.

October 15, 2005

This dude's got balls

While research a ton of work for a sociobiology paper I ran across this article while trying to tie in the works of Richard Dawkins and Jonathan Kozol. I had to read their works The Selfish Gene and Savage Inequalities, respectively. I am sick of reading radical hippie movement books for my Masters class.

This article is about Professor William Shockley and I will only post the beginning paragraph from the article and then post the link afterward. Basically, this guy says that Negros cannaot survive in the worls by themselves unless there is some white intervention. He gives a few examples to explain. And I thought Dawkins and Kozol were douchebags...

"Professor William Shockley, 1947-1989, inventor of the transistor and winner of the 1956 Nobel prize for Physics: His views on race so incensed the so-called liberals that he had to be escorted by guards as he went to give lectures on campus.

‘Man is a mammal and subject to the same biological laws as other animals. All animals, including Man, have inheritable behavioural traits. The concept of complete environmental plasticity of human intelligence is a nonsensical wishful-thinking illusion.’

A good friend of mine brought to my attention a flaw in Shcokley's theory. George Washington Carver was raised by whites but surpassed them in intellect. I would imagine that Shockley would call Carver an "anomoly" or some other dismissive descriptor.

Here is the rest of the article entitled The Facts of Race

October 11, 2005

Order Up!

Today I got a phone call and it is official: I will be going to my old training command as an instructor to finish out the remaining few years of my Navy career. What a relief, to be sure. I was worried that I would be stuck in the Endentured Servitude Division, better known as Transient Division, and more widely known as the dreaded "X-Div".
My main discomfort with being associated with X-Div is that it has such a negative conotation; of course, I can't blame anyone for having those notions since the division is comprised of people who are on restriction for being fuck-ups on their boats, people who are off restriction for being fuck-ups on their boats and are now being processed out of hte Navy, and people like me who are medical hold for either legitimate or nefarious reasons. No matter, they can all burn in hell as I am off to bigger and better things. I guess they will have to find someone else to "provide leadership" to people who are picking up trash and raking leaves on base.
"So, what's next for you?", both of my readers ask. Finish my Masters and my Network Certifications in the next 2 years so I can get a job when my time is up. I hope the process is as easy as the statement.

October 9, 2005

New "Anti" Lemon Law?

It has been a long time since I've written anything about the fine state of Hawaii. My travels abroad and the travels of my kidney stones have focused my posts to a miserable and narrow scope.

It will take further research but I beleive Hawaii is the only state implementing a stopper law for used cars. In short, if you buy a used car from someone who has unpaid traffic tickets then the registration process for your newly purhcased vehicle will be "stopped" at the DMV.

There are a few options:
1)Get the previous owner to pay up.
Good luck there. This is the only state that I have seen that has continuously running commercials for dead beat dads. If these douchebags won't pay child support then why the hell would they pay for a parking ticket? If, for some infinetesimal chance the previous owner refuses, then attonrey's could be involved driving up the cost of the fiasco higher than just paying the tickets off yourself. Which leads me to...

2)Pay the fines yourself.
How messed up would this be? I guess it depends on how cool your new ride is how much you like paying for some other fuckhead's carelessness.

3)Fight the tickets in court.
This adds up to more money lost in fees, time off work, etc.

It seems to me that in keeping with the laziness, err, "Aloha spirit" of this state that the legislative body has yet again settled for mediocrity. They have taken the easy and thoughtless way out to get their due revenue. Looking at works in progress- Akaka Bill, road construction, etc.- it isn't suprising that lawmakers stoop to this kind of fiscal irresponsibility.

It makes me wonder if there is a lawmaker with a relative that is a used car salesman since it appears these shysters (the car salesman, not the lawmakers, err, wait a minute...) have the most to gain from this new law. People will go to dealers now to avoid any potential problems with buying a used car.

Why should people continue to pay for someone else's mistake? What's next Hawaii, making abortions free across the board so that people can pick up the tab for that too?


I recieved a phone call today from the Honolulu Advertiser and they would like to print this blog entry. No, The Advertiser isn't reading my blog; I snet them this entry as a Letter to the Editor and they wanted to pick it up. Well, that makes 4 for 4 letters that I have sent and subsequently went to print. Too bad you can't make a living writing to people and bitching about stuff. Or can you....

October 3, 2005

Real LIfe JAG

I attended a Courts Martial today, my first one in my 18 years of service, and it was quite a show. I'm almost afraid to say it was just like a trial on television or maybe even a far cry from A Few Good Men sans a hot prosecuting counselwoman and a General shouting "You can't handle the truth!"

From the start I knew this guy was screwed because 1)he was charged with something to do with drugs, and 2)he plead guilty to all charges. What was amazing was the judge's careful and methodical sequencing of the charges. He actually asked this guy why he thought he was guilty of all 12 specifications under the two charges.

This guy was a piece of work: accused, charged, and sentenced to 5 years in a federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison, $5000 fine, reduction in rate to E-1, forfeiture of all pay and benefits and dishonorable discharge. Pretty much the whole enchilada.
He was found guilty of possession of a controlled substance (cocaine, meth, and E-TC) onboard a naval vessel and off base/in the barracks, use of the above substances, and distribution of the above substances. Even after this guy was busted on a piss test for cocaine he still used the drugs while on restriction in the barracks. During a Helath and COmfort inspection they found coke residue in his backpack and then after a search found meth on his person. What a shithead.

I kept thinking during hte trial, "Where did this E-4 get all this money to buy this much drugs?" According to him, he started taking these drugs in July of this year and then he was finally caught in Spetember. That's a lot of blow to be snorting (he claimed 2-3 uses per day) and a lot of Ice to eating and smoking. I found out later that he did suck dick for coke and even had his own calling card that he passed out to potential customers. Douchebag...

I found it disturbing that the drugs had such a hold on him that he smoked meth and snorted coke in the torpedo room in the early morning when nobody was around. There were 5 other people involved with this ordeal but I don't know to the extent each was involved. What a bunch of retards.

It was an educational experience and I think that all the junior guys should have to watch at least one courts martial to see how it pans out. Maybe that will be the deterent that keeps just one of these guys straight.

October 1, 2005

End of the line

I should be at sea right now on a submarine heading towards some undisclosed location in the Pacific. Instead, I am at home 2 months early from a deployment, not because of technical difficulties with the boat or some kind of family emergency- circumstances normally associated with a premature return home. No, I was sent home early because of medical reasons, more specifically, I pissed another kidney stone about 3 weeks ago and will now be submarine disqualified.

Yes, after a rigorous change in diet, plenty of water, and medication I created a stone in 1/4 the time between my first and second instance than I did eating McD's, drinking a fucking huge nightly glass of chocolate milk before I went to bed and taking multi-vitamins with 2 billion times the recommended amount of daily calcium intake and making this 3rd stone in less than a year.

No sweet talking the doctors this time like I did last year to get to a boat after my second stone; when the boat pulled into Yokosuka, Japan my fate had already been decided.

I am still looking at this hand I have been dealt and wondering how I will play it. With only 2 years left in the Navy before retiring my options for a new command are small. It should only be a few weeks until this issue is resolved and for both of my readers sake, I'll keep the updates painless and free of medical specifics.

I appreciate the comments and continued reading of my blog while I was away on deployment. I will be posting some travel related stuff in the next day or two. The highlight of my travels was definitely Japan where my lovely wife flew out to meet me. It was a first for my 18 year naval career to have someone I love waiting for me in a foreign port.

/end mushy talk

Stay tuned folks!