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October 9, 2005

New "Anti" Lemon Law?

It has been a long time since I've written anything about the fine state of Hawaii. My travels abroad and the travels of my kidney stones have focused my posts to a miserable and narrow scope.

It will take further research but I beleive Hawaii is the only state implementing a stopper law for used cars. In short, if you buy a used car from someone who has unpaid traffic tickets then the registration process for your newly purhcased vehicle will be "stopped" at the DMV.

There are a few options:
1)Get the previous owner to pay up.
Good luck there. This is the only state that I have seen that has continuously running commercials for dead beat dads. If these douchebags won't pay child support then why the hell would they pay for a parking ticket? If, for some infinetesimal chance the previous owner refuses, then attonrey's could be involved driving up the cost of the fiasco higher than just paying the tickets off yourself. Which leads me to...

2)Pay the fines yourself.
How messed up would this be? I guess it depends on how cool your new ride is how much you like paying for some other fuckhead's carelessness.

3)Fight the tickets in court.
This adds up to more money lost in fees, time off work, etc.

It seems to me that in keeping with the laziness, err, "Aloha spirit" of this state that the legislative body has yet again settled for mediocrity. They have taken the easy and thoughtless way out to get their due revenue. Looking at works in progress- Akaka Bill, road construction, etc.- it isn't suprising that lawmakers stoop to this kind of fiscal irresponsibility.

It makes me wonder if there is a lawmaker with a relative that is a used car salesman since it appears these shysters (the car salesman, not the lawmakers, err, wait a minute...) have the most to gain from this new law. People will go to dealers now to avoid any potential problems with buying a used car.

Why should people continue to pay for someone else's mistake? What's next Hawaii, making abortions free across the board so that people can pick up the tab for that too?


I recieved a phone call today from the Honolulu Advertiser and they would like to print this blog entry. No, The Advertiser isn't reading my blog; I snet them this entry as a Letter to the Editor and they wanted to pick it up. Well, that makes 4 for 4 letters that I have sent and subsequently went to print. Too bad you can't make a living writing to people and bitching about stuff. Or can you....

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