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October 19, 2005

Navy sonar vs. whales

A group of tree hugging asshole is suing the Navy for using its active sonar and killing marine life, spefically whales. I remember earlier this year when we went to San Diego to train with the Battlegroup we had to all read this message from the DOD about using active sonar when marine life was present. Basically, we had ot not use sonar if anyting was around, well, if anything cute like whales or dolphins (fuck the rest of the fish), and basically we had to dodge anything that showed up on our passive systems.

It is real easy to blame the Navy for 37 whales grounding themselves on the east coast when an exercise was going on 100 miles away. There was no proof that the active sonar killed these things but the Navy, and the military in general, is always the scapegoat for environmentalists if any exercise occurs within the vicinity when an animal dies.

From the lawyer of the tree huggers:
NRDC attorney Joel Reynolds said the group recognizes the Navy's need to detect enemies, and he noted that the lawsuit seeks limits on sonar during training exercises, not in war.

Hey asshole, how the fuck are we supposed to train for war when you cut our dicks off in peacetime?

Eh, here is the reality- the Navy ships and submarines will use active whenever the fuck they feel like it, especially the subs, because there is no way of civilians knowing, outside of having your head dunked underwater when an exercise is going on, when the military is using active sonar out there.


  1. Al Qaeda has submarines now?

  2. Al Qaeda doesn't have subs (yet) but if you take your focus off that part of the world and look at China, who just released a new class of submarine, and North Korea you will find that they pose a serious threat with their submarines.

    Both countries are unstable, thanks to their leaders, and a quiet sub sneaking in to a foreign port could do some serious damage.

  3. Yeah, I guess you have to be a hippie to care about mammal life! The Navy was asked to either find a place without the dolphins or whales, use the sonar device gradually so that the mammals can flee or check for an open area before using. Holy sheep shit that is tooo much of an inconvience to save life!!!???? Get real you war-mongerers.

  4. Well, thank you Jewel for coming back and posting under your screen name.

    I think that in my vent you misunderstood exactly the problem with your statement about finding a place with no mammals. I can't expect you back up that insane comment because you don't have the expertise of mammalian sound propagation in water. If you do, then you are definitely an idiot. Trying to "find" a place to use active sonar with no whales or dolphins is like trying to blow an air-horn in a stadium without pissing someone off.

    Please explain how to use sonar "gradually" so the animals can go somewhere else.

    But the crux of the argument is that there is no evidence that using our sonar has ever killed anything. A lot of speculation, to be sure, but nothing that indicates the use of the system is responsible for killing anything.

    The Navy has been using sonar for a long time and we'll comply as best we can with the instructions to appease people like you that have nothing better to do than bitch about how the military kills animals, or at least the cute ones, right?

    So, is it too much to ask? Yes, it is. It interferes with our training which directly affects our readiness which directly affects our ability to take out threats. When one of our submarines in on the bottom with 120 dead sailors in it, at least you can take solace in the fact that during the training they should have gotten, a few whales and dolphins weren't disturbed.

    I find your comment about 'warmongers' hilarious and I must give you a dismissive wave of my hand. Of all the military posts on my blog and all the political satire herein, you choose to comment on an environmental piece? Just contribute an extra $50 to the Save the Whales this year and be done with it.