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October 1, 2005

End of the line

I should be at sea right now on a submarine heading towards some undisclosed location in the Pacific. Instead, I am at home 2 months early from a deployment, not because of technical difficulties with the boat or some kind of family emergency- circumstances normally associated with a premature return home. No, I was sent home early because of medical reasons, more specifically, I pissed another kidney stone about 3 weeks ago and will now be submarine disqualified.

Yes, after a rigorous change in diet, plenty of water, and medication I created a stone in 1/4 the time between my first and second instance than I did eating McD's, drinking a fucking huge nightly glass of chocolate milk before I went to bed and taking multi-vitamins with 2 billion times the recommended amount of daily calcium intake and making this 3rd stone in less than a year.

No sweet talking the doctors this time like I did last year to get to a boat after my second stone; when the boat pulled into Yokosuka, Japan my fate had already been decided.

I am still looking at this hand I have been dealt and wondering how I will play it. With only 2 years left in the Navy before retiring my options for a new command are small. It should only be a few weeks until this issue is resolved and for both of my readers sake, I'll keep the updates painless and free of medical specifics.

I appreciate the comments and continued reading of my blog while I was away on deployment. I will be posting some travel related stuff in the next day or two. The highlight of my travels was definitely Japan where my lovely wife flew out to meet me. It was a first for my 18 year naval career to have someone I love waiting for me in a foreign port.

/end mushy talk

Stay tuned folks!


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  3. SPYSQUID Says:

    Man, I'm sorry that your luck appears to have run out. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and in your quest to find some good orders.

  4. I'm so happy that you're back, even if it is under unfelicitous circumstances for you. My blog has been utterly bereft of intelligent dissent since you shipped out. Glad you are safe!