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October 21, 2005

It is time to make an example

Lashaun Harris should be made an extreme example in the case "It Isn't Right to Kill Your Children"

This woman told police that there were voices that told her to strip naked and throw off a bridge her 16 month, 2 year and 6 year old children. Ah, gotta love the old "The voice told me to do it" routine.

Friends and relatives knew this woman was metally ill and knew she would stop taking her medication when not around her doctors. Great job at the intervention people.

It is really time for the courts to dismiss the psychobabble bullshit of postpardom depression as an excuse for women to kill their children.

"It's a mental illness, chemical imbalance... that's their world and that's what they believe," says Psychologist Cristy Lopez. "They end up having delusional thoughts and think they're doing something good or helping their children or helping the situation."

So why are these fucking head cases allowed to keep their children? Shouldn't htey be put under observation or something? I understnad that this condition can be treated with medication, but when a person has a history of not taking the meds something should be done. For the love of God, how many more kids are going to have to die before someone wises up and takes some drastic measures?

Andrea Yates, Susan Smith, and now this pathetic fuckhead all have special places in Hell waiting for them involving, at best, an ass fucking with a pineapple.


  1. But you're talking about medical and psychological support for a population that includes 45 million uninsured people, who are disproportionately women, children and underserved minorities: precisely the demographics at play in this unfortunate circumstance. Millions of people just don't have access to the kind of care that would prevent this.

  2. There might be 45 million people that fall under the umbrella of not having adequate health care but the target here are the people who are mentally ill that are allowed to keep their children who have a history of not taking medication.

    What good is a health care system that DOES give medication to those who can afford it which is then not taken by the patient?

    My argument is not "Every swinging dick in this country, regardless of social status or income, should have access to health care"; my argument is that people with mental instability who kill their kids should be killed- swift and sure. It is more of a captial punishment argument than a jab at our health care system.

    This dives in to a realm of abnormal psychology which few of us can even comprehend let alone defend. If someone has to take medicine to keep from killing their kids then maybe we should get the kids away from that person. Is this such a terrible concept to grasp?

    But then again, I guess we are trampling on their civil rights. We have to wiat until they actually kill their kids to do something about it.

  3. It should be noted that the *mother* (and I use that term loosely) had actually been on medication before she killed her children, but she had recently decided to stop taking it - on her own- because she was afraid the courts would take her children away for not being a "good parent".
    (an unfounded fear, and as far as I can tell from the articles I've read about it, there hadn't actually been anyone threatening to take the kids away from her).

    No, she's a much better parent for having tossed them over a bridge, instead of letting the courts put the kids into a safe home.

  4. The only issue I would like to debate is the issue of medication taken by the mentally ill. We scrutinize them for not taking medications, but it is a fact that some 85% of the entire United States population does not take their medication as prescribed by a doctor. This goes for anything from antibiotics to antipsychotic drugs. I work with severely mentally ill people, and while I can agree that their behavior can be bizarre, most of them do not pose a threat to society. There are many misconceptions about mental illness because of the press that stories like the ones above get. You have to realize that psychotropic medications are often times a “crap shoot.” They are prescribed in hopes that they will relieve symptoms of mental illness, but in many cases their effect is minimal. Not only are there low efficacy rates involved with taking psychotropic drugs, the side effects are too much for most people to bear. Andy has a point about the system in this story, because the mentally ill are a misrepresented population on their own, regardless of race, or socioeconomic background. I think most of you would be surprised that severely mentally ill individuals can contribute to society by working and living in our communities with the proper support. They are not the tax-payer leeches many people would portray them as. I am not defending the actions of this woman…I just want folks to realize that mental illness should not be treated as a crime. Most mentally ill people will never pose a threat to anyone.

  5. Holy crap, I think this is the longest string of comments my blog has ever recieved! I can always rely on Saucy to bring some perspective to an issue of mine.

    Although my entry was intended as a vent I forget that I do have friends that are more knowledgable in the area that I am venting on.

    Saucy says:
    85% of the entire United States population does not take their medication as prescribed by a doctor. This goes for anything from antibiotics to antipsychotic drugs

    This is probably a true statemtn but someone who isn't taking their kidney stone medication isn't on the same level as someone who is mentally ill and needs this medication to keep from hurting themselves or anyone else. At worst, the kidney stone dud passes another 4-5mm stone and moves on. When SOME mentally ill people do not take their medication they throw their children off bridges, drown them, etc.

    I totally agree with Saucy in that not all mentally ill people (which are in a different psychological status than mentally 'handicapped' people) are harmful to others. To quote There's Something About Mary, "I love the little bastards." Depression medications, and meds along those lines, are used by 'normal' functioning people in society. Again, my issue is when these 'normal' people need this medication to keep from harming themselves or others. I got alittle off topic here but I wanted to point out that although the meds might be a "crap shoot" in their effectiveness, shouldn't we do something before a kid gets thrown naked off a bridge?

    But there-in lies the problem. What can we do? Our hands are tied by this democratic society we live in. It gives us the freedom to do what we want and to protect us against the unfairness and neglicgence of others but at the same time dangles those qualities like a carrot from a string in front of a mule that isn't hungry.

  6. I have to agree with you...There is kind of a conundrum...we want to give people the freedom to do what they feel is right for them, and on the other hand we need to protect society.
    I really don't know where to start. I think the first step is to close gaps in socioeconomic status. Statistically, mental illness seems to be more predominant in the lower socioeconomic is crime, drug use, child abuse, teen pregnancy, and just about every other social problem. Now, I don't think people need to start giving handouts, but ultra-capitalist corporations like WAL-MART could give better health care coverage to their workers. Oil companies could stop raping the whole entire country...Exxon made a 10 billion dollar profit this quarter, and I am paying 50 bucks to fill up a Jetta! (Just some ideas to kick around) America needs to stop being all about the profit, and more for the people. I think people should be free to make profits, but 10 billion dollars after they told us “We’re all in this together.” Oil companies are the worst!
    Unfortunately, I still need to address the fact that some woman threw her babies to their demise. All I can say is that is really shitty...and she is accountable. She chose not to medicate herself, thus practicing her right...She made the wrong choice, and should be held accountable.