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September 14, 2006

Dog in Jail

Duane "Dog" Chapman is a celebrity icon here in Hawaii. He doesn't sing in Waikiki, he isn't a politician and he doesn't give surfing lessons on North Shore. He brings in bad guys- he is a bounty hunter.

Dog is a bail bondsman and his business Da Kine Bailbonds is featured on A&E. Dog and his family are on the constant search for bail jumpers and continually clean up the streets in Hawaii by bringing in ice heads, crack heads, rapists, and thugs. Although he is surrounded by a bad element, he treats his prisoners fairly, after eveyone has cooled down, and then he dispenses his Chicken Soup for the Soul Dog Style.

My 3 year old loves Dog and sings the song that opens the show. He recognizes not only Dog but also his family. At a recent autograph session at a Pearl Harbor Naval Base block party my son pointed Dog out and almost crapped his pull-up as he shouted his name.

Occasionally, Dog travels to the mainland to get bail jumpers who haul ass out of Honolulu International. I came across this story from Squiggler and I haven't checked the local news to read anything about it yet.

Armed Marshalls entered Dog residence yesterday morning at 6 a.m. and arrested him for a 2003 bounty Dog collected in Puerto Viarta. Dog grabbed convicted rapist Andrew Luster and brought him back to the states to serve out his 120+ year sentence. Evidently, it is against the law to bounty hunt in Mexico. This makes sense when you think about it. If bounty hunters were allowed access across the border the country's economy would take a turn for the worse as all the criminals were extradicted.

It is obvious the Mexican Government had it out for Dog. What cites me to anger is the fact that Mexico's government violates the United States immigration laws freely and openly but then gets a boner for Dog when he grabs a sexual predator douchebag across the border who needs to be locked up for the rest of his life.


** UPDATE **
15 September 2006

I found a really good article by local Hawaii Reporter columnist, Malia Zimmerman.


  1. This Story pissed me off.

    Free Dog!

  2. Undoubtedly Mexicans don't allow bounty-hunters to operate in order to protect their own kidnap, extortion, and bribery racket from undue influence or competition.

  3. Bob and I have homemade 'FREE DOG' bumper stickers in the back windows of our car and truck, and on the back of the Harley -

    If they want Dog, they should have to take all the illegal aliens back with them too!!


  4. Dirt- that is exactly the sentiment I was trying to convey. Thank you for that insight!

    Mom- if only it were that easy. There was a segment on last night's news (9/18/2006) showing Dog and time leaving the prison. What pisses me off even more, as the story unfolds, they weren't even arrested for a felony- it was some bullshit misdemeanor the Mexican govenrment concocted. From Dog's story you get the distinct impression the government is just trying to make a few bucks (big surprise there) off this whole thing. There was even a Mexican police officer there when Dog aprehended the rapist thug.

    Even though Dog is out of detention, I will still put your sign (which came in the mail yesterday) on the back window of my truck.

  5. Once in a Mexican jail about the only way to get out (besides feet-first) is a copious application of dollars-to-palms.

  6. What kind of chaos would we have if agents from other countries were always crossing borders to extract people?

    He broke the law. What if a bondsman,who is not famous, was caught crossing the border to get criminals. He would be screwed!!!! I guess a tv star deserves more sympathy??

  7. I think it's bullshit when Dog did what our so called law enforcement officers could not do. They should be standing behind him and helping him instead of turning their backs on him.

  8. Anonymous, you're post inspired me to make a new entry.

    THEY didn;t do anything wrong
    THEY are good people
    They get rid of all of the bad guys
    and takes all of people that are on drugs off the streets to make them safe for their children to live on

  10. He went to jail because it is a form a vigilante justice, even though it was justified. We can't have people out there enforcing the law that they see fit, it won't work, never has.

  11. americans go to irak and hunt bad guys aswell, think the us of a should think about how many persons they allow from foreign countries to go hunting on their grounds.... not allowed. dog had a good cause, but he has no RIGHT to do that, think about it, then we could catch every american war criminal military in the us , dont think u like that aswell... so alweays be silent folks before shouting.

  12. Dammit people, leave the Internet shorthand in the chat rooms. The post above this one gave me a headache to read and if I could eject it from this blog I would.

    It was not vigilantism, just a dodge of international extradition policy that Mexico doesn't not enforce unless it puts money in its pocket. They can go shit in a sombrero.

  13. How is he a bounty hunter if he's been arrested himself on illegal detention and conspiracy.. I anderstand He had a troubled and trying upbringing, which led to an early life of crime, including numerous arrests for armed robbery and a murder conviction.
    Anyway i love the cable series “Dog The Bounty Hunter,”

    Great Post!

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  15. I too enjoy the show. I wonder this incident will make its way onto the show.