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September 11, 2006

Never Forget

I thought about what I was going to write about for a long time today. Today is a significant day of remembrance marking a 5 year path from an event that is so ingrained into our everyday lives that it seems impossible that any of us could ever forget what happened.

As I browsed the internet I saw many sites with memorials, some with movies outlining the events as they unfolded and still other sites clinging to the fanciful notion that Bush staged the whole thing to plunge us into a war with Iraq.

I still get chocked up when I see videos and images of that date that will truly live in infamy, but I chose not to talk about any of that today. I don’t need a reminder of the pain, confusion, anger and awe I felt on that morning and I doubt anyone else does either. I will read about the good, the bad, and the retarded in the news outlets but only by accident.

I think most patriots feel this way.

I did hang a flag on my lanai, to hell with the house rules. I also printed out a memorial and taped it to the back window of my truck that reads:

In Memorial of Todd Beamer
12/12/68 – 9/11/01
“Let’s Roll”

I hope that people stuck in traffic behind me will have a clue as to whom this courageous patriot is. If they don’t, I give them the same response I will give my resident manager if he tells me to take my flag down- “Go fuck yourself.”

Instead of a sad, tear jerking video of September 11th, I will show a vengeful video of retribution showing some insurgents meeting their maker. The final phrase by the pilot sums it up.

Insurgent streetwalkers get sent to Hell

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  1. Yeh we live in a condo where we have restrictions, I flew the flag anyhow.
    Good on Todd, roll and roll again!