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September 20, 2006

The Dog: A&E Special

I watched an A&E special called Dog: the Family Speaks Out tonight and I was inspired by a comment on my previous post about Dog to write this one. The comment was made by Anonymous, go figure, and as I started tying out a response the response morphed into this new entry.

Anonymous, I can understand why you would not use your real name after a ridiculous post like yours. To someone who reads about this on the news it probably comes off as a bounty hunter getting a taste of his own medicine. Dog is intimidating to look at and most people probably don’t get a warm fuzzy from a first impression.

For those of us who live here in Hawaii and have seen this patriot fight for justice, his arrest for a 3 year old charge is highly suspicious at best or, at worst, a new low for the US Marshals and the US Judicial system.

"Americans are apparently supposed to happily accept presence the roughly 100,000 criminal aliens inside our borders – a number that is growing every year – while the Marshals use their resources to track down ‘Dog’ Chapman on orders from a foreign master for successfully bringing a convicted rapist to justice." - U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo

Anonymous asks:
What kind of chaos would we have if agents from other countries were always crossing borders to extract people?

If by ‘people’ you mean serial rapists, then I don’t have any objections. As a matter of fact, Mexico can start right now by extracting some of the 100,000+ criminals that are here in the United States. I think you might be onto something Anon!

I watched the A&E special tonight called Dog: The Family Speaks Out Here are the highlights. But first, another gem from Anonymous:

He broke the law. What if a bondsman, who is not famous, was caught crossing the border to get criminals. He would be screwed!!!! I guess a tv star deserves more sympathy??

Yes, Dog did break the law, but it is parallel to the old Dukes of Hazard shows where Roscow P. Coletrain would plop down a plastic fire hydrant next to the General Lee and start writing a ticket.

As for your ‘What if…?’ scenario, what if Big Bird came and crapped on your head? See, isn’t it fun to play the ‘What if…?’game! If I thought for one minute Mexico, or any other country, was spending the resources to capture criminals in the U.S. that we would make every effort to help them, not throw them in jail. But, most bounty hunters are on their own when they apprehend their fugitives. The bounty hunters are the ones getting paid to risk their lives, not the police, when they make an arrest.

US Marshals couldn’t find this guy so Dog and his team tracked down the fugitive, arrested him, and turned him over to US officials in Mexico- at no cost the United States taxpayers. Dog even grabbed a Mexican police officer as they headed towards a taco stand to nab Luster.

Luster, who could speak fluent Spanish, gave the Mexican police a fake name as he and Dog, Tim, and Leland were loaded into the back of a police pickup truck shortly after Dog apprehended Luster. It wasn’t until Dog repeatedly called Luster by his real name that the Mexican police realized that they had an American fugitive in custody. Aye Carumba!

Mexican authorities handed Luster over to US Feds but Dog, Tim and Leland spent a week in a Mexican prison which Dog later called a prison camp.

Ironically, a US Federal Judge said that Dog couldn’t collect the reward for Luster because of the incarceration in the Mexican jail.

Since he didn’t get the money, he wasn’t technically bounty hunting right?


Dog was released on bail and thought that was the last of it. When US Marshal’s arrested the three men early in the morning on September 14, three years later, they couldn’t believe what was happening.

Dog and his family are in shock as the Marshals, dressed like Ninja’s (Leland’s description) and pointing laser sights at the family, take Dog into custody. Dog said they were very respectful after the handcuffs were on and everyone has as calm as the situation allowed.

Somehow the US government now takes extradition orders from Mexico? Dog is wanted by the Mexican government for "unlawful depravation of liberty". I am stunned that Mexico even has that law on the books. Then again, these are the same people that paint black and white stripes on mules in Tijuana to pass them off as zebras.

Dog, Tim, and Leland were processed into the Federal Penitentiary System, put into separate cells and, because of their notoriety, placed in a special part of the Pen next to the worst of the worst- awesome treatment for a man who has been putting the dregs of society behind bars for over 20 years.

Dog said 90% of the inmates were yelling his name and giving him the shaka while others were giving the international sign for “You’re a dead man” as they moved a thumb across their neck. Leland told A&E that inmates were kicking on the trio’s closed cell doors, spitting on them as they entered the cell block and yelling at them. He wish they were back in the Mexican prison.

So, Dog is now on house arrest, after posting $300,000 bail, and is wearing an ankle bracelet which keeps him electronically tethered to 150’ of his home between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. Dog faces up to 4 years in Mexican prison if convicted of the bullshit crime.

One of Luster’s victims, Tanya "Doe", has started an attorney defense fund for Dog and his Family.

Reese v. United States states American bounty hunters may not pursue their quarry across international borders. A U.S. bounty hunter's "power of arrest can only be exercised within the territory of the United States." By the way, that case law is dated 1896.

Mexico has received several black eyes over the years as bounty hunters and Federal Agents crossed over into Mexico to retrieve fleeing criminals. So, Mexico will do what any shit hole country would do when its sovereignty is threatened- flex its muscles the only way it can by throwing a little egg in our faces. Unfortunately for Dog, his actions only strengthened Mexico’s frustration as they watch Luster, another supporter of the Mexican economy, taken back to the United States. As long as there is income into the coffers of the corrupt government, El Indio doesn’t care where it comes from.

This is why Dog's arrest stinks to high Revolucion St. The Mexican government has sent drug lords back to the United States, as recently as 11 DAYS AGO. Oh, wait here's a story, from freakin aljazeera for Christ's sake, that tells of the same drug lord turnover on the 16th of September- only 2 days after Dog's arrest. Why all this help with drug lords but such a boner over Dog capturing a serial rapist? Was it an unfinished 3 year-old vendetta?

Dog admits that he probably won’t be alive for very long if this dark extradition scenario becomes a reality; he tells his children that he will die with his boots on and that they can live in his legacy as a child of The Dog.

I'm behind you and your family, Dog.

Two of the greatest bounty hunters ever:


Duane "Dog" Chapman


  1. I definately agree with everything you said. It makes me wonder if these people that say that Dog should face charges are possibly criminals themselves that either are being chased by a bounty hunter or have been captured by one. They just seem to have a grudge against him. Very impressive post!

  2. Yeah what's wrong with that annoynomous person. He makes me laugh when he said Dog broke the law. Wow, did he forget all the illegal Mexicans that broke the law by crossing our borders illegally. I first found about about Dog when he arrested that rapist and have been watching his show ever since. I don't see why they should lock him up. Just make him pay a fine and let him go. The FBI just didn't want to be shown up since it seems they can't find anyone on their most wanted lists. Who knows maybe this Luster paid the Mexicans some big dough to get even with the Dog.

  3. I agree with both of you Yen & Ellie. there seems to be something fishie going on. My first suspicion was that Luster was paying the Mexican authorities to put the htumbscrews on Dog.

    Hopefully a fine will be enough and Dog can get back to taking the ice heads and thugs off the streets here.

  4. Now this scum that calls himself the "Dog" has been caught used the N word in a vile and profane manner. I have heard the tape myself.

    How anyone can idolise this scum is beyond me. He is a convicted murder. His own daughter has stated that Dog Duane Chapman pimped his own daughter out to his drug dealer to pay a debt he owed for drugs.

    How can anyone like a man like this.

    Duane Chapman broke the law when he went into Mexico and broke the law. He was released on bail and now he has fled. Of course Mexico wants him back to face trial.

    You should look up the meaning of the word extradition. The U.S. and Mexico have an extradition treaty so if anyone in America is wanted by Mexican authorities, America is bound by the treaty to turn them over.

    My name is John and I am from NYC.

  5. Well, John C. from NYC, I guess if the Inquirer has a story on it then it must be true, with no spin and full of objectivity. I'm sure the alien baby was pissed for getting bumped to page 2.

    So, Dog said "nigger" while having a private phone conversation with his son who just got out of a 20 year prison sentence for dealing drugs, who just so happened to sell (again) information to the tabloids about his father. Poor choice of words to be sure, but hardly enough to label the man as scum.

    And while very familiar with the definition of the word extradition, I would invite you to further your research on the word past the page of Wikipedia and find out just how often extradition is reciprocated when we are trying to get someone from Mexico- like the guy Dog went down there to get. Gee, he might not have had to go to Mexico had they honored the extradition laws, don't ya think?

    I guess you're right, it is better to have drug dealing rapists flow through our borders than trying to use th proper channels to get them locked up.

    Dog can just join the ranks of Michael Richards and Don Imus and they can all kiss the collective black ass until deemed they have paid their penance.

    He is a convicted murderer, but he did his time. Can a man never recover from from past mistakes, John, or is he doomed forever? You would be surprised how many prominent figures have skeletons in their closest but yet pass the litmus test as upstanding citizens.

    Concerning the pimping of his daughter, I have not found one reputable source to verify that claim- only blogs and entertainment sites with no references. But I'll keep looking.

    But thanks for dropping by. Nice to see my site is listed somewhere in the blogosphere even if it is on such an outdated topic.