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November 1, 2014

FemiNazi's go after gamers

Colbert interviewed Anita Sarkeesian, well known feminist and pain in the ass, on her rant against the "male dominated" industry of gaming. 

I saw this on The Colbert Report and I wanted to seriously 1v1 this delusional woman who is attacking the gaming industry to further her anti-man agenda. I wrestled over the thought of trying to write an informed but scathing post over this insanity, but someone already did.

I am so glad I read the comments section for this story because I found someone who is very informed on this woman and her agenda- that isn't about gaming, but more about taking things away from men. As a gamer, I can't count the number of times I have been handled by a female player and punished for being a split second too late with a trigger pull. Sarkeesian, along with all the other feminist d-bags, need to really stick to lobbying the WNBA and WPGA. I'm sure both the viewers of those sports events would greatly appreciate the coverage.

Here is the most well thought out (and non-vulgar post) I wish I would have made. In essence, this woman is a turd.

It's never been a boys club, Anita is a media vampire. Video games no more cause sexism then it does violence. Sarkeesian is just the new Jack Thompson, who had just as vicious of a response from internet trolls.

Sarkeesian cherry picks or outright lies in her examples. On top of this, she doesn't play games. She wants a hobby to conform to her personal likes and dislikes, yet does not participate in that hobby. She did it again on Colbert, eluding that she had been playing games all of her life, when she didn't even play the games her kickstarter raised money for. She has often admitted she does not play games.

She's a charlatan the media naively keeps championing as an activist, and those whom actually do play games are frustrated that her bullshit keeps going uncalled for except by the most extreme of internet denizens.

Furthermore, it is about ethics. 14 different media outlets all released coordinated articles on the same day, all declaring the identity as dead. It was a planned and coordinated effort akin to what we often see in the right wing media propaganda machine. Except unlike Fox News, they were exposed. All of those writers were linked by a secret mailing list "gamesjournopros".

Sarkeesian wants this to be about feminism as it benefits her own self promotion. But you can't play it both ways, rather gaming is a significant influence on the culture and deserves a standard of ethics when it comes to it's journalism, or it's a silly hobby for man children that shouldn't be taken seriously rendering her 'critique' moot.

The issue of ethics in gaming journalism is not new, despite the claims of Sarkeesian and her followers.

Hell, the internet was making elaborate musical parodies about this shit long before the Quinnspiracy.