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October 21, 2013

Local Sacramento Mom comes under fire for her fit body

There aren't too many things that come out of Sacramento that actually make good news and, unfortunately, this is one of them. Receiving over 12,000 comments in the first 24 hours of hitting the blogosphere, Maria Kang has become an international story for posting a picture of her and her three kids:

I read about this story over the weekend in Yahoo News and the comments overwhelmingly fell into a singularity: Haters gonna hate. Here is her response to the attacks:  Hot Mom Defends Herself Against Facebook Haters

Personally, I gave the same look the 3 year-old has when I saw this picture, however many did not share my reaction. If you want to see the effects of Internet bravado and courage read a few pages of the Yahoo comments. People can say the first thing that comes to their mind in the comments section with no backlash or consequence. The disparaging remarks against Kang ranged from bragger to bully and only got worse when her personal life came to light. 

She has a history of bulimia and it didn't take long for the haters to cling to that condition as her reason for being so thin as a mother of three- not the fact that she has chosen a healthy way to lose weight and look great.

Her husband doesn't work and people jumped on that with the usual comments like: "Must be nice to have a stay-at-home-husband to take care of the kids while you work out all day" - not the fact hat her husband is an Iraqi War Veteran who has a traumatic brain injury from a bomb that almost killed him.

Of course, before her personal life was revealed the haters used the go-to excuses of "Must be nice to have all that free time to work out... to have money for a gym membership... etc."- nevermind the fact that she owns a non-profit organization which keeps her busy. Oh, and she works out at home, waking up at 6 a.m., an hour at a time. When she takes her kids to the park she works out as well and has a great comeback for the haters:
“I’m working out. I’m not sitting there on my iPhone.”
Boom, roasted.

The only issue I have is with the quote on her picture, but there is a real fine line between braggadocio and taking pride in one's accomplishments. She had to know she would get backlash for that comment and if she really wanted to just make a statement about being fit as a mother of three then the comment probably could have been left off. That being said, she is defending herself very well.

The fact that this story is even a story bothers me. I can see several sub-categories of Hater that these comments fall into:

  • The Excuse Makers - no matter what Kang says, the Excuse Makers will find something to justify their reason why they don't look like that: they don't have the time, the money, etc. What they really don't have is the desire to get off their fat asses and work out. it is too hard for them to lose the baby weight so they take out their frustrations anonymously.
  • Chick on Chick crime - Catty bitches who don't like women who look better than them, or have more money than them, etc. Watch any episode of Housewives to see an example of this behavior.
  • Guilt crowd - they feel bad for people who cannot achieve some level of success whether it be fitness, social status, employment status, etc. How dare you flaunt your success!
  • Harcore Haters - no matter what level of success you achieve, people are too rotten to acknowledge even the smallest of achievement. "You got that raise because you are a kiss-ass", "Nice body, have body image issues, do ya?", "Nice clothes, life is not a fashion show", etc.
There are a lot of "You go, girl!" comments but the majority are negative. This is a sad commentary on our society and a pervasive attitude that is infiltrating our lives at all levels. It is no longer acceptable to our society to be successful or an achiever.  Interesting how movie stars, professional athletes and model can look this good but not suffer the criticism Kang has. I guarantee these hating, catty bitches would not give any grief to this guy for looking so cut:

The only response I can give to these haters is, "Hate on."