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September 14, 2006

Zut Alores!

France was in for a revelation today when a video from Al-Queda's Ayman al-Zawahiri urged fellow Islamofacist assholes to
to sow fear "in the hearts of the traitors and the apostate sons of France" and to crush the "pillars of the Crusader alliance."
This came as quite a shocker to the people who thought that by turning against the United States on our War on Terror, distancing themselves from anything that might upset the insane Islamic leaders, and, basically, just being French would be enough to protect them from the brutality and backward thinking 100 million Muslims that want to kill infidels.


Listen up, and this goes for all you EU pansies and ultra-pathetic liberals who think you can reason with the sons of Allah- YOU CAN'T DO IT.

For example, take this comment by Rosie O'donnell:
...radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America
Really? Let's take a look at how awesome it would be for you, a lesbian, to live under Islamic rule:

Let it not be forgotten, after all, how countries ruled by Koranic law treat their homosexual citizens. Under the Taliban, Afghanistan put at least ten homosexuals to death; on New Year’s Day, 2002, our good friends in Saudi Arabia beheaded three men for sodomy. According to one report, Iran has executed several thousand men for homosexuality since 1979. Even in Egypt, with its relatively moderate and secular government, a widely publicized mass arrest of suspected homosexuals in early 2001 resulted in the torture and imprisonment of dozens of males as young as fifteen. And these figures are undoubtedly dwarfed by the annual number of "honor killings" of female family members who have strayed sexually (or who have shamed their families by being raped)–a form of murder that is so much a part of traditional Muslim culture that it goes unprosecuted even in relatively moderate Islamic countries like Jordan. In May 2002, Amnesty International reported that in Pakistan at least three honor killings occur every day, and that the perpetrators are usually not even arrested, although their identities tend to be known to family, neighbors, and even the police.
- Bruce Bawer

Unfortunately, O'Donnell isn't the only one suffering from dejected ignorance.

Concession, negotiation, and political correctness are all percieved as weakness by these delusional Islamic "crusaders". They would rather slit your throat than go through the trouble of kidnapping you and forcing a conversion to Islam on video tape.

You liberals and MSM douchbags who continue to undermine ways to protect this country just don't get it. Perhaps a line from the liberal entertainment industry will put it in perspective.

Listen. And understand. That terminator** is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead. -Kyle Reese

** Replace with Islamic militant jackhole

--- UPDATE ---
France just can't seem to get a break from the Islamofascist's asses they've been appeasing. SACRE BLEU!Al-Qaida joins Algerians against France

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