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September 7, 2006

Hilton makes an ass out of herself- again.

It was all the buzz today when Beverly Hills police arrested Paris Hilton on DUI charges. For the life of me I will never understand why this stupid, spoiled whore makes the news.

She has inherited millions as the heiress to the Hilton hotel chain and it is obvious she enjoys a life of luxury as she parades around the world making headlines wherever she goes. But is a vast inheritance just cause to make an ass out of yourself at every opportunity?

My amateur psychology opinion draws the conclusion that although she had lots of money and never had to do any real work, despite what the pathetic show "The Simple Life" tries to convey, I suspect that she was probably raised by a nanny or molested by one of her many coaches, instructors, or trainers. She jockeys for attention amidst the "entertainment" industry because she never got any real attention at home.

Now, for some reason, she is trying to get into the music business. Her first album, produced by her own (Daddy's) company, Heiress records, has been holding on at the bottom of the charts. Interestingly enough, a British prankster punked Hilton in the best way by altering the cover of her album and placing the 500 CD's in record stores. How apropos the title on the altered CD read "Why am I Famous?”

I would venture a guess that at least one of her songs will make it into a respectable position in the charts. Hell, if Ashlee Simpson can do it anyone can- I don't use the charts to gauge success anymore. It is all about catering to the lowest common denominator- impressionable youth with money to spend. What else could explain the successes of music entertainment hacks like Simpson (pick one), Timberlake, and Spears.

How many failed ventures will Hilton endure before realized she sucks at all of them? Her designs are ridiculous, her singing is atrocious, her television shows are embarrassing (for her), and her acting makes Keanu Reeves look good. It is a shame that she didn't kill herself while driving drunk and spare the world any more needless self absorbed publicity stunts. Harsh, isn’t it, to wish for the death of a “celebrity”. Nay, Hilton will be around for a long time- ridiculous people usually are.


  1. Fuck that stupid broad. It embarasses me to be a guy when so many are drooling over that stupid cunt.

  2. I can only believe that this fembot celebrity-monstrosity continues to exist in the public eye as a means for the Media to showcase their manipulative skill. They created her and they will hold up their sock-puppet pseudo sex-kitten as long as the fabric of publicly managed-interest holds together. I don't believe she'll even live to be 40, she outlived her dignity long ago - at least one can hope.