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October 11, 2005

Order Up!

Today I got a phone call and it is official: I will be going to my old training command as an instructor to finish out the remaining few years of my Navy career. What a relief, to be sure. I was worried that I would be stuck in the Endentured Servitude Division, better known as Transient Division, and more widely known as the dreaded "X-Div".
My main discomfort with being associated with X-Div is that it has such a negative conotation; of course, I can't blame anyone for having those notions since the division is comprised of people who are on restriction for being fuck-ups on their boats, people who are off restriction for being fuck-ups on their boats and are now being processed out of hte Navy, and people like me who are medical hold for either legitimate or nefarious reasons. No matter, they can all burn in hell as I am off to bigger and better things. I guess they will have to find someone else to "provide leadership" to people who are picking up trash and raking leaves on base.
"So, what's next for you?", both of my readers ask. Finish my Masters and my Network Certifications in the next 2 years so I can get a job when my time is up. I hope the process is as easy as the statement.

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  1. You have more than 2 readers :)

    Glad to hear that you have a decent job to finish up your career with.