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October 26, 2005

For crying out loud- beat his little ass!

Yesterday I was at my computer playing a little SWG when I was disturbed by some screaming outside. From the 8th floor this screaming sounded like it was 2 inches from my head. I sounded like a kid, male, and extremely pissed off about something.

Normally I just wait for the screaming to subside and go about my business but this shrieking by this kid was followed by several expletives, the one that caught my attention and caused me to get up and go to my lanai- "You are a bastard!"

I looked down 8 stories to see a 10? year old kid, his mother and father all standing on the sidewalk in front of the apartment building and their car, still running, with its doors wide open. Looking around the apartment lanai's I was not the only one gathering to watch the upcoming spectacle of neglective parenting.

"I hate you! I hate you!", said the screaming kid with his mouth wide open and tears streaming down his face.

He then proceeds to run into the street with his mother grabbing at his shirt. The kid turns around and smacks his mother like a pimp slapping his girl for holding out on the money. Now would be a good time for someone to do some of that parenting thing, you know, like you read about?

I can't even imagine hitting my mother as a kid mainly for fear of my father wailing on my ass with a belt like a pissed off stripper in Guam. A very narrow analogy, I know, but very apropos.

The father of this kid finally raises his hand and points to the kids after he just watched his wife get smacked and said something half-assed like don't do that. At this point you are probably thinking "Those people must have been white." I say that because there is no way a black or Mexican person would have put up with this shit for as long as it has been going on. They were of Asian decent, I would guess Filipino, not that it matters but my point being smacking the shit out of your kid for acting like an asshole should cross all racial barriers.

A woman came out of our apartment building and started talking to this kid who, evidently, was going to be dropped off with her. The parents jumped in the car and took off. I heard his screaming for about 10 more minutes before I was able to get back to my game in relative peace.

My wife and I talked about this pathetic display of parenting and, really, a disgusting display of just being a human. These parents ignored this kid and actually acted embarrassed by his actions but did nothing about it- kind of like the DNC nowadays. I understand that there is a big movement away from spanking that pschologists and other soft sciences are pushing for. For all you "time-outters" reading this I challenge, no, I dare you, to have tried that shit with this disturbed kid. I don't think that anyone would have minded if this kid got popped for how he was acting.

But even as apeshit as this kid went off, I find the fault with his actions in his parents. Nobody just does this kind of berserked behavior unless there are some serious mental problems or dysfunction at home.

I can't help but to think this kid is going to be the next burden on the health care system with all the treatment he is going to need. But then again, I am an asshole.

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