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June 9, 2006

Ding! Dong! Zarqawi's dead!

Good riddance, jackhole.

This insurgent cleansing brought to you by "The Bunker Buster", promptly and courtesouly delivered by the U.S. Air Force. Mad props to the folks at Lockheed-Martin for thier superior design and construction. Accept no substitutes.

I wish I could see the look on Zarqawi's face as he faces his tormentor for the rest of eternity. Just one guy, not 72 virgins, shoving pineapples up his ass until he is thrown in the abyss.

The latest news is that Zarqawi was actually found alive after half a ton of explosives knock on his door. I hope that the soldiers that found him had a little time to slap him around a bit.
"He obviously had some kind of visual recognition of who they were because he attempted to roll off the stretcher, as I am told, and get away, realizing it was U.S. military."

Outstanding. That means that in the final moments of his life he came face to face with the military and had a few moments to let that nose-thumbing sink in.

I have made the observation before that these Islamofacists look like they suffer from anhedonia. I can understand that, however, since they spend every waking moment trying to kill people. What a miserable life; no wonder they made up the 72 virgin reward- it gives them something to look forward to.

No worries, jihadists, the U.S. military will oblige you in a speedy reunion with your delusion.

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