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June 28, 2006

Fox News Appearance

A few months ago Fox News showed up at my command to do a piece on the difficulty of tracking diesel submarines, a chore the US Navy has made public since China is buying up Russian Kilo class boats to support the failing post world empire. Fox wanted to go on an actual US submarine to show the audience the training involved with diesel submarine tracking but the boat schedules didn't jive with Fox's limited shoot time so they came to the next best thing- a submarine training command.

The segment of my command is a very small part of the segment but I was fortunate enough to be a talking head to propel the Bush War Machine forward in its efforts to keep China's hands out of Taiwan's cookie jar. The segment is linked below but if you aren't a fan of the Fox then just watch it because I'm freakin in it. Other than the Wheel of Fortune episode I was in this is the only other television time I have experienced. Well, that's not totally true- I got back at 2:45 a.m. this morning from a Boeing mini movie shoot for their Future Combat Systems division but I will talk more about that later. I got to dress up in camo gear and hold a MK-203 grenade launcher. I felt like a BAMF.

Here is the link: The Best Interview in the History of Interviews

* Badass mother fucker


  1. Hi ~ OK, my name is Valerie and I'm a blog addict. I have to admit, I've been visiting your blog almost daily, just to get a dose of REALITY!!

    I tried to open the Fox interview, but it didn't work - tried to find it on the Fox website, but couldn't find it. Any other suggestions?


  2. Try going to the "video" tab on the main page, it will open up all the different videos they have. The name of his video is "Growing Threat?".

    'Wife' and 'Daughter' :)

  3. OK, I found it, but work doesn't have a media thingy already I'll see it when I get home. Thanks, and take a jog around the block OK??? :-)

    Love you both,


  4. I saw it - got the video to work in the office. How scary - it sounds like a flashlight that's on?? I swear, we need to start kicking butt SOMEWHERE -

    I can't believe we missed this story, we watch Fox News every night!!


  5. Well, it doesn't reallly sound like a flashlight but that's a pretty accurate anology I use for my junior guys to really get the impact of how quiet these things are.

    The quote on the Fox News website is different than what I said on their show, for some reason, and I made a reference using a crowded room. I think I might have said 'bar' first and then added the politically correct ".. or any crowded room" to dispel the insinuated glamorization of alcohol.

    I can't even begin to comprehend how much of that story ended up on the editor's floor in an oxide pile.

  6. You're a star! Can I get your autograph!
    The next thing you know, you'll be mucking it up with Angelina and Brad!
    Hope you are doing well!

  7. Mikey! Thanks for dropping by, dude.

    As a matter of fact, after she saw my interview that slut Jolie offered to dump Brad but I told her not to bother.

    Bush called me at work and said he had no idea we had submarines and that he was surprised they weren't yellow. He cracks me up.