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June 7, 2006


This is a belated D-Day post, of which the Blogs were full of, but something I also wanted to touch on as both a U.S. sailor and a U.S. citizen. Frankly, I haven’t blogged much lately (blogged- newly formed verb to be added to Webster’s next year and to spell checks as required) because I have spent most of my time reading and responding to other blogs. I am officially addicted to the blog culture.

Has it been 62 years already since we saved Europe’s ass in WWII while simultaneously beating Japan’s? It is disturbing, in retrospect, that Japan is now one of our strongest allies and most of Europe now hates us.

'I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French division behind me.' - General George Patton

Nationalism at its best.

The world hailed us as humanitarian’s when American resolve was at work feeding hungry nations, unknowingly loading the pockets of foreign governments, and encouraging free world trade over the last few decades or so. But when that resolve is used to protect our country from maniacal jihadists then we have overstepped our bounds in good taste. The United States played mother hen to Germany and France for 50 years while the Russian fox was stalking the coop. Now they want us in a pot full of broth and dumplings. Now I know how parents of ungrateful children feel.

Unfortunately, the hate speech not only drifts to our shores from overseas but from within our own country from our own countrymen. There are people who want the U.S. to fail in Iraq and want our military to retreat and leave the Middle East alone. They fail to have a moral excuse against the liberation of Iraq so they use a legal one. They cling to this rhetoric because to oppose the ousting of Saddam on any other level would strike at their very souls.

The cradle of civilization is being rocked by young camouflaged ambassadors who are fighting an enemy that glorifies death and even uses their own brainwashed children to prove it.

‘We love death. America loves life. That's the difference between Islam and America.’- Osama Bin Laden

Liberals, leftists, and America haters love to talk about how great Islam is and how the Golden Age of Islam contributed so much to a world stuck in the Dark Ages. They do this, like using the legal argument against the Iraq liberation, to justify their America-hating complex. It comforts them as they look at the shit hole conditions the area perpetuates in hopes that people will realize there is more to Islam than what is being unfairly stereotyped - insurgent movements, beheadings, kidnappings, children suicide bombers etc.

Are these the fruits of the Islamic Golden Age (800-1300 A.D.)?

“Look at what a great empire they had. Look at all the medicine and knowledge of math they contributed.” -liberal, America-hating douche bag

Let us briefly examine that piece of history.

Al-Kwarzmi developed numbering system (825 A.D.) that made the abacus obsolete and put pencil to paper. His numbering system made multiplying and dividing a breeze and the system was used extensively by 14th Century Venice merchants and bankers.

The founder of this new system even shared the misinterpreted name mathematicians now call ‘Algorithm’. Sadly, with all this “new math” the Muslims did nothing more than impress their Caliphs by making the numerical value 35007 spell out ‘loose’ when turned upside down. The Muslims had algebraic knowledge for centuries but did nothing to improve their quality of life with it.

When this mathematical knowledge was transferred to the West the science community exploded. They discovered the mysteries of the universe, quantum physics and special relativity. Muslims were involved with chemistry, expanded the use of hospitals, opened the cosmos and engineered hydraulic power.

But all these progressive leaps in technology and thinking occurred despite the presence of Islam. When the great thinkers started to stray off the dogma of the Koran they were beaten, exiled or beheaded as heretics.

Since Islam could not squash the cultures of the societies they over ran, by sheer luck, Islam inherited these accomplishments. But they never encouraged it per se. The paper making from China, the decimal system from India and the “Arabic” numeral system, the credit was given to the Islamic transfers of the information and not the originators. To give Islam credit for these revelations is like giving Hitler credit for discovering the Theory of Relativity.

The art of glass blowing was in the hands of the Muslims for 1000 years before the West got a hold of it in the 15th century. Until then, the Muslims did nothing more with the art than decorate mosques and shrines for the caliphs and Allah. A Venetian made the first clear glass; Colburn made the first sheet glass in 1902 and in 1904 bottles and jars could now be mass produced.

Al-Haythem explained human vision and is considered the Father of Optics. It wasn’t until the West made lenses that human vision was improved on a massive scale. The same lenses were also used on a macro level and on a micro level to explore the world around us.

Now it seems history will be perpetuated in the Middle East unless something drastic happens. While most of the modernized world flourishes with the benefits of the Industrial Revolution, equality of the sexes and personal freedoms, the Middle East continues to live in the Dark Ages. People are shot in the head for wearing shorts in Baghdad, women are mutilated so they cannot enjoy sex (on top of being treated like shit) and children are used as portable bombs. Golden Age indeed.

The Middle East has no democratic processes (except the fledgling government of Iraq), no social graces, no cultural practices or flourishing societies the rest of the world seeks to pursue. American freedom, Italian fashion, German engineering, Japanese order and Swiss Chocolate are all part of cultures the rest of the world embraces.

The Middle East has oil. Oil is the only reason we give those shit birds the time of day. And by ‘shit birds’ I do not mean the common people who live under the despotic rule of the sheiks, mullahs and ayatollahs. If it wasn’t for the West that oil would be a trip hazard as it bubbled up from the ground after a camel herder shot at some dinner.

Jihadists hate the United States but torture infidels while wearing Nike Air Jordan’s and then return to their homes after a hard day of tolerant beheading to watch Die Hard. Make up your minds, dickheads.

Beheading has always been a tool of jihadists to spread their tolerance. While Salem Witch hunters, led by Murtha and his disciples, point their fingers at the soldiers and hold them accountable for Rules Of Engagement violations, whether found guilty or not in a pre-trial media covered condemnation, the insurgents continue to behead, kidnap and terrorize in the name of their god, who supposedly commands them to do so.

Something drastic is happening in the Middle East and it has to succeed. We can’t always depend on the beneficiaries of our benevolence for help but we will continue our fight nonetheless. We will continue to fight against hostile forces both inside and outside our borders and we will win despite the efforts of the America haters.

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