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July 10, 2005

Guam. Why bother?

We arrived at the Pacific Island of Guam, Where America's Day Begins, on Satruday and I think I can speak for the entire crew when I say it is already time to go. In all fairness, however, I have been here no less than 20 times and it got old the very first time I got here. I think the biggest factor in creating my dilike for this place is the weather- 90+ tempertures with about 99% humidity- humidity so bad that it takes your breath away when you walk outside.

This is a working port and we hit the ground running today. Just about every division has a month's worth of work that has to get done in an extremely short amount of time. If we get it all done I'll be suprised.

The nightlife is really good if you like strip joints (raises hand) and the ones here are some of the best I've seen, err, heard of. One of the local favorites is the Viking Club so named because of its theme inside and the huge helm that sticks halfway out of the stage at the back. When the wheel spins, watch out. It is customary for a "Friend" to give the stripper a $20 bill and set up someone for the ass beating of a lifetime. The unsuspecting (sometimes) shmuck is brought on stage and made to place his hands on the wheel. The "dancer" proceeds to take down the pants and rip off the underwear. As this is happening, the audience is throwing belts onto the stage. The stripper then grabs one and proceeds to beat the ass cheeks of the poor shmuck until the cheeks looks like road kill. Fun for us, not so fun for the victim. And that's it- the guy walks off stage and can't sit for a week. Yay Guam!

I have eaten at The Outback and TGI Fridays and went to a Dave and Busters knock off for some video games and a few beers. And that is it so far. I have duty only once in this port because I am on the Duty Chief watchbill- more responsibilkity but less days of it.

The are several other boats in now and we were not able to get barracks roooms so we were hooked up with a berthing barge. Our boat shares it with onother and we have half of the bunks. There is a lounge and separate bathrooms so that we only have to walk on the pubes of guys from our own boats.

Before this gets too long I'll end it now because I wanted to talk about some things we did on the way down here. Hafa Adai! (Guamanian for "Good Day")


  1. Ouch..that hurts.. hope the strip clubs aren't the only stories that you have about Guam.. maybe you should check out the local bands that play at Hard Rock or the awesome diving spots around the island..

  2. Oh, I hvae stories about all that too. The diving is really incredible and I think I mention it somewhere up there. But those aren't as interesting...