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December 4, 2005

Blast from the past

Suffering from boredom I entered my name in a Google search and came across some Letters to the Editor for the Honolulu Advertiser.

I read this letter titledStop trying to change Hawaiian history by Kealiimahiai Burgess. After reading it I was thoroughly pissed and fired off my own letter to the editor.

In my letter,

Complaining Hawaiian has wrong perspective, I constructively deconstructed his points. Several days later I was rebuked in another letter by Cliffored Wassman, who's blinders prevented him from seeing my point and only the word "slavery".

Wassman took one sentence from my letter where I show a similarity in the brutality of slavery in America to the brutality in King Kemehameha's rule when he pushed people off a cliff who had a difference of opinion. >Wassman letter jumped on that small comparison and just couldn't see the bigger picture of my argument.

My friend Mike wrote a letter in my defense, and without me knowing it, to Clifford Wassman entitled Don't forget the past, but concentrate on the future.

I wrote another letter to the editor about Wassman's shortsightedness but I received a call from the office stating that only one letter a month can be published by submitters. Oh well. I guess it is better to leave that dead horse alone anyway.

Interestingly enough, my first letter was picked up by in an article entitled Red-Shirt Pro-Apartheid March of September 2003 and Follow-Up Newspaper Articles.
There was a march down the middle of Waikiki where the particpants wore red shirts to symbolize the blood spilled by past Hawaiians during the overthrow of the Hawaiian government.

They want sovereignty so badly that they will organize huge rallies and attend meetings on the subject and spend time and money on court costs (Akaka Bill) and legislature, but yet they can't get together to make the schools better, fight illiteracy, keep their kids out of trouble, build a public train system, fix the retarded road system, or have some other kind of lucrative commerce and industry here beside tourism to jump start the economy during the off season.

Hawaii's Major DUUUUH's:
Hawaii has had some opportunities to cash in on some high profits but turned them down. Disney signed on for a marketing campaign for Lilo and Stitch for 3 years. After just one year, the Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau dropped the program. Disney was shocked becasue this was their highest paying marketing program ever. Hawaii droppped them so they could focus on "...golfers, active vacationers". So instead of visualizing the worldwide reach Disney has (there were Lilo and Stitch dolls in Narita, Japan airport for crying out loud) Hawaii flushed the deal after just one successful year to try and get people to come to HI and pay out the ass to golf? DUUUH!

I had heard several years ago that Disneyland wanted to make a park here in Hawaii but it was voted down. I couldn't find anything to support this but it wouldn't surprise me. There is a waterpark here in hawaii though- complete with wave machine. This place can be so frustrating. Infact, I think I will end this post now because it would take all day for me to research and post more goofs by this place.

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