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August 5, 2007

Checking in

It has been a while since my last post and so much has happened; I just wanted to provide a quick update to both my readers to assure them I am still alive.

I retired from the Navy on July 20 (pictures coming soon), headed out to California to live and am waiting on both job interviews and for confirmation from my future landlord that I am not a psychopathic wierdo who will destroy her house during my rental.

I must say that the one thing that has made me happy in the last few weeks of being in CA is the driving. First, I am able to actually drive for an hour and make some good time. Hawaii has the slowest, most inattentive drivers I have ever seen (cleverly disguised as Aloha Spirit) and it is such a thrill to drive with people who know how to merge into highway traffic, understand how to let people in, use thier blinkers to change lanes or turn, and use the lanes properly for the speed they are driving. Some things in paradise just aren't the worth the hassle.

I am digging this retirement thing...


  1. Congrats and good luck to you and yours. Although there are definitely many morons on the road here where you just left, I'm not sure if I could stomach sitting in the middle of rush hour on the I-5 daily. But they do move faster up there don't they? I'd be hard pressed here to explain why I'm doing 75 on the H-1 to the nice HPD officer.

  2. Congratulations also, but just wait till you try to merge during commute hours, and get an iPod or something because the radio will drive you nuts! ;-)

  3. Surly there will be alot of that aloha spirit in CA. Lots of folks there will let you merge; and blow your head off right after. What fun. Bet a million miles of freeway makes a big attitudes. Enjoy the retirement, thanks for serving this country.


  4. That only happens on the crackhead freeway to Stockton... IN fact there are a lot of Hawaiians in the Bayh Area, and Samoans too. Three of 'em robbed and shot a guy in Palo Alto a few years back, and not East Palo Alto... :-)

  5. I just love the "California Stereotypes" - kind of like 'we all live on the beach'-

    Funny that I've lived in California for 34 years, traveled on a fair number of the freeways, done my fair share of merging (the busier freeways are actually metered, so merging is controlled a bit), and I've never been a victim of road rage, never been shot at, etc.

    It's nice to have you and your family back in our neck of the woods - it won't be long before you feel that 'small world' aspect of living here.



  6. dude! I live in Cali too! WHere are you? I am up north by San Fran! We have to get in touch! call me! (808) 372-1787!

  7. first of all, let me provide a belated congrats on your retirement.
    regarding the driving situation, it is all good for you right now because of the very obvious difference between the "aloha spirit" and cali road warriors. (i spent my time on Oahu and can sympathize). but give it a little time, and you'll be bitching like the rest of us!

  8. Yeah, your busy Greg...
    Hopefully it will settle down in a few months. Email me before Xmas. Adios compadre.

  9. Thank you all for the words of encouragement... it is really hectic and I have the pleaure of dealing with one last Navy pay screw up. It is a good thing I am 2600 miles away because I would probably choke my useless retirement clerk.

    Yesterday was my first day as a civilian. Wierd.