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January 25, 2009

Gratz, Mr. President

I was in Denver on travel last week when Obama took over as the 44th President of this fantabulous country. I did not have the opportunity to watch it live but I hav ben hearing about it nonstop ever since. For four days straight Obama was front page of the USA Today. I don't read that paper but I had to look at it everytime I left my hotel room in the morning.

Although I did not vote for him I wish him the best of luck. He is going to need it to help get us out of his inherited mess. It is going to be a long road to get the American people out of this mini-depression and get both the economy and unemployment rates to reasonable levels. He has already made a few changes in that direction and they seem to be good for us as a nation. I do not, however, agree with his measure to close Gitmo and then to dismiss all intelligence data extracted under "torture". This was one of the main reasons I did not vote for Obama. I believe that he will weaken us as a nation as he tries to appease the rest of the world's concerns about our intentions. But I still keep my fingers crossed that he will do the right thing for us.

For the life of me I don't know why the American people would want a President to fail. True, he was not my first choice, but I don't want to see him fall on his ass. How the hell does that benefit us? How will that fix our current state of affairs. The same could be said of Bush. People hated him so much that they wanted him to fail, and to fail so badly just so that they could point there finger and say "HA!". Some people hated him so much that they didn't vote for Obama so much as they voted against Bush's party. I have to admit that Palin didn't help the Republicans cause. What the fuck were they thinking?

The inauguration was a historic event and African Americans had something really big to celebrate. They finally broke that barrier and parents can truly tell their children that they can become president of the United States. The rest of us can now safely swing off of Obama's nuts for the next 4 years and revel in the change that is surely on its way. In all honesty, the fact that Obama is the first black president really didn't mean that much to me, nor would having Hilary as the first female president, had it gone that way. I'm not racist or sexist but probably some other "-ist" word that escapes me at the moment. Minority and gender barriers are constantly being challenged in our country and those barriers are broken so much these days that it just doesn't surprise me when one makes it to a high profile and important position. We will have our first woman president, our first Latino president, and eventually, our first president who is just a head mounted on a cybernetic body.

Because I am in the solar industry, I am extremely interested in Obama's renewable energy ideas and implementation. I am waiting with baited breath for him to allot some obscene amount of money for solar incentives. Surprisingly, in this shitty economy, the renewable energy companies are doing quite well.

My daughter is cute to watch when Obama appears on TV. She recognizes him and says his name over and over. She wants to meet him, so much so in fact, that every time we get ready to go somewhere she asks us if we are going to see "pedent bama". She's 2 years old.

My only concern is that Jon Stewart continues to be funny and has new material since Bush is no longer in office. We can only hope.

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