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January 1, 2010

So long aughts!

Another year has gone by, another decade has flown by and now we will all have to get used to writing 2010 on our checks without double zeros.  Have we decided on how to say 2010? "Oh ten" sounds dumb so I think we will be stuck without an abbreviated year for a very long time. "Ten" just doesn't have the same pizazz that "Nine-seven" or all the other years had leading up to the changing of the millennium.

This decade has been marred by war, loss and political turmoil and we haven't even mentioned the economy, jobs and Kim Kardashian's circus freak ass. We were promised a quick victory at the beginning of the decade and sweeping change towards the end- it has become clear that we were duped.

There will be dozens of sites and shows remembering the last year and the first decade of both this generation's first century and the beginning of a new 1000 years - well, for those of  us that follow the Gregorian calendar, anyway. For all the heathens in a different century carry on as usual, I suppose. Point being I will not cover all the glitter and gloss of the last year and decade mainly because I just don't care for most of the entertainment news. But there are some interesting lists out there that sum up the last 10 years rather well. I like to read them because some of the information makes me pause and reminisce a little.

It was a rather tumultuous decade for a lot of people. I was still riding submarines in 2000, saw lots of changes in the way the military does business in 2001, and had many personal changes since. I am a much different person than I was 10 years ago, but in a lot of ways still the same (cue Bob Segar).

2009 didn't really go out with a bang for some people, at least in the real spirit of the word. I imagine most of the celebrating had an air of drowning sorrows than rejoicing over the last year. Certainly all of us lifted our glasses to a much better new year and to some real change.

I spent the day and the evening with my immediate family, later with my wife watching Stepbrothers and eating frozen appetizers and drinking a bottle of Domain Chandon. We watched the last 5 minutes of Dick Clark and then went to bed. If the next 10 years go that smoothly then I will truly be blessed.