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August 28, 2010

Support the Heroes, Honor the Zero

The media stir concerning the mosque near Ground Zero increased to egg whipping status last week as our Vacationer in Chief made a drive by disfavor before heading off to Martha's Vineyard for another lavish vacation at taxpayer's expense. It is old news by now that Obama will always side against America and Her best interests, (one of many examples: Hurting 100 million to help 9 million) but I find it extremely low to spit on the graves of the victims of September 11, 2001 and in the faces of the people who lost friends and family in the attacks.

I have read and been a part of many discussions regarding the mosque controversy and there is a common but scary theme - ignorance. All "sides" are guilty of it and two steps behind Ignorance is Pride, the half brother of Ignorance. When these two guys get together it usually ends bad for someone. There were some people in these threads that didn't understand that "Muslim" is not a religion but that Islam is the religion of Muslims.

Here are just a few of the gems I gathered during my discussions:
  1. Muslims didn't fly planes into the Towers, terrorists did.
  2. There is a Shintao temple within 10 miles of Pearl Harbor, so why not put a mosque at Ground Zero?
  3. Muslims are a peaceful people and follow the Qu'ran's teachings about peace and non-violence. (This was stated by a Muslim woman)
  4. There is no difference between a Muslim suicide bomber and a Christian who blows up an abortion clinic and kills the doctors (also stated by the same Muslim woman above. Got contradiction?).
  5. It is their right to build a mosque there. Nobody would complain if a Catholic church was being built.
  6. They aren't building a mosque, it is a community center.
  7. People in favor of the mosque being opened on the anniversary of the attacks (9/11/2011) are condemning Glenn Beck's rally on the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech in Washington D.C. as insensitive.

Muslims didn't fly planes into the Towers, terrorists did.
This statement is so ludicrous that I don't even know where to start. She would not clarify this positioning statement so I wonder if she thinks there is a difference between and Muslim and an Islamist or if she is trying to separate Islamic extremists from the mainstream.

There is a Shintao temple within 10 miles of Pearl Harbor, so why not put a mosque at Ground Zero?
This statement actually had a dozen links to Google Maps proving whatever point he thought he was making. I guess it was irrelevant when I told him I lived there for 15 years. He was arguing proximity and so was I; when I said I would have no problem with a mosque built 10 miles away from Ground Zero I did not receive a reply.

Many people like to point out that the mosque will not be built AT ground zero. That is technically correct, as it will be built 2 blocks away and not on the exact geographical center of Tower 2. So, these same people wouldn't object to a prison, a child molester or a nuclear waste dump 2 blocks away from their house, since technically, it really isn't in their backyard. Sorry, I was using the absurd to point out the absurd.

Muslims are a peaceful people and follow the Qu'ran's teachings about peace and non-violence.
This Muslim woman parroted the expected response when confronted with the violence her religion condones. She told me to read Sura 2.256, a verse promoting Islamic peace, and then challenged me to find verses that call for violence. I asked her if she wanted me to provide the whole list or just the top 10. My reply was met with sarcasm and snide comments, one of which thanked me for the enlightenment of her own religion.

Here is where people will bring up the Crusades or the "Eye for eye" verse in the Christian Holy Bible, plus many others in the Old Testament, that talk about how violent Christianity is, especially when someone blows up an abortion clinic. These are their favorite counterpoints to how peaceful Christians claim their religion is. Pity that they show their ignorance of 2 religions.

Christians follow Christ, who spoke out against violence in his teachings in the NEW Testament. Eye for an eye was an OLD Testament passage. Christ abrogated the old ways with his sermons and therefore, followers of Jesus are supposed to live as He did. Christian = "Christ-like". So, when a lunatic Christian blows up an abortion clinic he is going against the teachings of Christ. Muslims who kill innocent people in the name of Allah can do so because there are dozens upon dozens of passages in the Qu'ran that encourage them to do so. In fact, those passages that call for violence against non believers of Islam abrogate the peaceful passages that were written prior. A Muslim who kills Americans by slamming an airplane into a building is fully vindicated by the Qu'ran. A Christian who kills abortion doctors is rebuked by Christ.

Muslims who hear these arguments say that we are misinterpreting thier passages and claim, once again, that Islam in a religion of peace. Sure, they can declare jihad in self defense but the terms of jihad are so vague that any Muslim can justify any killing on the grounds of self defense. Enter, stage right, the issue of the Crusades and the Inquisition. My reply is always the same- "What about them?" The Crusades happened 500 years ago; Muslim extremists have been killing in the name of Allah for the last 1400 years. Christians came around to how stupid it was to force people to convert by using violence. Islam hasn't reached that point yet. Islam will receive the same statute of limitations that I give to the Crusades when they figure out they can catch more flies with honey than with beheadings.

It is their right to build a mosque there. Nobody would complain if a Catholic church was being built.
Here is where the gnashing of teeth is most prevalent and here is where people on both sides try to make it an argument about religion. The gruff retort to this statement is that it wasn't Catholics who killed all those people, it was Muslims. The Catholic church comment is a smoke screen and is a fallacy of presupposition.

I do not have an issue with mosques being built, mosques being built in New York City or with peaceful Muslims. Muslims, and everyone else in this country, has every right to build mosques in this country and worship their god as they see fit. But just because you can do something doesn't mean its right. My issue with this mosque construction has always been about one thing - proximity. It is too close to Ground Zero and shows a social insensitivity on a cosmic scale. It would have the same slap in the face as erecting a Confederate flag in Harlem, an American flag at Peace Park in Nagasaki or a Swastika embroidered flag at Auschwitz.. This is where a man went on a socio-politcal tirade informing me of the differences between Nazi Germany, WWII and the Civil War to that of Islam. Really? I think it is a very accurate parallel when considering the feelings that are dredged up- those of insensitivity, not politics.

To put it bluntly, erecting a mosque at Ground Zero is tacky.

Proposed location of Cordoba House

August 21, 2010

Obama stubbornness costing Americans billions

While the Vacationer in Chief plays the back 9 in Martha's Vineyard this week, the housing crisis continues its tailspin.

The housing market has been in decline since about 2007, the reasons being as varied as they are frustrating. The responsible parties are a different topic all together but the common denominator is that the housing lenders were very indiscriminate about whom they were lending hundreds of thousands of dollars to. Most of the people who received these loans could not possibly pay them back, something the lenders already knew but ignored. For example, someone who makes $40,000 a year could not possibly payback a $500,000 loan in a reasonable amount of time. That is roughly $3400 a month for 160 months. The lenders knew this, but did not care.

The lenders took their cues from the corrupt Wall Street brokers who finally got caught with their shenanigans, and then bailed out. The Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac $25 billion+ bailouts were just the tip of the iceberg, with the 2008 Bush bailout program projections costing U.S. taxpayers upwards of a trillion dollars. 

So here we are, trying to come up with ways to get the market back to a condition of stasis. Enter the U.S. government and its controls. Politicians think they can manage and prevent messes like these better than the private sector. I challenge you to find a government run program that actually works as intended, without the heaps of  bureaucratic red tape- government programs are inherently built upon these heaps. An outsider looking at this housing mess might be inclined to say that if the private sector can't manage their own business models, then perhaps the adult supervision needs to step in.

This administration is adult supervisionn. Like most Democrats, they believe their form of government intervention is for the greater good, damn the non-believers. Obama is trying very hard to entrench our nation in the ideal that the government is the only entity capable of taking care of its citizens. Obama's mortgage program is just one more example of these measures and, unfortunately, a blinding example of arrogance, stubbornness and that just throwing money at things won't always solve the problem. 

Almost half of the people enrolled in the program have been cut- 630k out of the initial 1.2B- and the numbers continue to grow. It appears that the $75B alloted for this program will be another drop in the bucket and add to the downward spiraling national debt this administration continues to add to and disregard. 

Obama continues to put his arrogance on the forefront and allow the American taxpayer to foot the bill for his failed policies. It is very clear that this administration, for all its talk, cannot produce results. I realized the misguided illusions of financial recfovery early on when the Cash for Clunkers was introduced. Coincidentally, today is the 1 year anniversary of that unprecedented drain on our checkbook. The Bureau of Economic Analysis estimated that 11 million cars were sold each costing the American taxpayer about $24,000 per car. It was a band aid fix that shows short term gains but did nothing to stabilize our economy.

This is not the first time our country has seen bad economic times. The first brought a halt to the Roaring 20's when the Stock Market crashed and then again, with even more severe of a drop, in 1987. In fact, there was a crash in 1973 and in 2001. The markets contracted, but we recovered. 

Hoover enacted many programs after the crash in 1929 and many failed. For example, the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act increased tariffs on imported materials in the hopes that it would increase the buy American revenues. Other countries retaliated by increasing their tariffs on our products. The Cash for Clunkers program has a similar parallel.

Hoover also started the Federal Home Loan Bank Act in hopes to provide relief to Americans and stop the flooding of foreclosures. It was unsuccessful just like Obama's mortgage aid program.

The Obama administration fails to learn from the annuls of U.S. history and is condemning all of us to suffer the consequences of their shortsightedness, stubbornness and lack of vision. 

Oakland family says goodbye to home of 54 years
How about this change?

August 20, 2010

Hawaii man files lawsuit for his addiction- to a video game

Yes, you read that right- a video game addiction. Not heroin, ice, poi or crack but an addiction to the online game Lineage II, a game so lame that it throttles the imagination that anyone could become addicted to it.

Craig Smallwood is filing a negligence suit against the game's creators because when he started playing (in 2004) there was no mention o the box of how a person with no life, no sense of self responsibility or no friends could become so involved in a fantasy online world that the person would not be able to get out of bed, feed themselves, bathe keep a job or talk to his family. In fact, it never occurred to Smallwood, during the 20,000 hours logged between 2004 and 2009, that h e might have an issue with his personal life and turn into a blame-shifting shut-in.

To provide some substance to the amount of time Smallwood played, there are 43,829 (8765 * 5) total hours that make up the 5 years he played this game. He played the equivalent of 2.28 years, or about 10 hours a day, every day for 5 years.

I wish him luck in his frivolous lawsuit, because any judge with an inkling of ethical substance will toss this case out quicker than Obama with a Special Olympics joke. Of course, we are talking about the Hawaii justice system so there is no telling what will happen to this guy. If he wins, and gets the settlement amount he is trying to scam, he will be able to afford somebody to change his diaper and wipe his ass, feed him, supply him with amphetamines so he doesn’t have to worry about “getting up” in the morning, and a bluetooth headset so he can communicate w/ family and friends.

August 10, 2010

How to get rid of a naggy girlfriend

The blogosphere is alive with the headlines "Chivalry is Dead" over an Astro's fan who let a fly ball hit his date instead of catching it. I say they aren't reading into it enough.

What happened to equal opportunity, to equal rights, to fairness?

I submit that this fan was so enthralled with a fly ball heading his way that he declined to catch it, giving his girlfriend the rare opportunity of catching one.

Or, she was such a bitch that he let the fly ball whack her. Either way, her face is priceless.