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February 5, 2011

The "My Bad" of the Year Award

We are just barely into February and already some local news has started to make way for a very long year. On top of a  year old boy who was kidnapped by his mother's ex-boyfriend last week (and later found dead in a canal), a Placerville, CA principal was shot to death last week by the school janitor. That last statement sounds like the beginning of a bad joke.

Besides the tragedy of someone being shot to death, especially since the victim is a school principal who has the thankless job of trying to run a learning institution full of the next generation's irreverent and entitled youth, there are several issues I have with this story- not the journalism itself but rather with the content. Ok, I have one issue with the headline, "Janitor says not guilty in Calif. principal murder" should be changed to "F-ing idiot janitor, John Leubbers, who shot a principal 2 days ago is taking the advice of his sleazy lawyer and pleading 'not guilty'. Bwahahahaha!"

The one constant in this story that is brought up in almost every Internet news article is that shooter Leubbers and principal LaCara were friends and that they had been golfing together only a few days prior to the shooting.

Some friend.

The janitor was told by the principle on Wednesday that he had been fired and that he needed to go home. Leubbers drove home to get his gun and then returned to the school to shoot LaCara with a .357 Magnum- twice. A student witnessed the shooting.

Poor kid. I see a lot of counseling in his future. What makes this shooting tip the scales of reason in favor of the ludicrous is the fact that the shooting was based on a misunderstanding- a misunderstanding that the media is failing to report. AP news says this,
"Luebbers had only been sent home for the day after the two had an argument about the district's selection of a new nighttime custodian."
The word 'new' in this story doesn't mean Luebbers was replaced, but that another janitor was hired. Luebbers was the day time janitor and was not in jeopardy of losing his job. At least not until he Dirty Harryed the school's principal. Leubbers, which doesn't look too bright to begin with, probably had the "Oh shit" look of the century when he found out what LaCara really said. It probably looked similar to Jessica Simpson's dumb look when she can't remember song lyrics or when Obama's teleprompter is on the fritz.

What really turns this crap soup into a goulash is the shooter's sleazy lawyer, David Weiner, and his statements to the press after visiting Luebber in jail. He is definitely living up to his last name when he told the press that Luebber is suffering from "some extreme diabetic problems and associated high blood pressure." And there sets the tone for the trial. Let's look at some lame excuses for murder that have happend over the last year:

  • Alexandra Tobias - Killed 3-month old son because he was crying while she was trying to play the Facebook game Farmville.
  • Mauricio Lopez - Illegal immigrant who killed his friend because he thought he was having an affair with his wife. Drank his blood during an old Mexico ritual.
  • Stanley Neace - Killed his wife, daughter and 3 neighbors because his wife served him cold eggs.
Are we going to add Luebber to this lame list after his lawyer makes a case that diabetes and eating too much fast food leads to murder? God, I hope not.

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