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April 23, 2011

Another "What is my political philosophy?" website

Whenever I see a new site that attempts to define my political philosophy by asking 10 questions I just have to take the quiz. They all end the same- lumping me into the Republican category. Regardless of how "in-depth" the quizzes claim to be, however, they all suck. They suck because they do not take into account the people who do not have a yes or no position. I think many people do not really care one way or the other about a great many things.

I do not care if gay marriage becomes legalized or not and there is not a political party for that. The quizzes strong-arm the quiz taker into a yes or no position with no grey area to spare. I find the same narrowing viewpoint with questions about US military action- if you support the military then you are auto-lumped into the group that thinks we are supposed to be International Meter Maids preemptively taking out any crazed dictator who claims to hate the United States. Smaller entities who threaten and kill Americans, like Somalian pirates, are paid no attention. Many of the Maybe/I don't care questions must be thrown away or given very little weighting.

I am labeled a capital purist/Social Capitalist but I wholeheartedly disagree with the last statement that says I believe in the economy the way it is. I don't think anyone believes that except the crooks and politicians (nay, I repeat myself).

Here are my scores:

There is at least one point that I disagree with on every category- some very vehemently. Again, there is no party for those of us who appear weak to the opposition by not taking a stand or position on an issue. Some of us don't give a shit either way- gay marriage, pot legalization, levelizing tax burdens, flag burning, etc. We are honest enough to admit that Fox News and CNN are both culprits of reporting heavy handed agendas on either side. We recognize that fact and we seek out our own sources of information to make a well informed decision on the issues. We neither identify with Glenn Beck's insane point of views nor with Anderson Cooper's hypocrisy. We believe that people need government assistance but when that assistance drags on for generations for the same families then it is time to turn off the spigot.

If anyone knows of a political philosophy website that is actually worth a damn please let us know.

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