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November 1, 2011

The most expensive sandwiches ever

I can't even remember the last time I had the opportunity to post something ragging on the State of Hawaii. I don't keep up with the nonsense as much anymore and usually just laugh at the ridiculousness of the island mentality in some cases. But this recent story rekindled my belief that although people are stupid where ever you go, the people who live in Hawaii are a special kind of stupid.

Last week an Air Force couple was arrested for shoplifting and their 2 year old daughter placed in Child Services for about 18 hours. the condensed version of the story goes like this:

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The couple allegedly got lost looking for a grocery store and when they finally found a Safeway they stopped in the deli for a few sandwiches. Some stories report the couple getting lost and others do not. The wife is pregnant and needed food. Instead of paying for their food, they opened the sandwich wrappers and started munching away, allegedly intending to pay for the sandwiches at the check-out area with the rest of their groceries. They bought $50 worth of groceries but didn't pay for the sandwiches.

Safeway security called the cops, stopped the couple and the Hawaii Police Department arrested the couple, placed the 2 year old in child services and then released the couple on $50 bail. Damn, those were some expensive sandwiches. There are so many levels to this story that it is hard to pick an area to dissect.

These two parents are idiots for two reasons. 
  1. Who gets lost any more? Most phones have GPS or an internet function to check Google maps.
  2. I don't buy the statement that they "forgot" to put the wrappers through the scanner.
That being said, what kind of an idiot calls the cops over a $5 sandwich? It isn't like the couple were a couple of thugs from Salt Lake. It sounds like the store manager was an HPD police academy flunky. Good pinch, jackass. You really used some sound judgement by calling the cops after following the couple through the store and then checking their reciept for the missing sandwiches. Watching all those episodes of Hawaii 5-0 finally paid off.

To add insult to injury, the ass hat store manager banned the couple from shopping at the store for a year.

Lesson learned: Pay for your food. McDonald's doesn't let me eat my burger while I stroll to the bathroom and then come back to pay.


  1. I agree with your post and I have lived in Hawaii for 40 years. The incident is stupid all around. However, you failed to mention that they just moved from California two weeks ago so we can't take credit for them.

  2. Fair enough, although it was mentioned in the news article.

    I always said I would move away from Hawaii when the Ko'olau's moved as well. Beautiful state.