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October 20, 2012

Nothing is fair and balanced in the media

Nothing is fair and balanced in the media. This shouldn't come as a shock, but for most will not want to believe it. I have friends on both sides of the political spectrum and some can have a rational discussion while others cannot. I get it- politics is an emotional subject and people are charged with their own ideologies of how the world should be- and that includes media outlets.

A lighthearted example can be seen when contrasting The Daily Show with The Colbert Report. Jon Stewart is a left leaning correspondent and rarely takes jabs at the Democratic president. When he does, they are cream puffs like his interview with Obama the other night when the issue of Libya came up. Had George Bush been on that stage and made an asinine comment about 4 dead Americans being "not optimal" Stewart would have ripped his ass. But Obama got a pass because that is what fits the show's agenda. I get it and I don't get pissed about it.

The Colbert Report is pitted against Stewart's show as the antithesis but it really isn't. Colbert jabs GOP just as much as Stewart. Every FB update I get from Colbert has him poking Romney or another dumb ass GOP who got caught doing something stupid. Regardless of what people think, I believe Colbert's show is an extension of TDS using a different twist. Sure, self deprecating humor is appreciated and honorable, but his show fits Comedy Central's agenda. No biggie to me- they are both funny shows. One other point, concerning these "news" shows- if this is the only outlet for your news, please hang yourself in your mother's basement.

I do lean right on some issues and left on others, which I think most people in the US do as well. There are some who are one issue voters and others who take the whole of what the constituents stand for and make a decision based on some, all or none of those factors. For me, the economy and jobs are my main focus for this election. It is beyond me how someone can be stuck on one issue like gay marriage- there are much bigger things at stake on November 6. But that is their choice and it is their right to vote how they feel, and it is my choice to think they are idiots.

There was a recent article about a GOP senator who made a statement about abortion and that it shouldn't be allowed to save the life of the mother since modern medicine has made that point obsolete. The GOP needs to weed people like this out because they are hurting the bigger picture. This guy needs to hold a press conference, go up to the mic and say, "I'm a dumbass" and walk off the stage. The GOP will never win on social issues and it is a suicide agenda, except when appealing to their base, of course. Democrats do the same thing.

Blacks and Hispanics tend to vote Democrat and the Dems do a good job at keeping people on government assistance after the GOP gets them on it. There are more people on government assistance programs now than at any other time in our nation's history- the numbers started creeping up under Bush and Obama not only kept it going but made it worse. "The Democrats care about us" one Hispanic woman said on a CNN segment about food stamps. They do, huh? The national unemployment rate is 7.8%- thank goodness it dipped below 8% a month before the election- while the unemployment rate for Hispanics is almost 10% and the unemployment for Blacks is almost 14%. How can they say the government takes care of them other than to just keep them on government assistance and unemployed? I don't get it, but they seem to think they do.

Unemployment is one of those topics where the numbers are skewed in favor or against the the political party who is addressing the issue. If you take the number of people who aren't even looking for jobs (which this administration doesn't) the number is around 13-14%. Of course Fox News trumpets this because it fits their agenda. Fox news is all over Benghazi while CNN, CSNBC et al don't seem to know where it is on a map. Benghazi makes Obama looks bad so the FNN picks it up while the others don't.

This president has done a horrible job leading this country. Our economy  is in the toilet, our foreign policies alienate our allies and millions are out of work. He inherited a mess - and made it worse. Bush increased our debt $5T in 8 years (won't hear about that on Fox) but Obama has amassed the same amount of debt in only 1 term. Joblessness was on the rise starting in 2000 and continues upwards today. Wall Street continues to be bailed out at our expense and this administration seems to think it needs to control the private sector.

The government is like a Bizzaro Midas except that instead of gold the object turns to a pile of shit. How can anyone look at a government run program and think that would be a great model for private industry? Now this administration wants to take more control of Social Security?! I remember quite vividly back when Bush wanted to revamp SS and he was booed. He was booed and now the Dems are thinking, "Hey, maybe we should do something about SS." You could have done something about it 8 years ago, you morons. Won't hear much about this on CNN et al.

The presidential comedy show was awesome. Both did a good job in NY but Romney killed it. CNN spun it as Obama bagged only 3 times on Romney but there were 8 bags on Obama. Go fact check "humor" and get back to me. A good friend of mine shared a link on his Facebook page of Ryan's phony soup kitchen photo op and while disgraceful, is not exclusive to one party or politician. News outlets, and people sympathetic to Obama, will share those stories that make the GOP look like tools. I thought about digging up some stories showing Dems doing the same thing but what's the point?

In conclusion, they all suck. We gravitate towards the outlets that share our views and base our opinions on those stories. Some people are irrational idiots but I think most are in the middle on most issues. We have more in common than we think, but the forces that be keep us pitted against one other on the smaller, more divisive issues. They know all too well that if we realize this fact, we won't need them anymore.

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