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September 17, 2013

Mark Steyn on Putin, Obama.

Far be it from me to get all political on The Dump, however this piece by Mark Stein is one of the best I've seen in a while. This short article pretty much sums up the United States military diplomacy amateur hour last month when the our arch nemesis turned the tables on us and Putin's propaganda machine cranked out a brilliant KGB-esque op ed.

"Any fourth grade history student knows socialism has failed in every country, at every time in history. President Obama and his fellow Democrats are either idiots or deliberately trying to destroy their own economy." - Vladimir Putin

The US government has been a cesspool of waste, fraud and abuse for many decades now and Americans don't seem to care that the pay more-get less attitude of our elected officials has grown to unprecedented proportions. This is not a D vs. R issue, as I've pointed out time and time again- it is a government issue and our elected officials on both sides are sticking it to us. Ignorant, uniformed Americans don't see it that way and keep the very people who hurt them in their elected positions. For a very long time. By the way, look up the word cesspool; I think people have heard it so many times that the meaning has been lost.

Our government reminds me of battered wife syndrome- no matter how may times the US government gives its citizens a black eye or not so conspicuous bruising, they keep coming back.

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  1. You are being unfair to Battered Women - they have more balls than Obama.