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November 25, 2017

Thoughts on Islam

The events in Egypt have reminded of some great dialogue from Pat Condell who freaking nailed it so many years ago when he was embarrassed for the U.S. and the new mosque that was being built so close to Ground Zero.

Any religion that endorses violence is incapable of delivering spiritual enlightenment - how obvious does that have to be? - and it has no right even to call itself a religion. Without the shield of religion to hide behind, Islam would be banned in the civilized world as a political ideology of hate - and we have no obligation to make allowances for it, any more than we do for Nazism.
It's a bigger threat to our freedom than Nazism ever was. Yes, both are totalitarian, and both divide the world unnecessarily into us-and-them, the pure and the impure, and both make no secret of their desire to exterminate the Jews. But we were all more or less on the same side against the Nazis, whereas the Islamonazis have got plenty of friends among people in the West who ought to know better.

American politicians now regularly make the kind of dhimmi noises about diversity as an excuse for islamization. The same kind of thing that we’ve become so depressingly familiar with in Europe. It’s true that diversity has been good for America; it’s been the making of that country, but American diversity has always been grounded in respect for the values, the individual liberties that make America what it is. Islam rejects those values and that’s the difference, and it’s a very important difference.

Islam despises what America is; it rejects everything America stands for, including freedom and diversity, and any muslim who denies that, is a liar.

- Pat Condell

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