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March 17, 2018

How to end school shootings

Big news about the National Walkout Day to protest gun violence. It was nice to see kids get involved with something as large as this, but I would imagine very few of them thought about anything past their "Children over guns" and "We need gun reform" signs- which I'm sure their parents were more than happy to help with.

If anti-gun people can present an argument that reforms guns without taking away the rights of millions of responsible gun owners then I would at least be of the mind to listen to them. You cannot argue emotion and all they argue is past tense. They present emotional arguments with no rational thoughts on the outcome: "How many dead kids are enough?", Children over guns, children shouldn't be afraid to go to school. If you want more gun control then speak in future tense. Tell me how you want to do it. (I already know how they want to do it. The big sign above tells all).

I agree with all of their sentiments. I do. But those aren't solutions to end school shootings, gun violence, etc. So, here's my solution to reduce school shootings:

Hey parents, pay more attention to your kids and act like you want them to act (yeah, right). Oh, and on a side note, buckle them up in the car- since car accidents are the number one killer of kids (by a long shot over guns) as are cancer and SUICIDE.
Hey kids, instead of walking out of your school to protest kids getting killed by guns, why don't you stop treating the other kids in your school like shit? Stop harassing them. Stop bullying them. Be nicer and kinder to the weaker kids, to the kids from other countries, to the kids with disabilities, to the shy kids. To the fat kids.

If kids would do this, then maybe they wouldn't grow up to be asshole adults who shoot up movie theaters and concerts. Maybe?


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