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November 15, 2006

Class act

My last class of the semester was an interesting one because the first two hours of the class, Compensation Management (MGT 645), had nothing to do with the topic. As I returned from the bathroom I came in on the professor, who is a lawyer here in Hawaii, on a semi-tirade about our presence in Iraq and how it is a bad thing that we are there. As I looked around the room, observing 6 Army soldiers in uniform and several other armed forces people in this night class, they sat quietly and listened to this guy tell them that he knew 3 years ago it was a bad idea for us to go into Iraq.

Maybe he had that gut feeling, as did many anti- war protestors, but I finally had to speak up and tell him that he was right only in hindsight. He asked why we were there and I made the unfortunate mistake of leading off with a mention of oil. He became ecstatic and started, no doubt, a lawyer induced cross examination of me.

“So Bush lied! We went there for oil, is that what you’re saying?!” Several students joined in and I realized either they were kissing this guy’s ass or really believed what he was saying. Either way, I was alone in my stand.

After not being able to get a word in I finally was able to ask the professor to stop making up a position for me and then attacking me on it. This gave him pause and then he gave me time to explain my position, all of which were received in the same way as my first comment. I thought I was in a high school classroom at one point when the professor asked me if I thought it was a good idea that we went into Iraq. After pausing for a moment to articulate my response and guy behind me recessed into a sophomoric “Aww, yeah, what’s up now? Can’t answer the question?” to which I replied, “Good one Potsey, are you going to tell us your point of view or just piggy back off of his [professor].”

The professor, and some of the students, still believe Saddam didn’t have WMD’s, still believe that he didn’t do anything wrong and that the U.S. had no right to go into Iraq, and kept bringing up all the other countries that do have WMD’s yet we did nothing about (i.e. N. Korea). These are military people in my class and I was stunned. Eventually, a few of them started to argue my points at which the instructor conveniently used the ‘agree to disagree’ to stop the conversation.

The Iraq debate led to the religion of Islam when the professor mentioned he had started reading books on Muslims and their religion. I asked if he had ever read the Koran, instead of reding a book that talks about it, and he said that he had not. I started to make a point about the Koran that I have been reading and he interjected with a comment about interpretation and how the books of one’s religion are based on how they are interpreted by the believers. I started to ask him how I was supposed to interpret one of Bin Laden’s threats to Americans as Bin Laden quotes the Koran. The professor, in the middle of my question, allowed the Potsey behind me to interject by calling on him. I guess it is acceptable to be rude when you are about to be butt slammed.

Potsey started enlightening the class on how much more violent Christianity has been that Islam. I deducted that Potsey was trying to head me off at the pass with that comment so I politely told him that a quick Google search would prove his statement to be false. He quipped that he has 3 Muslim cousins and they are all peaceful to which I informed him of my 3 Mexican cousins and my inability to speak Spanish. That point went over his head like a steering wheel over Paris Hilton’s head on a Friday night so I politely told him that although only 10% of the Muslims in the world are violent, that leaves an imposing 60 million people who want to cut me head off in the name of Allah. By the way, here is an example of Egyptian Muslim tolerance towards Christianity- Rodney King style. Notice now the policeman’s feet are off the ground.

Again, the professor jibed with his interpretation issue but before I could get into the fact that the Old Testament comes before the New Testament for reason he decided it was time to take the last hour of class to actually talk about Compensation Management. My point was going to be that people who spew their ignorance of the Bible by bringing attention to the violence in the O.T. do not know that the N.T. subjugates that era’s customs. Christ taught a completely different ideology and that is why we are called ‘Christians’ and not ‘Leviticans’. Oh well, a discussion for another time.

I am three classes into my Masters and unfortunately I will have to follow most of these goobers around, class to class, listening to their unhinged comments and then having to shove it up their poop holes. Luckily I only have 4 more classes to go.


  1. It’s one thing having to deal with these morons online... but in person, it's a whole different experience.

    At least you didn’t throw up

  2. You actually handled yourself pretty well, considering you ended up on the receiving end of a verbal Mexican curb dance. That the rest of your fellow service members left you to twist in the wind is reprehensible. Been there, done that myself in debating other topics. It's spurred me to research my material all the deeper, so that I am better equipped, better armed for the idealogical battle.

    For instance, history bears out that Islam is a violent religion, so on top of your study of the Koran itself, which is laudable, read up on it's history, too. I suggest Oxford historian Hillaire Belloc to start, specifically, his work "The Great Heresies", published in 1938.

    Then, devise clever arguments, such as, "Of course Saddam had WMDs, he was gassing the Kurds with them. It's naive to think that Saddam would have left WMDs laying around, after we broadcast to the world for months that we were going to invade." or "Of course Saddam was helping Al Qaeda or some other terrorist group to attack the US. It's naive to think that once we left Iraq in '91, that Saddam would have just said, "Phew, boy, I'm glad that's over. I'll just go back to gassing the Kurds, and I won't ever help any of the enemies of the U.S. to get back at them for what they did to me. Nope, no siree, not me."

    Those are two that I use, maybe they're not so original, but I'm sure you can come with something on your own - and feel free to use these if you like.

  3. Interstingly enough, I brought up the fact that the US Army dug up a burried Russian MiG in the Iraqi desert a few years ago- a fact that had my blogger friend, and doubting Thomas, Andy, eatting his hat over.

    If those sneaky bastards can hide a MiG then how hard would it be to hide cannisters of mustard gas. My professor scoffed at the MiG story, as did some of the students, and I can only hope their curiosity got hte better of them and they did a quick internet search.