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September 17, 2007

The Great Job Hunt continues...

As elusive as a competent employee at Pearl Harbor Personnel Detachment, finding a job proves to be just as difficult in this new place I've settled down in as a newly retired Sailor. In short, the Sacramento area sucks yak balls. Well, at least for finding a job as a Training Specialist.

I've resorted to pulling out the electronics resumes, although I swore I would never pursue it since I didn't particularly enjoy it while I was in the Navy. But, when you are squeezing the toothpaste tube with vice grips, digging for loose change for gas money, and shopping at the 99 cent store out of necessity then you gotta do what you gotta do.

I don't know how you damn civilians do it.

It is amazing how much I relied and took for granted my military paycheck, no matter how meager it was at times, to arrive on the 1st and 15th of every month. Ahh, the good old days! I can honestly say that I have never prayed harder and longer in my life and to give credit where it's due- things have been tight but everyone is eating and everyone is healthy.

So enough about my drama. I have to share this email I received in my job hunt account. I have become very wary of scams and this one just cracked me up. It has been nice to get the sporadic comments from my readers and I really appreciate the encouragement. Hopefully I can get back to my somewhat regular routine of posting, but I doubt I will ever have the slack schedule I enjoyed while on my twilight tour as an instructor.


The broken English in this scam email was a great sidetrack to a shitty day.

Hope you have a good day. You disturbed by the company " E-exchange
Finland "
We are looking for the work US resident and living in the USA.
We can give you earnings from 2k $ in a month and more, the part-time
If you have interest in our offer, contact us by e-mail:

Our agent reply to you in short time and will give you all details
concern our offer.

With the best regards " E-exchange Finland ".


  1. We worry about health insurance, (I'm about 50% covered by my wife's employer at a price deducted from her paycheck - do you have Military carryover benefits in that regard?). That's primarily why the Hillarybeast is dangling the golden fruit of "Free" (socialized) medicine to the gullible masses who are hoping for a Healthcare Casino.... Good to see you're still afloat.

  2. If you think you might stand moving to Portsmouth, RI (near Newport) we are looking for a former FT Chief with instructor experience. I don't know what you're rate was, but you mentioned you're looking for a training specialist position. Pay is about $65 - $75 for this position. Go to, and click on careers.

  3. knavish one, thou art in the sacto area? drop me an email, amigo. i'll see if i can get you a walkabout

  4. Call Tiffany, Michael's friend - she works at Raley's, and told us they need corporate trainers.

    I'll give Jacqui the phone number again for you -