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September 28, 2007

I'm thinking Arbys...

I just now ate, in its entirety, an Arbys Bacon Beef 'n Cheddar sandwich. I emptied a packet of BBQ sauce and a packet of Horsey sauce onto the gooey cheese inside.

I am having second thoughts about declining the take-home angioplasty kit as I am now phlegmy and coughing like the Playboy editors after reading the "I'm ready to show my tits for money now that my career is washed up. Have you seen Dana Plato around?" letter from Britney Spears.

I expect a massive coronary within the hour. But damn, that thing was good.

You're just one step away, Britney....


  1. don't sweat the heart attack. arby's sauce has a magical ingredient rendering the big cheesey a heart healthy/friendly meal.
    it's true! i heard it from someone that looked like a doctor standing in line in front of me when i bought the last one.
    mmmm, isn't that a good sammich?

  2. She can go straight to work on the on-line MILF sites... BTW isn't that a "Quiznos" she's leaving?

  3. She probably thinks that because it is a sandwich that it is ok to wolf down 5 of them at once.

    The milf sites would take her as just some curiosity fetish- like the bearded lady.

  4. I just re-read that as, "I'm thinking Abyss..." As the seventh circle of hell, the once popular (among 7-to-12 yr old girls anyhow) and skinny chick now has the flabby arms of a well-fed Hausfrau and boobs to her belt...