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July 25, 2008

Yahoo! news unintended humor

On the front page of my Yahoo! homepage I read these two news stories one above the other.

Only jalapenos grown in Mexico linked to salmonella, FDA says

Three Pa. teens charged in fatal beating of Mexican immigrant

To satisfy my curiosity, I read them both to see if they were related. Unfortunately, they were not. The beating story is really messed up and two honky's are in for a rude awakening. Of course, the hate crime allegations come up because the white boys called the immigrant an ethnic slur (any guesses to which one?) and proceeded to beat the shit out of him when he turned around to ask them if they had a problem.

Dumbass, of course they have a problem or they wouldn't be harrassing you. There isn't anything to do in the shithole coal town of Shenandoah, PA but to harass illegal aliens. John Denver never saw this coming. On que, the lawyers are asking to throw out the hate crime allegations on the basis that they boys were just being assholes and calling this illegal Mexican ethinic slurs, but beating the shit out of him had nothing to do with his race? What's worse is that this guy got beaten in front of his fiance with whom he had a few kids with.

Tough break, man, to come all the way to Bumfuck PA to pick cherries only to fall victim to ignorant, intolerant teenagers. Of course if he came into this country legally this wouldn't have happened. The cosmic irony is saturating. Sad, however, but please don't think that I condone this behavior of illegal immigrants anymore than I do of wife beating- no matter how much they deserve it...

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