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August 28, 2008

The DNC........ /yawn

I have been catching the DNC and so far I am unimpressed. It has been a tear fest so far with no substance. I just watched Biden's speech and it was so-so but I am waiting for some clear and unclouded plans for the United States of America over the next 4 years.

Obama talks a smooth line but I don't know what the hell he is really saying most of the time. He tows the party line on a lot of issues but I think he is more liberal than Ted Kennedy when you read about his voting history and what little he does stand for.

Overall, Obama is for higher taxes- inheritance tax, gas tax, income tax, et al. That is what Democrats do- they raise taxes to pay for the programs to help people who cannot help themselves (or more to the point, too lazy to help themselves) by taking money from people who bust their ass to make some money. If you think things are economically bad for you now then it won't get better with Barrak in the White House.

I had a discussion with a hard core liberal at work the other day who is also voting for Barrak no matter what. I think if pictures of Obama came out showing him in a circle jerk with Bin Laden, Arafat, Amadhnejad (sp), and Kim Jong Il, this guy would still vote for him. I asked this guy at work why he was going to vote for Obama and got the typical Obama supporter reply- "He is for change."

I asked him what exactly Obama is going to change and I was told, "Everything. He will bring the country together." When I then asked how he was going to do that this supporter said, and I am not paraphrasing one iota, "Because he's black."

Because he's black? That's going to bring us all together, that's going to solve the gas crisis, the economic slump, the housing market crash, and our foreign reputation? Are you fucking kidding me?

This guy made the repeated point that our foreign relations are in the toilet and that it is Bush's fault. In fact, this guy couldn't defend Obama's position as much as he could just say that Bush sucks. So I think this speaks volumes about him and a lot of Obama supporters: they don't know what he really stands for, how he is going to fix our problems or bring America together. All they know is Bush sucks and they relate McCain to the perpetuation of the Bush cadre if McCain is elected. The Democrats know that they will not take the White House without a close race. Why else would they be making a big stink about how many houses McCain owns or that he pushing senility? They got nothing.

But more important to me, other than what Obama stand for politically, because he and McCain stand together on a lot of issues, is Obama's character. I don't trust him just like I don't trust the Clintons. A man who refuses to put his hand over his heart and recite the Pledge of Allegiance should not be running the most powerful country on this little blue planet. Peroid. I see Obama as an elitist jackass, much like how I view John Kerry. Obama hasn't impressed me much with his patriotism and I think that he will weaken our country's safety and security measure just like Clinton did in his 2 terms as president.

We live in a much harsher world than we did just 10 years ago. Muslim extremists do not like Americans, although they do like our movies and our clothes (Allah must not have a hard on for infidel fashion) and they will continue to kill non-Muslims no matter what the skin color of our next president. I don't think Obama understands the severity of just how important our foreign policy just doesn't matter to terrorists or the leaders of countries who hide, train, or support them.

I foresee more press conferences trying to tell us what Obama really meant to say if he is elected and even more ridiculous catch phrases than "That depends on what your definition of 'is' is."


  1. Hey bro,
    Love you very much but your blog has become very angry and biased. Before it looked at what funny things when on in Salt Lake area. Now it has become blog to promote the republican policies. For whatever reason it just seems weird. I always listen to you no matter what bro. Peace be still.

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