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August 10, 2008

wtf, over....

Bernie Mac died at age 50 the other day, Isaac Hayes died today at 65. I guess show business can be rough.

Only the good die young.
- Billy Joel

I didn't listen to Bernie Mac's stand up except for maybe a few minutes as I was channel surfing. He was playing in Vegas a few weeks ago when I went for the weekend with my wife.

I have posted about Isaac Hayes when he decided to leave South Park after the creators dogged the stupidity that is Scientology. Hayes didn't seem to have a problem when Matt Stone and Trey Parker made fun of all the other world religions. I didn't read the story about Hayes but I can only guess he didn't die by falling off a suspended bridge while on fire, only to fall off and become impaled on a pointy rock, and then mauled apart by a hungry bear and mountain lion- then ending in a violent release of his bowels. Cosmically ironic if it did though.

On top of these weekend deaths, visitors to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing have been murdered. The father of a 2004 Olympiad was stabbed to death and his wife critically injured by a Chinese man. It is a shame that this happened but I have to wonder why the people of the world would expect otherwise.

China is a communist country and ruled by a dictator. True, China is gaining a strong economic front, but that shouldn't fool people into thinking everything is hunky dory over there. China has ensured that politics will get a gold medal and freedom of speech will finish dead last. 2006 Olympic Speedy skater Joey Cheek, had his visa revoked for speaking out against the mess that is Darfur. Way to promote that Olympic spirit, commies.

I was told that the opening ceremonies were incredible but I have no desire to watch the Olympics. To give China the privilege of hosting the Olympics, a time for celebration of the human condition, is like giving Yasir Arafat the Nobel Peace Prize.

China and Arafat can both suck it.

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