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July 24, 2009


I can't believe I missed this tidbit of news from a few days ago, but it appears a drone attack has killed Barra-, err Obama bin Laden's son. Not that the chicken shit will miss his son, if he even knew about him, but it is comforting to know Saddam will have another Muslim extremist to chat with while he is burning in Hell and getting pineapples rammed up his ass every 15 minutes.

I am just waiting on Obama (our President) to apologize.

I am surprised this was even allowed to happen under the President's watch considering he made the comment that "victory" is not the goal in Afghanistan. Am I the only one who missed this recent bit of news? Usually the deaths of the bad guys are splattered all over the news. Come to think of it, since Obama took office the death of the good guys don't seem to make it in the news as much as before the election.

I hate to say it, considering I really wanted this new President to turn this country around, but he is a tool. I knew this from the start (I didn't vote for him, but I wanted the country to take a round turn on its situation) but I was hoping against hope he could pull it off. The people that voted for him will never admit it and will always manage to bring bush into the conversation with Obama's current and future failures- I don't get mad at them anymore as much as I pity them now. But it is still early in his term so maybe he can pull something out of his ass to help the rest of us.

Our narcissistic president will continue to put our military men and women in harms way because he hates the military, not because it is in our nation's best interest to put them in the areas of conflict. He will continue to make deals with our enemies behind our backs and he will continue to pull that race card out every chance he gets. Forgive me for not putting my usual links to my outlandish statements but feel free to GTS (Google that shit).

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