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November 4, 2009

Ban DVD players in car consoles

I debated on whether to commemorate this day by showing all the things Obama promised us a year ago when he took office or by writing about the jackass I followed today with a console DVD player in his car. I went with the latter only because it is just too easy to show how much of a turd this president has turned out to be.

I rolled up behind a small car tonight on my way home and, since the new time change now has my evening commute in the dark, it was very easy to see the movie playing in this guy's car- on his front dash console. Because of the narrow road and the logging trucks next to me I could not get around this car and had to wait at every light until he realized the signal had turned green and we could all proceed. I started thinking about that in excessive detail: 20+ people had to wait to proceed through the light until this douche weasel took the time to look up from watching a movie in his car.

Not only was it frustrating at the lights but he was also weaving in his lane, frequently crossing into the other. What movie was he watching, you ask? No, not some B grade porno that the wannabe gang bangers watch in their Expeditions. This ass clown was watching Year One with Jack Black.Year One? That's a movie you catch up on during your commute?

So I make the motion to ban DVD players installed anywhere forward of the drivers seat and I also make a motion to have this new law enforced a lot more than the Hands Free law in CA.

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